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KC: Kansas City WR Justyn Ross 'can't be overthrown'
DET: Aidan Hutchinson signs rookie deal with Lions
CHI: CHI OC: Kmet to play 'different roles' in offense
NO: Chris Olave 'most NFL ready' WR in 2022 draft?
FA: Beat: Unlikely Browns will re-sign Jarvis Landry
CHI: Bears OC: Velus Jones' speed jumps at you on tape
DEN: Javonte Williams to see 'slightly more carries'?
PHI: Nakobe Dean a full participant in Eagles minicamp
NYJ: First-round CB Ahmad Gardner signs rookie deal
FA: Ravens working out free agent Marcell Dareus

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Wow that's racist.

It's very problematic.

>black qbs

>will win us an owl

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Ive watched a video on NFL rules and its actually a cool sport. I want to support a team. Are the vikings cool? Im swedish so it would fit

can you please explain why the cowboys are where they are?

All interchangeable within their categories.

Bills /= 49ers = Chargers > Browns = Ravens = Broncos

Cowboys > Raiders >/= Packers = Chiefs > Eagles = Saints

Bengals >/= Steelers >/= Dolphins >/= Jets

Vikings = Cardinals >/= Titans

Patriots > Commanders >/= Lions = Giants

Jaguars = Panthers > Bears = Texans

Falcons = Seahawks

So the razor infection has gone national now?

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It essentially comes down to I don't believe for one that the Buccaneers or 49ers would lose to the Cowboys given their current states, combined with the Cowboys not doing enough to get over the hump, given their front office.

They have the best overall roster by a measureable amount in the category, though if Lance is better or equal to Jimmy G, the 49ers won't be losing to the Cowboys. The 49ers probably wouldn't beat the Buccaneers if Lance is closer to Jimmy G.

sorry i've been out of the loop, last time i checked dallas was an all offensive unit: is that still true? or did they patch up the defense this offseason?

Just pick a team and support them. If you find the Vikings cool, support them! There are no wrong choices (Buccs)

raiders are fucking trash they havent won a single game in like 16 weeks

>an all offensive unit
>with Dakota under center

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Hell if I know. But if they didn't, it further adds onto my point that they wouldn't be able to beat the 49ers or Buccaneers considering that they both upgraded their defenses, either in free agency or in the draft.

Lions winnin the north btw. Punished Goof with new offensive weapons is going to show you all.

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Gonna be a bit hard to climb out of the 0-6 hole while Jamison is on the pup list. And then the 0-17 hole when you remember that Goof is the QB

Laugh it up you fat faggot. Lions are winning the division. Don't make yourself look even more dumb than you already have.

Thanks i shall stick to my fellow vikings even if they never won(which actually makes it more hype)

The bucs have won the Lions' division more recently than the Lions. I'm pretty confident that things aren't changing, considering the Lions didn't address their injury prone O-line

The fact that you think a top 2 o-line needs to be addressed proves that you're retarded. None of the starters are injury prone ya fuckin' weirdo.

>PHI: Nakobe Dean a full participant in Eagles minicamp
wasn't he supposed to be injured?

if it's an pass-offense focused team then wouldn't the team's success be based on the quality of the playcalls and the execution of the quarterback? do you have faith in the quality of mccarthy's playcalling? or dak's ability to execute the play? i'd definitely take teams with the better QB/playcaller (in raiders, packers, chiefs, bengals) over dallas

He was refusing surgery but I think the reason was because he said he didn't need it? I don't know. It's a weird situation because why would a top 40 pick fall that far if they weren't sure he was fucked up?

Based turkbro. I hope Erdogan hasn't gotten him yet.

Their offense is shit and so is their defense

because it's a pain tolerance injury like plantar fasciitis: in short, the fastest way to treat the pain is by strengthening your surrounding muscles and increasing flexibility and mobility. if he's the workaholic that he says he is, then he'll take care of his body and stay healthy

>Not injury prone
Oh, so Decker and Ragnow were completely healthy? My mistake. Their guards are hot garbage too. Don't act like they're even top 5. MAYBE if they're not injured but good luck with that.

