/nba/ general - THAT FEEL edition

MIA: Kyle Lowry (hamstring) ruled out for Game 5
CHI: Portland 'popping up' as potential LaVine suitor
BOS: Giannis stare down 'didn't sit well' with Horford
GS: 'Expectation' Mike Brown coaches GSW in Game 5
MEM: Steven Adams starts, double-doubles in Game 4 loss
MEM: Jaren Jackson Jr. leads Memphis with 21, 5 blocks
GS: Stephen Curry leads Warriors to 3-1 lead with 32
MIL: Jrue Holiday goes 16/7/9, struggles with shot
BOS: Marcus Smart scores 18, dishes 8 dimes on Monday
BOS: Jayson Tatum bounces back w/ 30/13/5 in Game 4 win

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imagine what Bam would do to my wife

>early cuckold thread

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Most cancerous OP pic I've ever seen. I'd rather shoot myself than have a girl who watches NBA gorilla niggas on tv

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Hulu has live sports

>I'd rather shoot myself
So your girl bout to be single?



Embiitch the fraudulent crybaby bitch.

Yes I love shucking and jiving ad campaigns like this one! This one might be my favorite! More ads like this please I cant get enough of them!

Kyrie streaming again

My Jokic got an MVP before your morantie. Just saying....

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so kyrie just played videogames until he fell asleep then woke up and continued playing videogames

Re-asking: who wins that trade?

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looks like another "lose-lose trade" for brooklyn

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nets definitely win

damn...he's just like me

this might be the best recent video i've seen

post more

post ana foxxx or fuck off

brooklyn fashion industry

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your quads mean nothing, faggot

ana foxxx is hotter than any of those girls you posted fucking imbecile

For me, it's 3 time NBA champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Javale McGee.

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for me, it's gotta be bball paul

para mí, es todo


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This is how you know Grizz have no business being on the playoffs: All matches are tied, and they're about to get whooped by GSW

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delete ops pic already, you fat fuck

this is merely why GSW is winning it all

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whats wrong with ops picture thats literally me and my white gf

>i am triggered by genuine human emotion
cry moar bitch nigga

>MEM: Steven Adams starts, double-doubles in Game 4 loss

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my warrior losing game 5 arent they

Warriors are going to win another ring aren't they

no but they are most likely getting buttfucked by whoever wins mavs/suns

>the warriors are getting buttfucked by maximilian kleber, spencer dwindie, david betans, dwight powell


wtf i want some mountain dew

both teams get worse

bros kai is live again

it's harmless fun. relax. you're gonna give yourself high blood pressure if you keep letting every random little thing get you mad

did he get a better setup yet? last night the quality was awful

its hilarious how this miami heat team doenst scare anyone lol who the fuck is marcu struss

dont let them heem you off the board bro

>hello police
>come in 911
>this is Chris Paul
>I'm in Footprint Center
>please come save my momma
>she's being pestered by a teenager
>help her please come save her
>please police send in SWAT, bomb squad, K-9, FBI HRT

>the german is triggered by a random picture that is entirely worksafe
>no one else gives a fuck
Makes you think

Show me your best shuck and jive.

Kleber is probably the only one that can rape the Warriors consistently from your list. But that list have the potential to rape. Just because you don't know them don't mean they won't rape you, surprise rape is worse


no jannies just stink during euro hours and /nba/'s OP are some of the biggest knuckle draggers

praying for you brother.

at least it's not that lazy phoneposter again

with all due respect you dont watch basketball games like this. you watch them alone in your basement

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to be honest with you family id much rather face the suns than the mavies. luka would average 40ppg against us sadly we cant stop guards

this thread just proved that /nba/ is full of virgins, i remember seeing a post here getting mad at a girl for ghosting him after he snapped her for over 2 months and the only thing he did was wave at her at a part

man this general is sinking and its about to overtake heem as the worst general. get a grip niggas.

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Kill yourself

teach us how to sex user

did i touch a nerve faggot? talk to some bitches

the white gf havers group is the only thing keeping this general sane

>"stop being virgins, man"
>posts on Yea Forums

your white gfs is a sloppy mess

that's true

get their asses


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>"This isn't the Minnesota Timberwolves. You're no longer playing that team; this is championship level basketball."
love this lil n*gga so much

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this general has the worst taste in women because it's full of closeted homos

>that thick thigh
very nice

2 klutch koins have been added to your account

"You guys just want to hear some toxic content so you can sell it to sesame street" -Kyrie Irving to his twitch chat

the t wolves will always be a shit franchise

warriors will never win anything in san Francisco


Yea Forums in general is getting younger and younger so it's not surprising that there are so many man here who haven't learned how to move yet

warriors have done more in sf this one season than the timberwolves have done in their entire franchise history.

kiss the 3 rings btw

can't wait for these bums to get btfo by the Warios

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i couldn't imagine rooting for this team...

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imagine being triggered by an image

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If you're the owner, you have to kill yourself right?


I am mad that there are people out there having sex

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where the Kyrie stream at?


thanks King