So true

So true.

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RM have some soul left while no one cared (or cares) about PSG.

So true.


But Real Madrid have spent money for 50 years so it's okay.

Real assembles their teams because of all their winnings. Literally the most decorated team in the world. Of course they have the money to buy galacticos without any need from oil daddies.
PSG and City have won nothing.


serie a is the only europoor league with soul
prove me wrong
protip you cant


Real Madrid
>spends money they earned through history, huge fans around the world, transfers and title prizes
>gets bought by an arab oil baron and gets to buy everything they want even if they incur in huge losses every year

>coming from an Argentinian

Real Madrid
>spends money given to them the Spanish governent andunfair disproportionate La Liga TV money


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>old stadiums on the verge of collapsing... LE SOUL

How would a modern day Galacticos look?

Yes pretty soul

>le argie larping as italian maymey
getting old nahuel

City could do with a few more superstars desu
right now they just keep adding very good players from weaker leagues

why do only angloid scum make such infertile statemnets, stick to cricet

ironic considering that in eplel even west pork gets more tv cash every year then Real does for winning LaLiga

Maybe these days but Real Madrid and Barcelona used to be guaranteed ridiculously unbalanced TV money, even if they finished 19th and 20th int he league they were still guaranteed it. Of course an EU leech like yourself has no problem with this.

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Mbappe, Haaland, Veratti, Van Dijk. Yes, this sport is that dead

Because people only watch Real and Barça. And Real generates 800m+ a year in revenue

It's just that everyone's level went up, so there aren't many outliers

>And Real generates 800m+ a year in revenue
Tha's exactly the point, Madrid and Barca generate so much more money with their commercial deals and also CL money that them getting all that La Liga money is even more of an insult.

If viewers only pay to watch Real and Barça, then they deserve to get that TV money
Other team stadiums charge €10-€20 when they are playing with shitters, but when they are playing against Madrid or Barça they up the prices to €100 for the same seat location

Anyone who thinks any of these billion dollar/euro COMPANIES gives a shit about SOVL beyond brand marketing is seriously deluded.
Literally Coke or Pepsi.

At least Real always fills out its stadium

Halal history is UCL history. They may be scummy but they have been scummy for 70 years

npcs will seethe

>LaLiga BBVA
how fucking old is this chart

Madrid shills

2013/14, but I can see it is still pretty much the same these days

>Pelegrini and ISCO
take me back lads

I mean, the captains for major clubs rn are Busquets, Henderson, Azpilicueta, Maguire, Romangoli, Marquinhos and Neuer

madrid faggots really acting like they dont steal talents from other countries while using their mafia wallet


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Yeah, still uneven, both Real and Barca get more than the PL winner (completely refuting this retard ) despite the PL tv deal being a billion higher.

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Your lowest paid club gets 97 million, that's more than Sevilla (4th)
Barça and Madrid carry la liga. Nobody watches other clubs when they are not playing those 2 teams

Big teams are souless by definition

>Your lowest paid club gets 97 million, that's more than Sevilla (4th)
Yes, that is what I'm arguing, that La Liga TV money is not allocated properly. The PL is richer and is allocated a lot more evenly, of course you will see situations like Sevilla getting less money than the last PL club, it is a situation that your FA does nothing about.

I love shiting on the bongs but the premier league doing an equal split and sending a good chunk of the profits down to the lower leagues will always have my respect.

EPL teams get similar audience no matter their standing. They also have more money on average so they can afford to fill up their home stadiums no matter who they are facing. Laliga only has 2 powerhouses (3 with Atletico in the last years) and stadiums are half empty unless Real or Barça are playing. The same with the paid TV audience, they are hard carried by those 2 teams

because the fa splits the revenue more evenly

Again, those clubs already have massive benefits that other clubs don't have in terms of revenue. Real Madrid bring in around 700m a season, it is not unfair to reduce their La Liga TV money from 160m to 100m to help other clubs compete better and maybe become teams people want to watch.

based mutt

real supporters are worse than anything you can think of
>inb4 (us)

>maybe become teams people want to watch
I'd rather get my left arm chopped off than watch my team become a plastic bandwagon for half of Bangladesh. Please don't watch our league. Keep watching Madrid/Far$a/Atleti in European games and leave the rest of us alone.

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What about competing? What is the point of existing as a sporting organisation?

All that is true and yet poosg and shitty haven't been able to win ONE (1) single CL, and they never will.

>sports are only worth it if you win!
dumb cucklombian, stick to making my cocaine and bringing me my food

>What about competing? What is the point of existing as a sporting organisation?
I wonder why krauts even watch bundes

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Nothing is worse than Israel and its people
I really mean it
you should be nuked

they have no past and no future


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That's funny because your country has never won anything

In fairness Halal bought their past.
Only dumb zoomers who know nothing about football think they were some organic club that pulled themselves up by their grassroots.

You're right about PSG, but Halal have never had any soul.

>takes off the cross from their club crest just so they can sell more merch in the middle east

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>status: eaten by dibu

mad XD?

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real has fans and a history
can you say the same for PSG and City? (the answer is no)

Madrid and Barcelona are the only clubs that generate money, these shitters's stadiums only fill up when one of the two is playing (more often than not madrid).

>it is not unfair to reduce their La Liga TV money from 160m to 100m to help other clubs compete better and maybe become teams people want to watch.
nah fuck those pathetic jealous ABM clubs hope they all dissappear

Man City has more Soul in that first title win than real madrid have had for the last 50 years

dude they are paid for by the government, not from winnings

mentally ill ABM who watches videos about triangles narrated in an indian accent

Produce more copium.
The masses need it.

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>some organic club that pulled themselves up by their grassroots
they literally did tho
crowdfunded the stadium with fan-paid IOUs, which allowed them to allocate 110.000 seats and generate massive revenue for the time, with which they repaid the fans and built a great team. even if you give credence to the Franco stories, those came later. this is an objective fact