Why is the classy bald gentleman suddenly so insecure and outspoken?

Why is the classy bald gentleman suddenly so insecure and outspoken?

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He's butthurt that nobody wants to write glowingly about an oil club winning things

man has been seething since his annual choke job

He's started lurking here and cant take the banter. He'll get a hair transplant next

It’s easy to look back to the 90s and say United spent the most and that’s why they won. But the likes of Newcastle, Leeds, Blackburn, Liverpool were all throwing around huge money.

ferguson, funnily enough, did not spend much money at all until the 2000s
that's when he had to rebuild
the core of the team was all free

I hate Fergie but this bald fraud is so fucking annoying and bitter that im gonna rant about it.
Lets compare the most common starting 11 of the United squad in 12-13 when SAF got Van Persie to the current City squad getting Haaland because ive seen some people and the media trying to compare the 2 trasfers to act like pep isnt a cheque book manager and that fergie was just as bad as him.
De Gea
Johnny evans
Michael Carrick
Tom Cleverly
Fucking 50 year old Giggs
An ok squad, but has a few absolute shitters and had very little depth. Certainly not a title winning squad, but it did just that.
Ruben Dias
Bernardo Silva
De Bruyne
The only United players getting into that squad is Rooney, RVP and maybe Rio. Hell half of cities bench players get into that united squad.

He knows, no one respects his premier league titles. City were already winning before him. They brought Pep to win in Europe and they have nothing to show for it.

didnt liverpool break a record for Andy Fucking Caroll

Can not accept that is not only checkbook

This.. Ferguson wasn't a big spender, he bought few good players and mixed them with players from the academy and seniors.

>be bald fraud
>need diversion from obvious checkbooking and Liverpool forthcoming Victory in Europe
>Fergie yourself
>get so good at Fergie'ing yourself, you believe theres a real Fergie Fergie'ing you

Maybe secretly deep down he really wants to be Mikel Arteta
>full head of hair
>not a cheque book manager
>works at a club with history and soul
>people appreciate and acknowledge his contributions

Food for thought

Dear Pep, we know you're lurking here. Just want to let you know you're a bald fraud spending football manager money to win, which you're barely doing. Please also pick better dialogue options in your next press conference, you're embarrassing yourself.

>its only fair if we spend more
>100mill for a bench player and still no depth
>it doesnt matter if i win the CL
>we have lots of fans (when we are denying their rival silverware since city winning it is the same as nobody winning it)
>i shave it bald, its a choice

poop in meltdown mode

no haaland was going to play for free for liverpool for the love of the sport

Hes been seething for weeks over the fact that nobody respects his """achievements""" at City.

Honestly if wolves win tonight he might have a full meltdown

He's the only manager criticized for these signings. Meanwhile other money clubs break the bank every summer for flops and nobody (outside of Yea Forums) says anything.

he's trying to pick his team up after their humiliation in the CL

>choke another CL
>cry about Liverpool getting all the attention
>splash even more money to diminish your accomplishments even further
>cry that people are critical of your overt spending

Whats this lads problem then? He literally has it all, can literally no criticism come your way?

Hes spent £1.5 billion since coming in to city and completely failed to win the CL.

Pep is a great manager, a true football intellectual but he should be doing more in the CL. Only ever won it with Messi + Spain's team that won everything. His league record is impeccable though and the PL is definitely an important trophy.

he's absolutely not the only manager criticized for this. City, PSG, and Manure are all treated similarly, and thye are a massive step above the other money clubs.

Livergetting getting Diaz at a moderate amount broke him. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN MAKE SMART TRANSFERS??? NO YOU GOTTA HECKIN SPEND £100M ON MEDIA STARS

>PSG, and Manure are all treated similarly
are they? as for PSG, nobody ever bats an eyelid since the Neymar signing, and as for Manure, did you see any manager confronting Ole after Sancho's signing for example?

City is the easy club to hate for journos and reddit because they aren't part of the old firm nor based on the capital. So you have this cabal of journos with affiliations to Liverpool, United and the London clubs who have no love for City, willing to criticize them for things the other teams also do (yet they remain silent in the latter case). I bet if Newcastle becomes big, they'll be less criticised than City because Newcastle is also an historical team.

did you see any journalist* I meant

This is such bullshit by the way, United get called out 24/7 for how badly they are run in terms of transfers

it should be obvious why klopp gets more column inches, inherits a clownshow and delivers a CL and first title in 30 years, whereas pep took over a tram that was already winning domestically and kept it going, but more consistently
not really any romance there, that's why journos aren't bothered and it deserves less credit

i don't know about the media's direct treatment of managers exactly. But I absolutely think public perception is basically identical between city and PSG. United might be more "old" money like Real or Barca, and their incompetence has taken this off the radar for a few years. However, they'd probably be seen as buying the league if they could. The numbers are plain to see and often discussed.

