Why are they so utterly shit at soccer?

le disappear in big games for both England and Tottenham, dwarved by a Korean in any and every big game
has been dogshit for months, only scores in meaningless games, choked against Lyon
Best English player, missed multiple chances against Real, ended up being the reason they lost in the end
completely invisible
>the stomper of southampton
does fuckall vs. anyone good, led chelshit to losses against arsenal and Everton
already blaming refs for his shit performances KWAB
Leading Leeds to relegation, has been dreadful for months when not injured
choke artist, allowed Real Madrid to beat City by himself, blew it against livershart in the fa cup
pisses on the side of buildings like a neanderthal
quickly deteriorating, at fault for the wolves draw and arsenal loss
absolute shit, is the main reason for most of Villa's GA, terrible positioning, black Harry Maguire
bossed around by Bochum, Köln, and Leipzig (farmers)
injury merchant and awful against Atletico and Watford
completely invisible since the start of April, does absolutely nothing
le disappear in big games man, lost the coppa italia to Inter and was shit in it
better lately but still lacks the ideal GK frame, is a tiny little man with tiny little arms

Pulisic is the complete opposite of these weak-minded mental midgets. He carries teams. He's carried Chelshit and their retarded fraud manager to top 4. He's carried Chelshit and their retarded fraud manager to the Champions League trophy. He's carried the USA to multiple trophies so far and has given the love back when OUR Seattle Sounders fought and won for a Champion's League Trophy. PuliGOD is the antithesis of England, Pulichad is everything England wished they had in a winger.

And that's why England hates him so much and will now promptly seethe in the posts below.

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Please stop trying to force a 'rivalry' with us, it's is cringy. The USA would lose to England's U21 team.

Your entire team is shit, as outlined above. Our U21 team would annihilate yours. Fraudulent manager, full of players that do nothing but lose. shut the fuck up and jog on.

are we really going to have to put up with these retarded threads until we spank them in november

just outlying the facts lad. can take a close look at quite literally any English player and see that they're either a function of their system or completely shambolic on their own. not really that dedicated.

So it seems, so it seems.


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Rooting for you, amibro

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>schizo Pulishit poster

thank you ancestorbro. We will avenge the girl they made cry. They must and WILL be stopped.

All your points were the same. X player plays for Y club and he was at fault for [recent result]. You even put Stones at fault for the Man City loss that he was injured and didn't play in. You are trying to force some bizarre rivalry when no one cares. No one in England can name any USA players outside of Pulisic and most probably assume he is from Croatia with a name like that. It's just unfunny. I wouldn't mind if you had a shred of wit about you but this is just tedious and a waste of time.

Not a single Liverpool player on that list

Liverpool have 1 decent English player and he doesn't get called for the NT anymore because the manager is stupid

vgh...mein ancient deutsch ancestors...der kaiser...

Can't argue with that really

please attempt to point out even one instance where what I said was wrong. try to discuss in good faith rather than casting it all of as bullshit like dumb bongs always do. Nothing (NOTHING) I said was incorrect.

He doesn't get called up because he fakes injuries

Alright mate, double down on your unfunny persona.

Fuck Inselaffen and everything they stand for.

>behold, I am one of simple mind

kek so you literally can't, get fucked cunt. Jog on. Exit my thread

I'm sure Southgate totally understands and doesn't hold it against him in the future. (he won't play)
yes, every single English player has a simple mind. Your best player Foden is an utter retard and PuliGOD has a proven IQ of 135

Saka has more gcses AND more league goals than Pulisic

he's trying so hard

at least he got his precious (you)s



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PuliGOD has more created chances AND xG than Saka adjusting for playtime. Not PuliGOD's fault he plays for a fucking retarded manager that favorites his expensive German talents

>my ancestor :)
embarrassing post

You are embarassing.

embarrassing country neger.

seething root with no tree

You really set them off kek


i read through this entire analysis and i can't find any faults. england sucks and their players are COMPLETELY overrated. remember when they made it to the euro final and lost to the worst Italy team of the last 50 years? incredible stuff

>n-no u
so this is the power of german banter
why are you defending >muh ancestry posting, hans?
ah it's a bait thread anyway. 8/10 got (You)s

seething incel samefag

>everyone plays our sports
>everyone speaks our language


Well said

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meds and back to plebbit

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>ah it's a bait thread anyway.
not bait at all. Arteta plays the youth and has been rewarded for it. Tuchel is German Pep with a loan army of his youth and his balding is in process


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inbred hands typed this post

>t. some Irish/English bastardization
meanwhile I'm only Dutch/German. Feels good being a continental god instead of an eternally assmad island creature

yeah, every game I see with Mount and Reece James they are so poor. I don't know why they defend him, must be flag bullshit.
we do not speak the same language buddy. You wouldn't be able to understand my people face to face.

Why did this one post touch so many nerves lel

>we do not speak the same language buddy
yeah you speak spanish


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>uhhh i was laughing at you!!1!1
why do JFs always use this same cope

>flagposting cope

quite sad when factual points results in sad flagposting by nerve-struck incels. I pray you don't reproduce. Give someone else some of that oxygen.

>p-pwease let me call myself evropean, germany
>i pwomise i will make more seethe threads about england

Brito*ds need to learn their place

>thread about England
>anglo seethe

>Thread about England
>Yanks and G*rms swarm and seethe in large numbers despite claiming they never EVER even think about England
Many such cases!

the purpose of this thread is to point out the very apparent decline of English players since the Euros. I want to temper your expectations so you all don't hurt yourself again when you go out earlier than expected.

jfc I hope it's at least a 3-0


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Germans are certified good guys. They take out the seething Conmebol trash. And for that, we thank you.

>p-please n-notice me UwU


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Im not mad because I know its just trying to wind up the brits. England is a team to be proud of. We have the premier league, we have good home grown talent, and we have the craziest drinkers which makes for a good party atmosphere no matter what city youre in in England

Looking forward to England vs USA not even particularly bothered about the full time score, just excited to party when the world cup starts I am excited already

U know things are bad when Foden is ur best player