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Mairis Briedis vs. Jai Opetaia
Justis Huni vs. Kiki Toa Leutele

>May 14th Canal+ FRA ESPN+ USA
Tony Yoka vs. Martin Bakole

>May 14th Showtime USA
Jermell Charlo vs. Brian CastaƱo
Jaron Ennis vs. Custio Clayton

>May 14th DAZN
Gilberto Ramirez vs. Dominic Boesel
William Zepeda vs Rene Alvarado

>May 14th Triller USA
Sergey Kovalev vs. Tervel Pulev
Kubrat Pulev vs Jerry Forrest

>May 21st DAZN
Joshua Buatsi vs. Craig Richards

>May 21st Showtime USA
David Benavidez vs. David Lemieux

>May 21st ESPN USA
Janibek Alimkhanuly vs. Danny Dignum
Jamel Herring vs Jamaine Ortiz

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>Canelo is the face of boxing!!!!


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Now that the dust has settled, will he fight Jake Paul?

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Canelo aint ducked shit Bivol better than those bums


>20 lbs of muscle is enough for a decent youtube boxer to beat a world champion.
The absolute state of pro athletes.

>proved Mayweather right
>avenged Kovalev
>avenged GGG
>hyped up Jake Paul
>got even the most normie and casual fans cheer for him
I was Team Bivol since the start, but I did not expect this result. I unironically thought they were going to rob him in Vegas and the fucking judges STILL tried to give the fight to Canelo

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Don't worry Mexico still has plenty of worthy champions like Cane-, um mungui-, err Oscar Vald-, wait there's estra-, okay but what about julio cesar martine-, ah but who can forget about Berche-,.......I guess emmanuel navarrete is still solid

Other than that? Grim.

When the trainer is arrogant too thats when you know its over

Rate this resume

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It's ok, he gets fucked up by Beterbiev though

Guys such a little fagget

Kovalev looks fat and old

Chilemba, juiced to the gills Pascal, Joe smith, and Canelo is pretty good stuff

That's because he IS fat and old

He needs to bring back some knockouts tho. I hope they have him fight some random bum next just so that he actually knocks him out
GGG is still knocking out younger fighters at 40 years of age. The issue is that Bivol fights are rare as fuck because of his champion position. He gets to fight about 3 times per year at most

3 times per year would be a good rate. He has 3 fights in 3 years
>fight a bum for a knockout
Would mean nothing. The guys GGG are fighting are nobodies; they don't help his legacy at all. Bivol beating Beterbiev would mean more than knocking out 6 bums in one year

Calzaghe beats Canelo at 168

Easy pick up

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Facts. Canelo has never beat a great fighter (robbed GGG twice).

>that'll be $74.99 plus $19.99 plus tip to watch the rematch exclusively on DAZN PPV

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I'm aware, I just want him to knock out someone because he used to knock out his opponents a lot
He's already defeated Smith Jr and Canelo and that's enough imo. I don't wanna see a Russian vs Russian fight

Erm but what about...you're forgetting um...okay well he beat...Austin Trout?

>A tiny $10000 bet

Is he okay financially? Should we start a gofundme?

You're telling me that THE BJS and THE Smith aren't great fighters?

about 4 on that list of UDs who gave him more work than Canelo

Everyone wants to talk about Bivols jab and it was very good, but his left hook was excellent too. Made Canelo very wary of trying to counter

>He's already defeated Smith Jr and Canelo and that's enough imo.
Two good wins mean nothing. There's always great fighters out there, and at the end of the day he just isn't a knock out kind of guy. Even Floyd got knock outs early in his career, because he was fighting bums

Isn't boxing one of those sports where you're extremely good but there comes a random backcountry nobody and he kicks your shit in, after which he never really rises up to the occasion again and is only known for that one battle against. There's always a Buster Douglas.

he definitely needs beterbiev on his record and beterbiev needs bivol on his

>I don't wanna see a Russian vs Russian fight

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I told you that Canelo was the fakest "champion" in the last 50 years of boxing. Now he gets to duck another loss from GGG.

>Joshua exposed
>Canelo exposed
>Biggest star outside of them is Conor Bumm

How down bad is he?

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I hope Canelo go back down to 168

I rather see Bivol vs Beterbiev this year

Clenelo lost both of those fights clearly

Sometimes. Sometimes he sticks around at the top for 5+ years
Boxing is a big sport

Any Russian flags present during the fight?

Will /box/ apologise for doubting the true sage of the age?

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>Buster Douglas
>Andy Ruiz
>(possibly) George Kambosos
>Andrew Golota

Canelo? Yeah I agree, Jake would HEEM him.

Why would russian flags watch a Kyrgyzstan vs Mexico fight?

Speak English please.


There was no way Bivol was stopping Canelo so a dumbass move of him not to bet Bivol by decision. Could've gotten twice as much

No chance
You know Canelo wants to avenge the loss; he waited to avenge a draw against GGG

Absolutely. Even Salamov, the "farmer bum" was able to actually hurt him in the face. They both have their faces injured in the pic they took after the match. Against Canelo, Bivol was clean as fuck. Not a scratch, no blood, he just got his arm hurt lmao

Berbetiev needs Smith Jr on his record. I said it was lame to me seeing Russian vs Russian because there is no bant involved

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Lil 'Nelo got lit up like a christmas tree

You must be a minority in Mexico to be supporting Bivol. Is it dangerous atm, is there riots going on? How much money did his Cartel backers lose?

tureano won

Nosdwyamus-sama... I kneel

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Might be time to get your eyes checked


remember when they smugly bragged about that arm-punching tactic in the Callum fight? probably a mistake in hindsight


Canelo trying to fight a 40 years old GGG is too much imo. Let the man retire and be remembered as one of the greats of boxing instead of doing this eternal rivalry bullshit

kek these bums did Bivol worse than Canelo

I'm not Mexican, I'm not Irish, I'm Italian
The Mexican flag has an eagle in the middle and the colors are darker

I'm guessing GGG wants it as much as Canelo; one final payday to retire on

Well it's actually a Korean vs an Irishman.

B-b-but Canelo has awesome power! He made Bivols bicep a little red!

Even less of a reason for Russians to watch

Yeah, ok w/e and Canelo is Irish right?
You can pass off as Italian to some dumb Americans, but you won't fool an actual Italian in Italy.

dwyermaniacs just keep winning

ok Pablo. Sad that Nelo's loss got you pretending to be Shitalian.

It's actually about Hapas vs Mestizos, though by Canelo's red hair you might assume he's Castizo

>doubting dwyer or dr ajao

>Post yfw Canelo lost

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Is that hairline tattoo?

he really thought his arm punching was the main reason of what was actually a freak fatigue injury lmao

We can stop pretending Canelo was good now

>Lost to Trout
>Lost to Lara
>Lost to Jacobs
>Lost to GGG 2x
>Lost to Floyd
>Lost to Bivol

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