The Stevie G derby. Will the Reds' most famous product make them slip at Villa Park yet again?

8:00pm BST kick-off.

AST: Martinez; Cash, Konsa, Mings (c), Digne; McGinn, Nakamba, Luiz; Coutinho, Ings, Watkins.
>Subs: Olsen, Chambers, Chrisene, A. Young, Iroegbunam, Sanson, Chukwuemeka, Buendia, Traore.

LIV: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk (c), Tsimikas; Fabinho, Keita, Jones; Diaz, Jota, Mane.
>Subs: Kelleher, Konate, Thiago, Milner, Firmino, Salah, Gomez, Henderson, Origi.

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>you now remember Callum Chambers

Fuck Villa and Liverpool


Imagine slipping to Slippy G

>2 days since they played Tottenham
>4 days they’ll have the FA cup
They’re trying to make Liverpool as tired as possible. The players need more rest in between matches. It’s not fair

villa 4 - 3 liverpoo

i ate 5 servings of chocolate covered peanuts for breakfast

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Dibu buckbreaking Diaz waiting room

Dubs and Gerrard slips in the dugout.

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What's your BMI?

Surprised More Ham Salad is on the bench.

fat fuck
try eating fruit (melons or berries), light yogurt, and lean protein

>Diaz, Jota, Mane.


Salah has been shit since AFCON, needs to be rested

alright tubby

i played football with my gf today

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did you win?

gerrard should let liverpool win by 10 goals

shan't be watching this because it's over already

yes 15-1


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How do I get Mo Salah's hair?

>no Salah
I hope this time it will be 7-0 for Villa

What we drinking tonight lads?


rhum coca, then whiskey coca

Yer mams clam juice

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i love england

>Salah dropped


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I'm a black man

salah nooo

please have sex with me

i'm also trans btw

Christ's knob glue.

and you better stop drinking sugary drinks or i am going to have to remind you again

Bix nood my nigga. Muh dick!

this but bourbon

how many goals do you think gerrard has told his team to lose by?

They could have genuinely won the league if they hadn't choked against fucking Spurs. How sad.

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this but water

shan't touch the father's stash

What we eating tonight lads?

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it's already a miracle they managed to catch up to city

that's right you won't bitch
t. your dad

wtf is wrong with italians?

Kek. The arrow shit only works in a fast paced thread

already ate pizzas.
kebab pizza, CBO(like the mcdonald burger) pizza

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just had a brat and sauerkraut

No, they were still going to be one point behind. Drawing to City in their 2nd encounter was where they fucked up

tsimkas to have a good game
curtis jones to have a shit game
matty cash to have a good game
buendia to have a bad game

i'm telling you this

Just bet 1 euro on Villa LET'S GOOOO

>buendia to have a bad game
so he's just going to stay on the bench?

thanks for the dollar m8

there is an early injury... i wont say to who

>Hendesron on thr bench
>FLoppo Keita starting
fuck. the ABLiverpool (Eng) (Over 23s Team) have gonnna have a field day!

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OP confirmed STAUNCH

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how would you spend $140m Yea Forums?

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i would not buy any of them, i would buy some 'promising youngsters' from an agent i have a connection with and funnel the money to myself

No foves

>Haaland coming
Be scared, rest of the PL.

come on stevie time to unslip

>Average American 'person' enjoying an average American snack

can all the arrow posters kindly FUCK OFF please i've had enough of this now, it's getting ridiculous

Bailey is the one I would most want to rethink, looked like a good idea on paper and he looked good very early on, but he is made of glass, really needs to toughen up if he is to live up to his price tag