/mlb/ general: FORGOTTEN edition

SF: Belt (neck) returns to Giants' lineup on Tuesday
NYM: Jacob deGrom (shoulder) throwing from 60 feet
LAA: Taylor Ward (hamstring) remains sidelined Tues.
CHC: Seiya Suzuki (ankle) at DH for Cubs on Tuesday
MIN: Buxton (hip) out of Twins' lineup again Tuesday
SD: Padres demote top prospect CJ Abrams to AAA
TEX: Mitch Garver placed on IL due to flexor sprain
SEA: Crawford (back) returns to Mariners lineup Tues.
CWS: Andrew Vaughn (hand) cleared for rehab games
LAD: Ryan Pepiot to make MLB debut Wednesday vs. PIT

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go doyers



Mets will act like they've never seen Corbin before and get shredded by him.

The Seattle Mariners Will Rise Again

8th for the 10-20 Washington Baseball Eagles

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He sucks without the sticky stuff. There's no bite to his slider with out. The Mets will light him up.

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Go Braves

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>atlanta baseball team

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is that from today's game in Pittsburgh?

Someone explain this meme to me


dodgers have lots of hispanic fans
dodgers said in a hispanic accent sounds like doyers
thats basically it

this they'll even print picrel on shirts. it is with love for our mexican hermanos

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tAkE A GoOd lOoK, yOu wOn't sEe iT FoR LoNg!

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woah nice grab Kemp

El volcán jonrón

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would you look at that

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What did they mean by this?

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I believe I can fly

Bring your bitch to the ball game day?

if you pinch run for someone and they make it home who gets credited with the run?


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Go Sneks

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wtf peralta

Are dansby good?

Pirates probably cracked the top ten just from yesterday's game

I want to _ _ _ _ that pirate!

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you have any pets?

h a n g

they call him Lou 'Full Pack' Trivino


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does every park play that mario sound effect now?

Kyle wrong

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Go Twins

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Holy fuck this braves kid is shitting the bed monumentally

>Angel Hernandez

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Wright never gonna be the same after tonight lmaooo


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proto pepe

>MLB can't switch to pre-tacked balls unless the Players Association agrees to a change
So did the PA agree to the juiced balls and dead balls, or is Manfred violating that agreement and hoping nobody noticed?

>best baseball movie

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one of those nights where the Mets do nothing with RISP I see


luv me brewies

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>what if it fixed your pictures too
So I guess the "phones are racist" campaign didn't pay off?

fun fact: Massholes pronounce it bahk at the pahk