First pitch at 3:35pm

Get in here!

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how do i explain this to my son?

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Bellinger moving up in the lineup

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Your pirates :(

Let’s go tidies

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What the fuck is SNLA how do I get that in Buttfuck, Egypt.

multi ball

cubgers broship


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kys srsly

lets go DODGERS

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how cheap are those seats behind home plate? it would be great to go to a pirates game even if the team sucks


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sportsnet los angeles

standard cup check

dat catch, holy shit

what a catch

insane. turner's left-handed brother caught that ball

pirates stole your bounty

nice catch

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quality stream

based Mookie play

don't run on mookie

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Let's gooooooooooooooo DOYERS!

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wtf is up with the camerawork on this broadcast?

Los Angeles WALKgers

I think Trea is going to be the ultimate warning track guy with this shit ball

need some fuckin hits instead

at least JT didnt get an out


poor ct3

jesus christ got muncy flashbacks from that

urinas pls

lucky kid got two foul balls

wtf, another great catch from the pierats

marisnick is so good

Jesus christ what a catch. He'll pay for it,

great plays in this game

jags barro

what's Pittsburgh like bros?
is it comfy?

I'm a pirate

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Trea :3

turnerbros....we almost did it

Trea is cute.

JT needs to bat 9th on the lineup

urias could pitch a cg if they let him he has so few pitches. too bad he is getting hammered by the fucking pirates

he's doing fine . pie rats are being aggressive. doyers are patient and still not catching breaks.

this is happening because the ownership insists on propping up the fake fag holiday month.

Meanwhile they've gotten rid of Korean Heritage Night and other themed nights fans actually care about.

uh oh, CT pls dont be hurt

tough mofo

he's fine just needs a moment

Dude Korean Heritage Night sounds way cooler that praise the fags month what do they do.

>just two hits
this lineup is so frustrating

usually some kind of Korean-themed giveaway like a hat or something and then they have S.Korean players or celebs make appearances to throw first pitch or something.

Similar to Japanese Heritage Night and other ethnic heritage nights. I think Dodgers use to also have a first responders night too.

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I didn't think quintana could last twice through the lineup. he's been washed almost half a decade. this game always has to remind me I don't know a fucking thing.

Sounds dope fuck whatever they're doing instead.

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this game is depressing

wtf even is going on this god damned game

good thing the pirates are full on >risp