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I feel like I'm in the 90s, when Botafogo x Flamengo was still a thing.

How are argentinos coping with the fact that messi is over. And they dont have top players anymore

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Botafogo will play libertadores next year

>ynr primo do messi

Hajde Zaliv Moje Seme

Bellintani OUT

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Not good. Theyre in full damage control for vini and rodrygo

>culo culo wont play until tomorrow
this weekend sucks

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Argentinians should stop throwing bananas and immitating monkeys


You lost against that team who doesnt have top players
Rodygo is good,but Fraudicius lost a final against post XX century independiente

today is pal day

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Maybe its just the same guy who is spamming outside copalib

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kys nigger

See this maxi biachuci

>someone actually saved my hornyOC
t-thanks, user... never thought it would go forward.

and? libertadores is a 50 club competition now, even bangu can qualify

>when he posts with an argentinian flag

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This last post is copied from int ipsis literis

>VAR anula gol, Gatito brilha, Botafogo vence e torcedores do Fla dirão que culpa é do técnico. LIVE
Check out Peruquinha's commentary on Flamengo 1 x 0 Botafogo. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

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maybe 40 million is too many. they want the mercenary old fuck back instead of moving on and focusing on the real problems, which are 2222, panela 85 and others that shan't be named which will lead us back to patricia amorim levels of amateurism.

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Their NT is still top tier despite not having any "big name" players

Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo*

>1 hour 25 minutes

Post the best pic of your stadiu.

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Minas Gerais is owned by one club.

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The next messi will be from equador or Colômbia

Bocabros, I'm starting to think Riverfags might not be so bad after all

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It's Luis Diaz.

Is that Tevez getting introduced to transveganism and bedeteerism

There's asado on the table so no I don't think so

>Implying that isnt vegan asado

it just doesn't have gogetapalmeirense energy, sorry

Palmeme nao tem mundial.

Como me convencer que meu time não é gigante quando uma derrota simples é tratada como título? Pesquisar...


Yes, the Aécio Neves Jockey Club where they decide the fact of all mineiros

>when he posts with a uruguayan flag

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fuck a.nal

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>when he posts webms with a peruANO flag

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Please don't be harsh on the poomeirenses, they need special treatment.

You're doing an awful job at containing him within your country boundaries. His retardness is leaking to 4chen.

>not a mund-

I thought the thread was called /copalib/ and not /cwc/

who started it?

>go to Santa Catarina beaches
>full of argentinians
>go to Natal so I can be free of them
>they are speaking spanish right next to my table

all me btw

>finally got to be with fat ass lady
>can't get pass the cheeks and thighs

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You're not supposed to get pass the ass you gaylord.
You must live inside and colonize it.

coming back from the hospital, the nurses were very hot
got a shot for the fever in one of my buttcheeks, and ended up vomiting bc I clenched them
thankfully it's just a flu so I don't have to take any meds

And this is an english board, stop posting in brazuca.

there's positions to do that


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>tfw I will never know how this feels

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Best player ever

not with that attitude