/heem/ - champion edition


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invicta fc 47 tonight and its gonna be lit yo

Oliveira doing the Tawheed finger, nice.

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>protects this thread from harm

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those are some chunky ass wrists, imagine the handjobs

not ugly but weird looking

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imagine this was a makachadev on top and not loovin pee

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Stunningly beautiful

>that BBC stare

>tfw he gives you that stare

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Kevin Lee would destroy that inbred. Pisslam ducked him for years

UFC is dead, Dana should have paid jones his bones

What's good in the next card bros

Toilet you need to stop posting and start training you fat cunt

>gets lit up by the charred corpse of diegpoo canchez

its a solid 6/10
not great not terrible

Nothing, it's back to the dogshit

mesmerizingly loopiful

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i am da best

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god your standards are shit
dana has heemed your expectations you're calling that a 6/10 card
if that's 6/10 wtf is a 4/10

How's Poovin doing in Eagle FC? Also how is Eagle FC doing?

hi to pedolisa the pajeetbong

He’s facing tony in the rematch

beutyful women. only faggots dont rate her

good main and co-main
davey grant, maximov, johnson, and the jap are interesting
stop being a drama queen it's not terrible for a fight night

neither loopy nor the next card are 6s

>Shoes under shinguards
Fucking degenerate

because you rate 10y old boys dicks, you sick pedohomo

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WMMA was a mistake

>it's not terrible for a fight night
like I said, your standards are shit

shut up izzy, leave my brazil b alone

beautiful projection b

t.pedo + homo + pajeet + mental + cringe

remind me
>how many submission losses islam has
>how many submission losses charles has

plenty of mens fights go like this in rd1

solid 6/10...straight

What are you gonna do about it bitch? You want my attention huh, now you've got it. So what's up b? Square up. I SAID SQUARE UP HOMIE.

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Currently playing olives in ufc4

ok humpty dumpty

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typo, sry

thats the other germ, you dumb child molesting muzzie nigga. how new are you cringelord?

Can't wait for Fiziev vs RDA in July

2nd part of the year is looking actually decent

Diaz bros

Literally all the biggest stars UFC has are returning to action

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cant wait for ufc 300


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diaz bros seems not very possible. you know mega stars like them demand a lotta money

Blood diamond returning next month. How quickly will he get subbed this time ?

>peeaz poos

Super possible
Nayt is crying for fights and Nick's coach said he'd fight later this year

Maybe nayt will bring some attention to Bellator after he's done with the UFC

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Senior martial arts student about to graduate here. Just letting you know this general is generally considered to be a joke in the more elite mma discussion circles.

jones would be kino...but not vs some zombie like stipe. gib him gane or tuivasa the manchild

I accept your concession

*peaches you up*

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have sex jens

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sooner or later you will turn out to be a resident poster here. its like a void

I find that hard to believe.

what's his name again?

I hope Chandler dies painfully desu

why do you want more black children to grow up without a father

Who the fuck has bargain bin khabib beaten? Bobby Green? Dan Hooker
knocked the fuck out by THE Adriano Martins
gotta earn them title shots achmed

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down under b = 1
homo bong = 0

I asked you how many submission losses shartles had. you failed to respond. you conceded. no need to keep replying

If you're constantly fighting on the backfoot you should be losing points on the judge's scorecards simple as

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