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I have a good feeling about this game lads.

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If the Reds can score 10 runs so can we

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go m's!

Can we get 2 wins in a row? Let's find out. GO M's!

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I want to believe

are you from the pnw originally or just like the pain

flexen bringing the heat


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i'm ready to bandwagon the diamondbacks whenever I need to. series L against this team at home might be the push I need

What in the fuck?

fucking garbage holy shit.

okay its starting to look bad

dp pls

hahaha we be "flexen" on you west coast queers tonight, losers

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still doable guys

way to get on base

philly :DD

is philly good this year?

I'll take that walk

move the kelenic

it's our year, baybee

I literally consider the bottom of the mariners lineup a loss and just have to look forward to when we get back to the top of the lineup.

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just fuckin brutal having 2 on with kelenic and raleigh who you're counting on to cash in

this is so disappointing

oh man I thought that was going over

leave him hanging

Hate this team!


Mariners fucking su20pp4ck. Feels bad Ms bros

Also fuck Yea Forums and the shitty Captcha

No Haniger
No Crawford

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m's cant catch a break right now

I found baseball through Ichiro and Griffey Jr. You just get use to the pain.

Julio is the fucking man

phew. I thought they got him

Just got back from the shops and we are already 3 down. This sucks.

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>2 on base
maybe they can get something going?

never mind

I just want Klew, Haniger and JP back. This fucking sucks.

Baseball is a game of probability.

Batters only get on base roughly 30% of the time, at best.

To have 3 batters consecutively get on base, then, is highly unlikely.

You see, it all makes sense when you think about it. For this reason, the Mariners will never score with RISP.

Jesse Winker fucking sucks, holy shit

Also Murphy. Because Cal is useless.

Eh, he's just been unlucky this season he's a proven .300 hitter.

lets get back on track moore

this looks like a tight spot

Yep I'm out.

We'll get them tomorrow.

Do you think M's can score more than 4?

come on....


its gonna get worse

good god this team stinks

Yeah I think we are done for this game. Half the line up can't hit a beach ball thrown straight down the middle.

still got him

just need to start chipping away guys.

Julio is good and fast

Our luck is changing? Let's get some runs.

keep them moving winker

So do we actually got like only 2 consistent hitters in this game? what the actual fuck where is everyone?


Oh no

castillo is coming in? lol, 11-0 on the way

dp pls