Average Brazilian athlete

Average Brazilian athlete

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Why do Brazilians fart and laugh so much

another brazilian, Juninho Pernambucano, fired him.
funny I guess

Just like my Brazilian porn :)


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based brapping braziliano


just a white bigot firing a black guy


br player starter pack
>wife beating
>arrive drunk in training
>in contact with mafia/militia
>take photos with guns
>do drugs
>cheat on his wife with trannies
>killed someone back in the day while driving drunk
God I miss this type of players desu, they would do all this shit and in the next day they would give their fucking BLOOD in the field.

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Why everyone is so damn spineless today?

I fucking hate this clean ass images they try market. Shit is so damn fake and forced.

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very audible kek my m8

because money

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checked and keked

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he is a leftist scum

was about to post exactly the same thing

Checked, keked, and macacos rekt

Brazilians absolutely btfo

You know this is all your fault

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this gets funnier the longer you think about it.
Check'd & kek'd my good user, check'd & kek'd.

Fuck it, that was excellent bantz. Have a nice night, user.

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Macaco bros...

Checks out.

epic brazilian moment. they are so annoying and disgusting.

also, provide link.

I keked so hard on this
good job user

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Checked and Soul


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oh uh, Brazilians are disgusting?
yeah? check this out


checked and kekked

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Why do Brazilians love feijoada so much?

What does it smell like ?

laughed and checked

barbosa runs Yea Forums

fdp kkkkkkkk

When will he sign for FC Faartenscharten?



Joga brapito

Based brapper

good post

this is the post


Transfer him to a BUNDASLIGA club lmao

I think it's a Brazilian dialect.

so when brazilians go huehuehue they're actually farting their asses off

>Marcelo Antônio "plaster the locker" Guedes Filho

it's part of their culture


Best thread on Yea Forums right now

>le btfo
>le rekt
anglophones can't into humour, we're all laughing at this

portugal runs Yea Forums

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brapfags btfo

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I wanna try it someday. It looks delicious

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