No point engaging you if you have blinkers on for your Catalyunan hero

>United get called out 24/7 for how badly they are run in terms of transfers
This is a complete different criticism than the one Pep is facing. They complain that United doesn't sign good players, not that they spend a lot. City is more like "waah waah you shouldn't sign players you're backed by oil money. The others though, they can do whatever they please"

he's a bald fraud preemptively coping for when he bottles the cl again, now with a pure striker too

Fraudiola shut the fuck up

He's mad that we all know the true numbers

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>1.12bn spent on 190 players
If Bayern did more wheeling and dealing like the clubs with 500 arrivals/departures they would be up there.
Wonder why no other big clubs has this philosophy. Closest is Real and Barca

Knows deep down he will never be respected as a manager until he manages a club that doesn't have a significant financial advantage over other clubs in their league.

absolute state of the sport. why the fuck is this allowed? aren't the fans in charge of the clubs? that's what i hear all the time anyway. why do you allow this shit?

his true personality comes out, in Spain the same thing happened and he left the league. Now he will do the same and will leave the Premier

damn italian teams are footballer-churning machines

Where's there left to go? National team

I'm still laughing about the absolute seethe from the article over the weekend about everyone wanting liverpool to win the quad and that nobody likes his club.


The problem isn't the spending, the problem is that it isn't their money.

he's broken

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fucking Klopp is a literal god compared to pep

klopp won dortmund a league 7 years after their last league won
klopp won liverpool a league 30 years after their last league won
klopp won liverpool the CL 14 years after their last CL won

pep won barcelona a league 2 years after their last league won
pep won barcelona a CL 3 years after their last CL won
pep won bayern a league 1 year after their last league won
pep failed to reach a CL final with bayern, bayern had played 3 CL finals and won one CL right before pep joined
pep won city a league 4 years after their last league won

he is a parasite

theres a key difference - ManU, for example, are (mostly..) spending money the club itself has generated, through historical success, wider worldwide fanbase, etc. Citehs net spend - which is now nearly DOUBLE that of their fellow oil cheats PSG - is entirely artificial 'income', pumped in by the sheikhs, such having no basis in relaity. This is also known as CHEATING. And Pep is not only complicit in this CHEATING, he's up to his CHEATING fucking bald spot in it, the hypocritical shite spouting catalan.

free market baby. The super league was supposed to save the sport and implement american style sport communism but the people rightfully revolted against american imperialism

Both Pep and Klopp are rattled. Neither of them will win the league next season.

PSG and United are a joke, nobody takes them seriously
City is decently managed and much more evil

>Ferguson wasn't a big spender
United consistently hoovered up the best talent in the league for two decades (a few blips from Blackburn and Chelski excepted)

Not winning the Champions League after Barca tempers with his ego m8s.

He's mad because it's finally dawning on him that losing in the final to Chelsea was his only chance at UCL glory and he blew it.
He had peak City at one of if not the weakest time in European history.

>Goes to a rich club with a pre-built team and a blank cheque.
>Buys whoever he wants because of oil money.
>Convince himself he is the GOAT and actual retards believe it.
>Still seethes about Klopp's success proving he's the better coach.


Madrid broke him

wew, Ancelotti really buckbroke him, huh? He was a passive-aggressive cunt up until he lost against Madrid and went full schizo

>weakest time in European history
Utter bollocks.

In a funny twist of fate, Europe has an extremely laissez-faire approach to regulating its open shop football leagues whereas the US prefers closed shop, pseudo-socialist league setups with spending caps and talent redistribution mechanisms to promote equality.

he will never leave city, it's his own world when he can sign anyone he wants whenever he wants.

US can regulate their sports as there's usually only 1 big body. NBA, NFL, MLB. All based in the US so can apply regulations and rules to everyone equally.
Football meanwhile is played all across the world. Can't really enforce salary cap or other nonsense effectively.

Remember when city won a treble but no one cared because Liverpool beat Spurs in the champions league? Good times

They broke the record for an English player but it was still no where near the record PL transfer

Because he knows that no matter what he does City will not be a big club. It doesn't have the fans. It doesn't have the respect. There's an asterisk next to all their accomplishments. Take Abramovich out of Chelsea and they'll still hold their own. Take Abu Dhabi out of City and that club'll be Everton tier within 10 years.