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Man we're all put on this earth by god to just understand what makes us truly unique and pursue our interests in the way that makes it truest to ourselves and my wife's the best example possible of this she is obsessed with being the biggest slut for BBC the world has ever seen and who am I to stop her I want her to be as true to herself and happy as possible if letting her swallow BBC sneed is the path that God put her on for this earth I'm going to do whatever I can to motivate and push her it's all about the love and positivity and that kind of confidence is what lets me know one day I'll be champ.

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Tony won. FUCK Hap.

Chandler is p4p most evil of evilchads right now

not a Rosefag but all these "hardcore" Rose fans jumping ship after she lost, you see this so much in MMA lel


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Who the fuck ever like Thud Rose

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How did Khaos not heem Randy Brown stiff?

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They don't promote anyone and this dude isn't going to promote himself to the average cazzie retard

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How can he run? He's literally brainwashed.

where do I start looking to find a magical stone?

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Gaycheese getting flattened by a right was incredibly surprising. That’s a turnaround point for his chin desu


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based soul brotha

>bring up izzy promotion
>They don't promote anyone retard
Can't wait until bongland is destroyed

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why are americans so weird

Why aren't more fighters using the Aldo leg kick defense?

you need to have a father first

I checked out Reddit just now and they have all the threads hidden because of the spoilers kek, the fuck is wrong with these retards. It's been 24 hours too. They have a title that reads "main card fighter calls out Conor McGregor" kek, no pic and no name

I think it's a psychological thing. He's hurt but he knows if he goes to the ground, his reputation there will give him enough space and time to recover. Plenty of guys who get hurt on the feet can recover quickly, it's just easier to see that they are hurt because they are still trying to get their motor functions back, and it's easier to sell that they "aren't" hurt by moving around.

i am the stoic nigger

Fuck you khabib

It's the new normal, you have good weeks and you have bad weeks. It's been a long time since bad cards were rarities.

>me waiting in line for my chicken nuggies at 2:00am on a saturday

imagine you're at the cinema with paddy and molly behind you

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He just sucks, b. I keep rooting for him but his blacksplosiveness only comes out like a third of the time now.

>not a Rosefag but all these "hardcore" Rose fans jumping ship after she lost
It's not that she lost it's how she lost
>you see this so much in MMA lel
Not really. Tony bros have supported tony through all his recent losses

Not just on /heem/ but elsewhere
Rose has a lot of fans, she was getting cheered going into it

corn syrup

Gaethje retirement soon?

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Khabitch bros wtf? You are allowed to do this? Why didn't we think of that and just ate the kicks like a retard?

I still think Rose is a great fighter, but that was an atrocious performance especially for a champion. Neither of them deserved the belt. If I was Dana, I would have stripped Rose, declared the fight NC and made Weili-Joanna 2 a vacated title bout.

Vick's a handsome dude to be honest

Wait a minute, isnt racism against the rules?

>That’s a turnaround point for his chin desu
agreed, I think this is the point where we see gaethje go the cuck liddel route where it's all downhill from here

Really thought he'd heem this time, since Randy already had 2 beautiful KO losses

Seem a bit unfair for Ireland in all honesty

they just aren't as good

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Bad fight IQ, Brown kept ducking forwards and Khaos never thought to try an uppercut or something and also was slow to adjust in general

When’s her onlyfans coming out bros?

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Izzy boosted himself then the PooFC said "guess we have to do a package for this guy then" same thing happens with all fighters, the fighter has to take the initiative, create a buzz, and the ufc feeds into it. That is their tactic. They suck ass.

It's been a term of endearment since Yea Forums's existence began.

Are we now in The Enlightened Era?

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History will justify us

based du bronx

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Adopting one porch monkey is one thing. Adopting two coons is odd, Chindlers wife must be barren or he must be shooting blanks

You don't find the stone, it finds you.

So does Justin not train any jiu-jitsu at all?

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uuuuuuuuh bros? why is our champ wearing a skirt?


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Can someone tell Middleweights about the Aldo leg kick defence already so that they can beat Adesanya

no but he was rocked, anyone turns into a white belt when they're rocked

*loses striking exchanges with a sambo and BJJ specialist*

not paul craig that dude can be on the border of the schaubrealm and still snatch a neck

what are you talking about, he won the first round vs khabib

>2 years off
>no onlyfans
safe to say its not going to happen

I will never support Charles Oliveira

>Aldo leg kick defense?
Its literally day 1 thai leg kick defence