His doctors said it wasn't serious enough to need surgery, but some NFL teams disagreed and then the rumors got passed around the league that he was damaged and too stubborn and would need to miss time after they eventually convinced him he needed it. The eagles profited off this innuendo and groupthink.

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cope we’re winning it all this year

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Rams repeating fortunately.

Who's going to sign him? I could see the Eagles taking a swing.

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what is "dead money"

Money that counts toward the team's salary cap even though the player is no longer with the team.

But it said it creates 10 million in Cap Space

His cap hit for this year would have been $21.8 mil. Cutting him saves $10.1 of that, but the rest stays on the books as dead money.

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It'll be the Chargers this year, the NFL realized that LA doesn't care about the Rams so they're going to desperately push the Chargers now to try and get that market

Commies for sure. 99% of Rivera's free agent signings are ex-Carolina guys.

3rd Ballot HoF, Cam Newton.


Rushing Tds leader and mvp

I don't trust their staff nor their front offices. It's not as if the Cowboys have a terrible roster surrounding the QB, it's just the supporting cast off the field doesn't put their QB/Team in the best possible positions to win. They're in a cycle of mediocrity, a standard best represented by the Wild Card spot. It's not some guarantee that the Cowboys will meet the expectation that they'll be a wild card team. If I'm being honest I have no doubt that teams like the Raiders, Chiefs, Packers, Bengals and so forth, if they seriously wanted to all out-do the Cowboys they could, but the fact is of all the teams that I expect and believe to stay a wild card, a one and done team, it's the Cowboys, going back to my point that the team hasn't done enough to move them out of being a Wild Card team.

Probably the Bills just in case Elam dosen't work out.

>tfw all those hats and no rings

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>Broncos chargers divis ceiling
>Chiefs wild cieling

Patrick Mahome is a SB choker. performed like shit in both but jimbo choked even worse


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No team in the AFC West can afford to be below .500 in any capacity similar to the 6 week stretch the Chiefs had last year.

Why are so many NFL players from Georgia?

We all know who the real choker is

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He made Mahomes

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Chiefs offense isn't an issue. Mahomes has big play ability. he already has a Rodgers mythos about him.
DOesn't matter Tyreek Hill,. Skye MOore. whatever. They have a top 5 offensive line last yr. Thier rookie center was the best center in the NFL last yr. Not to mention Kelce still existing. And Andy Reid.
They added Oline depth this yr in the draft too.
Kalaftis, Chanel, McDuffie, Cook all being in as well as Justin Reid replacing Ben Neimann and Daniel Sorenson is going to make a markedly improved defense.
There are multiple games you can point to the Chiefs losing in the regular season entirely because of Sorenson and Neimann. The Bills game is one.
Not to mention the deep game was already taken away from the Chiefs in 2021. They had to do screens and underneath shit all season due to the defensive schemes they seen. Staying the same in the NFL for too long leads to being figured out and losing. Their offensive is evolving and that only serves to help them.
You can reply to this post with >COPIUM and be valid for doing such, but just from the offseason improvement the Chiefs have made I cannot count them out of the AFCW title.
Especially because the media overhyped the chargers every year, and their defense is suspect, and you can't say you're a QB away from the SB for 7 straight offseasons like the Broncos have and actually mean it.
I think both those teams won't meet their expectations this season with one of the missing playoffs.

A grand total of only three in the 50+ years of the league. Two were carried and the third has the worst statistical performance in super bowl history

there’s no way you typed this without laughing

My Steelers (:

>somehow pissed off PFF by taking breece hall over ojabo or mafe
i live in strange times

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>>somehow pissed off PFF
what do you mean

PFF said "the jets trading up by two spots to take breece hall by giving up a 5th rounder was bad. they didn't like that trade yet it was clear the jets wanted breece. i think there was a rumor they tried to trade into the 1st round again and take him, but he fell to 36. btw he would've been taken by houston.

Wilson, the one for the Skins, and who?


who plays man coverage?

Wow, that's racist

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