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DAL: Dorian Finney-Smith goes off, sinks eight triples
PHO: Devin Booker scores 35 points in Game 4 defeat
GS: NBA reviews Jordan Poole/Ja play, takes no action
MEM: Jenkins: 'Really good chance' Ja Morant misses G4
PHO: Jae Crowder (ankle) returns to Sunday's Game 4
MEM: Ja Morant (knee) undergoing further evaluation
MEM: Desmond Bane looks better in ugly Game 3 loss
GS: Jonathan Kuminga scores 18 points in starting unit
GS: Klay bounces back, scores 21 on 8-of-13 shooting
GS: Jordan Poole scores 27, Warriors easily go up 2-1

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It appears that Chris Paul's annual playoff choke has begun.

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shit what am i supposed to do for the next 90 minutes

Honestly I think /nba/ will never recover from bandwagoning the Suns up 2-0 and getting BTFO. It's eternal!
I can't say i feel sorry for you, you actually thought Chris Paul could last more than 2 games before choking like a bitch. You gotta live with that the rest of your lives.

>blowing a 2-0 lead in the finals and getting reverse swept

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I was told the Penis Sucks is a 4th quarter team

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Is the league returning to equity?

I always enjoy it when these get me

laugh at suns and their butthurt bandwagoners

charles barkley is hosting a goat debate show will /nba/ tune in?

they are who we thought they were

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missed the suns/mavs game, was it refball and/or do the suns stink?

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watch six episodes of aqua teen hunger force

Laughing at toddlers isn't my thing, but if I must

if you look closely at these stats it's almost as if the game was officiated fairly, both teams shot poorly but dallas played a little better... weird...

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it's people thinking chris paul deserves to win anything being upset that they arent more powerful than karma

>have superstar

yeah... i guess?

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When Brunson was driving at the paint like an animal vs Phoenix I thought to myself I've seen this before somewhere, shit looked like what J. Kidd's Milwaukee team with Giannis used to do, and still does

>Jason Kidd on Mavs drawing timely fouls: “We’re being taught by one of the best point guards ever on the other side. That’s pretty cool.”
Holy based

suns will win mavs cannot sustain that 3pt percentage away

the suns do start playing dirty the minute they're losing. i saw booker being a dirty little shit last game

notice there arent any suns fans itt

also worth noting that he was recently with our lakeys and probably learned a lot from working with bron

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Haha man Skip is crazy.

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it was a horribly officiated game, maybe slightly in mavs favor, but the refs didn't sink 20 3s for mavs, it's just butthurt

Chris Paul in the last two games:
8.5 PPG
5.5 APG
4.5 TOPG
5 fouls per game
-11 +/-

so the suns got refballed and they weren't mentally tough enough to overcome it?

THE dillion brooks?

Another easy dub for the best player in the NBA today.

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The good guys

they do it when theyre up they do it when theyre behind. its the only consistent thing about them aside from having a phony fan base.

Classic CP0 when it counts

mavs were getting refballed too, but it was mostly suns with a very weak mental, yes

Good Guys

was the embiid hip thrusting a mockery of this celly?

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never noticed Caron's quick glance at Jimmy's Jimmy before. instinct to open his mouth y or n?

For me it's my daily skin care routine using the semen of black men and rooting for the Phoenix Suns.

I think he was just having a stroke.

and it came immediately after the staredown. too perfect

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yes but only if the lakers aren't playing

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Why did he just start goin on Lebron all of a sudden what the fuck? I remember seeing a post that like 70% of his tweets were about Lebron in someway though.

good guys

That's just Skip. Shannon is a LeFraud dickrider so it's really just show promotion

Youve never played basketball before have you. You should try learn one day. Its a fun game.

skip is too based for the nba, he's leaking the script

lots of crying about the refs on twitter but suns fans are awfully quiet here... plenty of time to go before the next game

What would a flagrant 3 look like?

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It was CP3's year this year. They have to win against Luka, fuck.

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Skip is very right about refs handing the game to Mavs. Suns would have easily swept if they didn't get a memo from the league to keep it interesting and start giving out fouls for no reason.

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no one actually believes mavs are eliminating the snus. that task is for the poole party baby

They always disappear after a loss. Some of them disappear for half a year when their season ends

Metta World Peace

Silly, user. It's never CP0's year

mavs won but shot 45% from 3. doubt that happens away from home. they get absoutely picked apart by the suns guards.

4-2 imo. finney smith is the 2nd best player on that team tho.

>Warriors lose
>Dubfaggots talk about the loss
>Suns lose
>Nowhere to be seen
Ducking the smoke?

Spreewell on Carlesimo

Heat Sixers game thread

pretty much. some show up to to post ref cope even though it is really luka effortlessly tearing them apart and CP turning the ball over like a moron. now that suns are exposed they are waiting to see if they hop over to the GSW bandwagon

based I forgot about that

I mean, Mike Brown is a bad coach too but OK. Kings gonna king

Suns fan here, our perimeter defense sucked. Ayton needs to abuse his match-up and outrebound otherwise he's a liability. Mind blowing but not everyone of us is a stupid "suns in 4" spammer

Kermit Washington on Rudy T

All Niggers Are Gay

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steve clifford and kenny aktison were available man the kings are moronic

all nba games are refball

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