Will sign for City today

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not so fast

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Le just spend £300m every summer club

Such a pathetic club and manager. Financial doping cheats

Such a revolutionary manager.

Hope this Frankenstein headed mong breaks his neck.


nooooo you cant replace aguero 2 years later
thats cheating

meanwhile jesus to arse and arteta wins the league

*League cup

Former Chelsea fan here, will be supporting City the next season

Umm, hello?

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maximum sovl
his dad played for city and he supported city since he was a little kid and watched his dad play games from the terraces at maine road and his ultimate goal in football is making roy keane seethe by winning more leagues and champions leagues than he could ever dream of
he's truly city through and through

His dad left City when he was 2 you nonce

Florentino has to go


*buys another 100m pound squad player*

he costs the same as diaz cost and that was liverpool buying a backup

why did they buy this guy then

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absolutely fucking based

to shot web

Yeah and his dodgy knee will pop at City just like his old man's KEK

this is the team that has grealish as the most expensive bench warmer
alvarez was fucked from the moment he signed for this soulless club

who the hell is this guy

i don’t know even know who he is

Only argentinians know this man

He was born in Leeds and is a Leeds fan

Won't be enough, needs another 2 billion to completely replace the midfield and injury-prone defense.

City just buys players so that other clubs don't get them, Haaland is the same sinxe guardiola hates 9s

to think, he could have played for Engerlund.


Heh... my boy Erlingz...

Wouldn't have gotten a chance to make it through the youth teams. Not black enough.

He's not Irish, England wouldn't be interested

He's made of glass, all it'll take for him to be out for the season is one shithouse tackle from a Burnley or Villa player and he's cooked. 100m plus tip, no refunds, thank you.


>He fell for the premier league meme

another striker ruined by poop

They didn't buy him

I swear if he flops someone's going to have to investigate Dortmund and the bundes for the players they've sent to the PL

So he can be loaned to some mid Spanish team.

>Haaland is the same sinxe guardiola hates 9s

>guardiola puts haaland on the bench
"he needs to learn a few things but he is adapting well... "
>6months later they begin starting him, hes lost 20 pounds of muscle mass and looks like he has aids
>plays mostly as a false winger that also sometimes helps at fullback when kyle walker is injured
>only passes it to de bruyne and scores a maximum of 8 goals a season
>is mostly a rotation option with mahrez and foden

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It’s only £65 lads, literally squad player money for Citeh.

you have more blacks than we do

>No Haaland
>No Mbappé
>Will get humiliated by Liverpool in CL final

Now that's what I call coping.

I give him a pass because his father played for them, but yeah, City is the most soulless team in the world.

They still won’t win champions league

He could have signed for anyone and Yea Forums would respond the same way, you are all like robots who overreact to anything and everything in a negative way. It’s like you are all menstruating. Grow the fuck up

Nah. If he had signed for Real we would be calling him based.

Hello Peptide

>United in shambles
>Great white hope signing for plastic oil machine
>Chelsea taken from based Russians and given to soiboy American kneelers
Who will chuds support now?

Wrong thread?

let's go tony

You flipping idiot

Can't wait till he clashes with Poop. Pep hates egocentric characters. It will go the same way as Eto'o, Zlatan or Mandzukic.

Best coach in the world! no one else could do what he does on that budget!

Pep's going full strikerpilled so they need a backup
Also he can play wide forward when erling is fit, a right winger is probably leaving this year

oh and also it's a world cup midseason year, teams where every player is an international need depth

> White Fans
> Mostly white players
> Mafia owners

he will be injured 50% of the games and meh in the others

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another bundesfraud about to be exposed in the prem. Many such cases.