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Dutch striker, Vivianne Miedema, confirmed as a certified retard!

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>that brazilian guy who makes miedema compilations on youtube and makes weekly threads on spee

We're finished. I'm a sam kerr fan now. I can't do this anymore ;-;

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>Loyalty is...LE BAD

She won like 2 titles in 5 years.
In 2017 she could've gone to any team she wanted. Even staying at Bayern would be better.

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Yeah but after moving to England, she fell in love and... you know the rest

She went black and she never went back?

She acc met Lisa at Bayern so...

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Well why not, Arsenal did well in the league and it was Beth Mead who was their standout player and actually scored goals or assisted in most big games. Miedema is lucky to have the teammates she does.

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Yeah but why stay in the 2nd best team of the 4th best league when she could skip all that and go to the best team in the world?

there's prolly a timeline where she went to Lyon and won 3 ballons d'or by now

Isn’t the wsl the second best after the wundesliga?

>Even staying at Bayern would be better.
she'd finish second behind the wölfinnen every year though

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By the UEFA's association ranking it goes: France, Germany, Spain and then England.
Maybe the best from the NWSL could beat the best in Europe since Portland Thorns won the WICC against Lyon last year.

But her Champions League performance would be better. With some luck she could at least reach the final. She once said that her goal is winning the champions league

The WSL is growing quite quickly so there's probably more money to be had in England at the moment for these players.

>tfw roord will win the /uwcl/ before miedema

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where are the mercenaries?

>caring about women's sports

If america is the only country where women footy is """""""big"""""""", why do they all play in europe?

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The best European clubs are at same level if not above the American ones

Thats a man

because only europeans are dumb enough to pour money into that shit lmao.

go away

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European clubs benefit from the infrastructure of the men's teams.

I bet she cant play the piano like Charly

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Hard to leave after they make you a fucking statue

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It was made by Adidas - I don't think it's permanent.

is that made from play doh?
looks like some risk figure

explain why lyon is the best womens team
i would've imagined it'd be an english team

>statue even has adverts on it


women's football has yet to be ngubu'd surprisingly

That statue has weird looking boobs.

That goofy looking bitch was a bench warmer at Bayern, and she is a Bristol City babby stat padder in a weak league (just look at how they did in the champions league, City couldn't even get into the group stage and Chelsea couldn't get into the knockouts).

Fuck Miedema
Fuck WSL

>t. Voll Enjoyer

>t. Voll Enjoyer
she will win the French cup this weekend

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Wait people actually know grill players?

of course

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She's been thoroughly EXPOSED this year desu

Sam Kerr is clear

only the ones that post bikini pics on instagram like Aitana

This, the women's teams are just a part of the marketing budget

not as retarded as putting engen at centerback

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But how many pre-assists does Sam have?Acc Barcelona is the best team but when she left Germany in 2017, Lyon had won 2 CLs in a row.
She's the best in the world w/ sam kerr coming in a very close second place. Catch is that she's still 25 while sam kerr is probably at her peak.

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>That goofy looking bitch was a bench warmer at Bayern
that was roord

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>actually discussing amateur football

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Did she rape him?

cute girls can't rape

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>one year contract
She should be intelligent and get pregnant asap.

too cute

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good night /voll/ bros

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night night sleep tight germanbro

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>you just know

What are they holding?

GOD i wish that were me


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prolly cardano idk

is this lacaset replacement

No. They wanna use her as a no. 10 now.



is this woman somehow actually on Arsenal*?
or is she just on some women's or children's team associated with Arsenal?

*the way Manon Rhéaume was "in" the NHL (for one (exhibition) game)

Missionary marital sex with THESE women

this, but also holding Charly tight while impregnating her from this position

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