Atlético de Madrid vs Real Madrid official thread

Ready for La Liga ultra kino?
In about 2 bongs

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>patetico just trying to break legs while we field castilla's b team
shit match

I do not understand why Ancelotti does not put on the field all the substitutes who are healthy and all those who can from Castilla for the rest of the league

>you will never suck a huge spicy tasting curried fart out of her asshole and hold it in like a bong rip

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Cause the man’s a winner? Playing Atletico as well

Nobody cares about the league, it's won. The only incentive is to beat Atletico for not making the pasillo. I hope no one gets injured because Atletico are going to look for an ankle.


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puto gilipollas usando una imagen random para un thread ojala te borren el hilo subnormal

anyways Real Madrid team
>Lunin; Lucas, Militao, Vallejo, Nacho; Casemiro, Kroos, Camavinga; Asensio, Rodrygo & Mariano.

God damn

>Patetico player breaks Benzema's leg
>BAYOL is forced to play the CL final as a starter and scores a hack-trick

If it’s anything like the last time when Madrid played like Pateti normally do then it’s going to be a hard watch
Beating them is in their interests and for confidence going towards the CL final

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Relying on Bale one more time, and for what would be his final game in a Madrid shirt, the odds are in our favour

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Forget it, that’s what he’s done. the press as usual was wrong

Real already won La Liga, who cares about this match? Just post some latina slags.

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The team have to stay match fit before the final and the only way to do that is to stay competitive and play them. Champions also have to act like champions too, it wouldn’t be a good look if they lost their remaining games. I would say Ancelotti is ready to use them more smartly and rest where they can.

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Imagine watching this over F1 Miami

Imagine wasting quads on this.

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the b team is enought to beat these subhumans and cannot risk the starters

Unlike in fagmula1 there is actual skill involved here.


1 bong to go
any line-ups yet lads?

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t. simeone

latina slag
guy said REAL slags you dumb tranny

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Reinildo, Giménez, Savić, Vrsaljko
Carrasco, Kondogbia, Koke, Llorente
Cunha, Correa

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of course i always forgot to check t-elon musk-itter, thanks user

ÚLTIMA HORA: Mariano out, Jovic IN



Friendly reminder that if you like anime you are absolutely and completely not allowed to support Real Madrid CF

>no pasillo edition

Jovicbros... it's time

>camapinga and rodygo starting
Whats ancelotti planning

fucking bs that dani ceballos isnt starting. why cant he just rest old man kroos baka

any links

La primera

>fraudrid with b team
>cholo will start murderball as soon they are off by 1
absolute state of loliga

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>Toni Crus

que pereza de jugar contra el aleti

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wtf is this, 3 times already, y is real's defence broken

>he doesn't know about Vallejo

Why tf is Casemula playing

Madrid no tiene identidad alguna como ciudad... su icono representativo es un puto oso...

sleepy ball today lads
this match is absokute shit

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a diferencia de?

La personalidad de los madrileños se resume en ser de Madrid

>Real playing like shit again
why can't Real dominate games like City, Liverpool etc?

why ancelotti likes chewing mentos so much lol

they dont need to, they just pay refs

Sevilla, Valencia, Barcelona, Murcia

>he doesnt know that jesus vallejo is spains most promising young defender and will become the next ramos if he only gets a little more time...
bears are based though

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que son?

As long as Spain will remain a monarchy Real Cheaters will be favoured.

I'm disappointed Ceballos didn't start, he was among the best players against Espanyol last week.

Cope,tiggers are better

Barcelona and Atleti are buddies when it comes to Real Cheaters. They should ally to take over la Liga

This reminds me of the rm vs pool game. I was a little surprised when they added 6 minutes instead of 4 or max 5. Also in the 2nd half of the extra time (105 to 120min), 3 minutes were added but the reff blew the whistle 6 seconds early. A lil sus

>cholo cant beat cheatdrids C team
the absolute state of argentine coaches

This too

If Simeone had balls he would go full murderball so they can get fucked by L'pool. Fucking faggot sometimes based but he never goes far enough
I would provoke a fight on the pitch and send Savic or Giménez cut Benzema's knee on the touchline something like that. That human piece of shit has been worshiped way too much by sheeple.