Daniel Alves

>Daniel Alves
>Gabriel Jesus
>No Lodi and Veiga
Hexa postponed

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Nah Lad vini, casemiro, rodry and Eder militao are gonna win the cl First and then theyll Bring the hexa Home
And for the WC after that the new vinicius and reineir will Join the Bunch and win that one as well

Tite is so retarded he would start gabriel jesus over rodrygo
Imagine the grandpa dani alves marking mbappe
I rate that Spurs Right back Emerson royal way above him

>Vini, Antony, Veiga, Neyfraud, Reidrygo
We would be the first team to win two world cups in the same year

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is this really the final squad for the wc?

Its the squad for friendlies in June , Antony is injured
Also why did Netherland and Germany refused friendlies with brazil while they played each other and played Peru

They are scared of us while relying on the 7-1 to say they aren't. The retrospect doesn't lie, Brazil is far ahead.

>Tite is so retarded he would start gabriel jesus over rodrygo
well he is better than him by some distance

Because it's funnier to expose Fraudzil at the world cup.

its over

It’s over

on losing clear goal chances maybe

no way people actually want him in the seleção, lmao.

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Rodry isnt all that good as a starter tbf, but he's a brilliant subersub
And who knows maybe Jesus inspires Ney to perform at 100/

>Because it's funnier to expose Fraudzil at the world cup.

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the 7-1 game is actually not a big topic here and basicly never mentioned
we have lost often enough against brazil and later went on to win the title in that tournament, no need to gloat about some semi final with a fringe score

It pisses me off how the brazilian nt snubs our brazilian players. Then they leave for a bigger league and next call up they are there regardless of performance.
Funniest part is that for example Telles is playing like trash and he was doing great for us.
You just know Pepê and Evanilson are gonna get the nod once they’re transfered. Look at that call-up. Not even going into quality/performance, they have no striker. Just a mush of wingers who part time as strikers. The only proper striker they have they sometimes call is Gabigol and he’s a sudaca footy fraud. Evanilson is strong, a good target man, has good link up play and is especially good at holding the ball, shielding it with his body and playing with his back to the goal, allowing for Neymar and Vini to do dangerous runs.

They're already playing vs Europeans, there's no reason for them to give us a chance to improve or test ourselves

Veiga is the best midfielder playing in latin America

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Do Porto,Benfica and Sporting pay big amounts of money to CBF board to call their players and increase their value??
If not you know why they dont call

tite likes his old friends
he won't let go of dani alves, thiago silva and coutinho to save his life. pretty sure he has a boner for gabriel jesus too
the only way for neymar to be subbed in a match is if someone tackles him out, no matter how shit he's playing
after alisson's amazing performance in 2018, with zero defenses, he's obviously our main keeper too

>0% Jesus
Not again bros...

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Why is he called so often??

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There is two players for the RW 100% chance to be in the World Cup and they are Antony and Raphinha

that's your official squad for the WC?

let's hope someone breaks dani alves this time

>Gabriel Jesus and Ruimcharlison
not watching this semen slurping seleção

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The Starting 11 is most likely to be these ones plus Bruno Guimarães

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at least it's not gabriel barbosa and everton ribeiro

Gabigol would've scored at least 1 goal at the World cup


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fred is always decent when he plays for us, i dont get the hate
the selecao wont be playing against atletico petrolero bro
after what he did at the copa america final he should never be called up again

Just watch lodi play , did u watch both Atletico de Madrid games vs Man United??
You underrate veiga only because he plays in Brasileirão? The most valuable league in the world after the big 5 europeans is Brasileirão

>Netherland and Germany
i think its because they dont have a real reason to play us, they're only helping a direct opponent get better in their preparation, they already got the euros and the qualifiers to serve as a testing ground, we dont have that luxury

>You underrate veiga only because he plays in Brasileirão
no, because he disapears in big games, Abel's system and >Dudu carries him almost every time

Lucas Verissimo was called while playing for Benfica,

Probably an own goal.

For me the NT squad would be:
Hulk - Lucas Moura - Leo Baptistão
Coutinho - Bernard
Renan Lodi - Rever - Igor Rabello - Fabio Santos
Alex Muralha

Why so many atacantes?

Because most of them flop

I still can't believe this

>No hu-
I sleep

in whose place?
also, isnt rapshinha starting in antony's place? consider that rodrygo mught take their spot too

If it was me, I would play Fabinho as one of the defenders


Fabinho - Gabriel - Militao - Renan Lodi

Raphinha - Bruno G. - Casemeiro - Vini Jr



Hahahahahahahahaha... that cheating cunt spends more time on the floor than chewing gum and dogshit.

>no arana
fucking hell its beyond over,that senile fuck can't mount a team anymore

>palmeiras is winning the libertadores again
is over

Quads of PURE truth

Kek, be glad he didnt say bostil

Edu gaspar. Simple as

brazilians can shit on Lodi for the final but Alex Sandro is fucking grim and worse than Lodi, Veiga should be called over any of the strikers brazil has on that list, they are all shit anyway

Yeah, no one likes him here

>dani alves will crown his career with O HEXA

Of course, it's probably one of those retarded kids from Facebook and/or Twitter who think saying Bostil is peak comedy

Benfica is gay. Porto players are snubbed. Pepê is legit, call him up.

>scores in Liberta final
>scores in CWC final
>scores thrice in Paulista final
>scores in Supercopa

have you guys realized what a fraud that everton cebolinha is?

he's there, bro

Thoughts on Gabigol and Hulk? I think they should be in desu