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DAL: Luka Doncic scores 28 w/ 11 boards in Game 5 loss
PHO: Jae Crowder suffers left shoulder injury in win
PHO: Chris Paul quiet in Game 5 win over Mavericks
PHO: Devin Booker leads Suns to easy 3-2 win over Mavs
PHI: Joel Embiid struggles, takes another hit to face
MIA: Jimmy Butler posts 23/9/6/1 line in blowout win
MIA: Gabe Vincent returns to starting lineup for Game 5
MEM: Ja Morant (knee) is doubtful for the playoffs
POR: Woj: Blazers sign Joe Cronin to 4-year deal as GM
MIA: Kyle Lowry (hamstring) ruled out for Game 5

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>everybody entering the thread after the suns get bounced and we don’t have to deal with their fans til october

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>"The Luka Special"
Based Book. Fluka BTFO

*bursts into tears while dribbling*

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What will your cope be when the suns win it all?

No cope. When the championship trophy is raised, I’m going to be gracious, I’m going to give respect, I’m going to give praise and I’m going to celebrate greatness. And when he lifts his finals MVP trophy I’m going to say, “Giannis, you truly are the best in the world”.

Just took a massive Poopa Doncshit


Booker the drive, gets inside, leans in, knocked away and stolen by Holiday!! Phoenix has to foul AND ANTETOKOUNMPO THROWS IT DOWNN!!!!!! AND A FOUL!!! GIANNIS ON THE ALLEY-OOP!! WHAT A TURNAROUND! A CHANCE TO TAKE THE LEAD AND THE TURNOVER! AS THE BUCKS NOW UP BY 3 AND A FREE THROW COMING UP!

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People who play basketball, what's a good shoe out right now? I can't decide since most look dogshit or have the worst colours.

After browsing twitter just to see what their takes on the game were I am now 100% certain that all the annoying fucking shitposters that flood here are from there and reddit.

cope ivorian faggot

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If you want good shoes for hooping, it doesn't matter what type of shoes they are. Just look for shoes with big and Soft cushioned soles like pic rel.

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>If you want good shoes for hooping, it doesn't matter what type of shoes they are
>posts running shoes
It absolutely does matter. With basketball you want shoes that have good side and ankle support as well as cushion on the ball of the foot.

>Derek Fisher
>Danny Green
>Shane Battier
>Boris Diaw
>DeAndre Ayton

This is all you need in order to win a championship. You don’t truly need a superstar

Um...Emvpiid bros??? What happened???

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Unless you are completely autistic or blind, those shoes i offered are exactly good for that when playing on a street level. You don't need super deluxo shoes to hop, those shoes offer you everything plus negates your chances to almost completely

well, he didnt win mvp and hes losing to the heat in 6

i meant "negates injuries"

He officially lost is what happened

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i go these ugly shit because they were cheap, but i don't play often so they're decent

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>“Giannis, you truly are the best in the world”.

They are about to get bounced by the Celtics this round.

looks like they stepped in dogshite

You can still fuck up your ankles playing casually. Running shoes nowadays like the one you posted are flimsy at the top and have poor lateral support. Eventually you will roll your ankle playing in those.

>Andrew Bynum is only 34 years old

If he was healthy (alongside Ariza) in 08’, Kobe would have 6 rings. Bynum was a difference maker that year

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the chances of that happening are so low. that could happen with all shoes that have soft soles

Remember when everyone said the Heat were fucked because Embleed was going to unleash after not winning MVP? Hilarious.

A man who was ahead of his time.

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imagine the potential debates if Kobe had two 3peats

>hate a player
>all your teams biggest players have major respect for him
How does one cope?


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show me more pictures of embiid crying on the floor

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>he doesn't ball in 5+ year old yellowed sole broken in hi-top air force 1s

Ireland copes by bandwagoning whichever team is still in contention that he thinks could beat the Suns. Sad, really. He's becoming just like Falseflagging Leaf - no loyalty, just hate.

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it's golden glitter or sth but yeah, they look bad. Still good for park basketball

A bit retarded to flop and say it's Luka special when he has CP3 on his team, but I expect nothing less from Pooper

Kyrie is one of the most low IQ compulsive liars and narcissistic individuals I've ever seen.

I would not be surprised if he Jussie Smolletts himself some years from now.

nah you are

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How do you get 40 balled in a critical series lead clinching game in a previously tied series?

What’s your favorite chess piece?

This from a guy who was rustled by a mascot lmao

The only reason the Mavericks are still in this series is because Luka and Brunson have been flopping like fish all post-season. If Paul innovated the flop, Luka has absolutely mastered it.

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>nooooo you arent flopping correctly!!
Weird way to cope that your dogshit team is getting carried by refs, but alright

grizz gonna win today and pull off the reverse sweep and thats fax

At what point do basketball pussies like you actually start blaming the league and it’s so-called "culture"? There’s flopping and bitching on literally every single nba possession, no matter the team lol.

>your dogshit team is getting carried by refs
>not the Mavs

LMAO!!!! indeed


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How many games will GSW need to dispose of PHX? 5?

>[Charania] Grizzlies say Ja Morant has bone bruise in his knee and is doubtful for remainder of the playoffs.
imagine breaking the code :)

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Ja "the glass" morant
what a bitch

Wait, I thought Ireland was a Suns fan
Give me the rundown on the retarded zoomers that infest this general

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Is the Bulls vs Knicks ECSF kino?

Yeah the sunsfags are pretty mad when someone gives them a taste of their own medicide, I agree

he slurps giannis

u literally have been here no longer than a week u don’t need a rundown just lurk more

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