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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 104 (+18)
VER : 85 (+26)
PER: 66 (+12)
RUS: 59 (+10)
SAI: 53 (+15)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 157 (+33)
Red Bull: 151 (+38)
Mercedes: 95 (+18)
McLaren: 46 (+0)
Alfa Romeo: 31 (+6)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 339.22 (+76.08)
RIC: 255.13 (+46.86)
MSC: 222.45 (+63.53)

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
27 (26 starts)

Hamilton piercings row ‘could get very nasty’, could put participation in the Monaco Grand Prix under threat, says Ted Kravitz
Miami heralded as ‘changing of the guard at Mercedes’
Max Verstappen wants to see more weekends like Imola in his future
Vettel offered IndyCar test by Rahal after Miami comments
Mattia Binotto hopes the budget cap “snaps” at Red Bull and their upgraded RB18
Drivers agree Miami no threat to Monaco as F1’s crown jewel

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>was supposed to have something done by the EOD yesterday for work
>couldnt get it done
>wake up early to work on it
>boss calls out sick

God works in mysterious ways yall. Anyways, when is Andretti suiting Liberty media? Why dont they just merge with or even buy Haas? Mick would probably go to Audi anyways. That leaves an open seat and then they can put Herta in it.

>Hamilton piercings row ‘could get very nasty’, could put participation in the Monaco Grand Prix under threat, says Ted Kravitz
just suspend his license


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Tini tini tini Raikkonen (it pains me to write this)

>Hamilton piercings row ‘could get very nasty’, could put participation in the Monaco Grand Prix under threat, says Ted Kravitz
is this hamlel's attempt at getting banned from racing so he can say he didn't retire due to exposure?



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And a little bit of gimi fried
Cold gimi on a Friday night
A pair of gimis that fit just right


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Karel Lékárník
Karel Šonka

Maximilián Velebený
Sergej Přehaz

Ludvík Hamprlich
Jiří Rostislav

Vojtěch Baťa
Nguyen Guan Yi

Ladislav Nový
Daniel Ryšavý

Ferdinand Losí
Štěpán Okoun

Petr Železný
Nguyen Tsu No

Michal Rychlý
Kamil Obrovský

Sebastián Vytíral
Ludvík Ztrolený

Alexandr Albín
Nikolas Lavírný

hiermit beglaubige ich ihre zahlen

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Im actually from the south. We invented the word, we get use it.

Can't wait for Hamilton to get a race ban over his cock ring

Hello I am actually from the past today is 11th of May 2004 these are my WDC predictions till 2012:
2005: Kimi Raikonnen
2006: Kimi Raikonnen
2007: Kimi Raikonnen
2008: Kimi Raikonnen
2009: Kimi Raikonnen
2010: Kimi Raikonnen
2011: Kimi Raikonnen
2012: Kimi Raikonnen

Do they do metal detectors? It can be like the Yea Forums ad that use to run with the girl going through TSA with a buttplug in


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Maximillian Fehringer
Sepp Pichler

Ludwig Schinkler
Georg Russberger

Karl-Heinz Lechner
Karl Sailer

Laszlo Nemeth
Daniel Riegler

Franz-Ferdinand Ansbacher
Stefan Auer

Patrick Gasleitner
Jan Swoboda

Sebastian Vettl
Leopold Strobl

Walter Bottinger
Günther Zach

Alexander Albrecht
Nico Landauer

Michael Schuster
Kevin Maticek

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⊑ ⟟ ⊑⟒⊬ ⋔⟒⋏ ⊬ ⊑⟟?

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A lot of people are talking about up-and-coming talent named Lewis Hsmilton? Do you think he can be the next Michael Schumacher or is he doomed to stay forever in Kimi's shaddow?


I have heard of this Lewis Hamilton, I and must tell you, he is a hack

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>Alien flag
>Alien script
>Alien pic

Is this Nikita Maze/sp/in?

we may need to scan charles with a WDC detector...

Who? Never heard of him sounds like a fake name. Nelson Piquet Jr and Bruno Senna is the up and coming star

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how much did that hurt

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The boy just started racing again after his uncle's death? You think he can make it that far?


i told you in the last thread shlomo, no one here understands hebrew, cut it off
he's a hack, i give him two seasons before he gets shafted

brain damage

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>ywn have a bossy, condescending, manager mommy help salvage your shitty motorsports career

Life is unjust, pals.

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God i fucking hate HR

Red car

Red Bull Simulator

You could always marry her to cover up rumours of your sexuality, h-haha!

I dont know man.. hes a little bit cookie in the head

I don't speak marijuana, can you translate?


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hij sneed me af


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hij sneed hem af

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had the pleasure of seeing an '04 GT over the weekend and by god, is it a beautiful car

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Ik ook


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Alpine reacts to time penalty Alonso: "Tough to accept"
The two time world champion cut off (the track) at turn 14 and was thus given his second time penalty of the sunday race.

something like that.

Will Spain be less boring this year?

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1. Max
2. Charles
3. Perez
4. ???
5. ????
6. ?????
7. ??????
8. ???????
9. ????????
10. ????????

1. Max
2. Charles
3. Perez
4. Gimi
5. ????
6. ?????
7. ??????
8. ???????
9. ????????
10. ????????

19. Hülkenberg
20. Latifi
21. Ricciardo

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what anime does Yuki watch?