Stats don't matte-

>Stats don't matte-

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his xScans tell the real story

Is he, dare I say it, the best sequential scanner in world football?

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THAT kind of stat is different than "American Stats":
>"the Bulls are 3-0 in Game 2's in a series of 7 games when missing a starting forward for one of the games in the preceeding series"

What about his pre-scans?

he usually wipes that up discreetly, and disposes of the tissue in a nearby toilet

His xPscp90 is 1128, highest in the Premier League.

oh my god

>if you watch the game, you don't see Kevin
>if you watch Kevin, he watches you too

he couldn't scan him?

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>The best football players have great awareness of their surroundings, even before receiving the ball. I started studying SCANNING in 1997. Since then, we have filmed & analyzed more than 250 professional players and 200 elite youth players.

what the fuck

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Clearly he didn’t see Ancelotti’s eyebrow raise

>fails to scan his team losing in the semis

Sounds like Mr Gay Geordie needs his brain scanning, as he's showing all the signs of an advanced tumour pressing on the frontal lobe


Another one:

>Jorginho’s penalty miss against West Ham today is another example that GKs have figured out ways to stop what used to be an almost unbeatable GK-dependent technique. GKs are now more knowledgeable, clever & execute with perfect timing

>How exactly did Fabianski stop Jorginho?

Because it was a fucking shit penalty, that's how.

Statnerds need to be beaten.

>he doesn't appreciate the art of the scan

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How many progressive blinks in opposition half per 90?

beating shitty is an obligation, need to save football from these virgin nerds


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Congrats on winning the Canon d'Or, Kevin.

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This reply made me laugh:


he doesn't look. he scans

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Finish your sentences please

What did she mean by this?

Our lads couldn't scan the pitch because of all the laser pointers :(

>Not using a "."

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Please use emdashes for speech interruption.
>Stats don't matte—

>when the seagulls scan the sea around the trawler, they are scanning for sardines,

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What does De Bruyne see. Into the box? Down the flank? Clearly or darkly?

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datanonces are ruining football. these twats are being given jobs at football clubs and pushing shit like this.

What an oversensitive twat.

My mistake, I did think it looked a bit off. Thank you friend.

>as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they scan us for their sport

underrated post


No!! Good night!

Please DM me

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< having scanned, the correct action is easy

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>Paul was incredible. He'd point to a tree a mile away and say 'I'm going to scan that' , and he'd go ahead and do it. A legend. Best scanner I've ever played with



How does this surprises you.
This is very common here with the midfielders, they do exercise just to learn to look before receive the ball.

kek, he's absolutely fucking raging

more to do with him having analysed SCANNING for a quarter of a century
comes across as a fucking freak

>your epsons, your canons, your fujitsus

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For me, it's the sweeping scan


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>under low pressure
OH NONONONO choker bros...

Penis size correlates with height

Mfs need to get an honest job

>I think some of these modern players, they spend a lot of time scanning, but when do they actually look?

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I'm just laughing at this one.

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>an extra scan
Top kek. The difference wasn't even that, it was that someone is properly defending against the first one.

It didn't help that the player receiving the ball didn't bother to look behind him, but you don't need OTT analysis to figure that out.

i'm scanning, robbie

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No, these is an example of a guy chatting complete wham, some people will buy into it thinking it makes them smart, football clubs are not looking at some lad making a compilation of a player looking around and signing him up as a scout



>shots on goal
>shots on target
>hit woodwork

I don't mind seeing these stats, but the rest can fuck off.

Based courtois nose fucked her

The guy literally works at Arsenal:


what have you got against fouls and free-kicks you caveman


Wrong, clubs are investing heavily into datanonce departments and stats.

>scans inside

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Where is the puck?


Not this faggot and his various compatriots who make up complete shite



Cant you read?

He holds a PhD and has been contracted by various clubs to do datanonce work.

That doesn't mean he works for Arsenal.

Fuck off