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it's a new era for my islanders :)

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Go my wildsies

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First for argentina

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We here at /hoc/ acknowledge the use of this thread on sacred grounds of the Dubsahoanoak Tribe, the unceded lands of Kekakawnaw peoples, and the Ragsaquampog Reservation.

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If it were in it would have been reviewed, ya god damn morons

How is hockey in Argentina

gets pretty cold down south in Patagonia

How is hockey in Arizona

>como es el hockey en argentina



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How is hockey in Puerto Rico

>Como é o hóquei em São Paulo

Pick one


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Homo is /hoc/

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Barzy to my Krakkies?

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How is hockey in Italy

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if you thought Denver was a city with thin air, just wait until the heritage classic based in Chile!

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stop telling /hoc/ what to do, /hoc/ is a big boy

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When you go to a Kraken game is the stadium filled with blue haired obese lesbians. Seattle gives me fat lesbo vibes.

there should be a team in salt lake



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>no Salt Lake City Pures
>no logo of blonde guy in white robe

why live?

Nah. A team in Kansas City would be neat tho.

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salt lake has triple the population, gary is a money guy

What is hockey to a Parisian tobacconist??
>I ask You, /hoc/?? taking all callers

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I always thought the pro leagues should have about 40 teams each, but with a second-tier of about 12, and add pro/rel. If they do that, you can have your SLC Puck.

Otherwise, the last expansion prior to VGK/Kraken was the Blue Jackets/Wild in 2000.

Start looking for a local billionaire now for that sweet NHL 2038 expansion.

Shan't give team to heretics

I don't get it.


Field hockey is the most popular form of hockey and our women are the best in the world second only to the Dutch I think.
Also we have an in-line hockey team but I don't think we're relevant.

>more hockey is bad
Cry moar.

>the Salt Lake City Jersey Devils

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Want a hint to solve the mystery?

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>rewrites history

Salt lake has jungle tennis. What does KC have between the chiefs losing and the royals starting another season of obscurity? Bring back the Scouts.

>muh pro/rel
you don't even know your stupid


KC has a considerably bigger metro area and Missouri as a whole has an established hockey presence

>your stupid

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racism is SUPPOSED to be subtle, asshole
that's the whole point, to get away with it
shut the fuck up

all it takes is the chiefs to have one good year and the scouts would be arizona tier giving away $13 tickets just to fill stands

Inline hockey is irrelevant by definition

yes, you are

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Haters gonna hate

business idea: a hockey game set in the bermuda triangle

The portuguese are good at it

Which rink has the best ice?
>39.6% Bell Centre, Montreal
>13.7% Rogers Place, Edmonton
>12.2% Canada Life Centre, Winnipeg
>5.8% T-Mobile Arena, Vegas
>5.8% Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota
>2.8% Madison Square Garden, NYC

Basically if you want more teams you're a retard

stop samefagging

>we officially admit in writing that we do not own the land we actually use
so when are the natives going to start moving in to the bell centre. they basically just renounced their ownership of the property.

The babu poopoo pavillion in india

For me it's being 82 years old and getting mad at the refs in the Warsaw-Gaziantep hockey game


wtf i love alland now!?


Women's field hockey is also irrelevant
In case you were keeping score..

anyone have the pic of pierre wearing the condom hat?

>on a Boat
Gary's on a Boat?? a motherfucking boat?