Heem CSO Only edition


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it's over

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Would Volk be able to solve the Oliveira problem?

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let's go tony

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So how badly would Chandler send Conor to the hospital with his affirmative action powers

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he taps to the calf slicer


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>GODliveira is a quitte-ACK*taptaptaptap*

so this is the power of trevor wittman's coaching...

dont tempt faith ! dont say tonycel or cope ! the voices are growing ! be on the side of harmony CSO

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How many more fights will Charles win? He keeps getting dropped in every fight

Anyone else notice that Conor never talked shit about Tony in Tony's prime when they were supposed to fight for the unification bout, but suddenly Tony's washed up and Conor has a lot to say? Smells like fake one.

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bros... how is garth's chef going to react to this? Do you think she's going to nurse him back to health and then maybe stay in bed with him while he sleeps and strokes his hair haha. That would be funny I think.

No, Charles doesn’t rely on Hail Mary subs. It would be incredibly hard for volk to deal with any of the top tier grapplers at 155. 145 grapplers are trash compared to them with the exception of maybe Bryce

Volk “BJJ killer” is a nightmare for Oliveira. With Islam fighting Gadoosh and Conor too fat for 155 it really could happen

yeah i was enjoying the fight and tonys performance, only needed 2 more minutes to cash a parlay and he gets frankie'd, F

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In the Chandler and Poirier fights he was definitely legit dropped, but in this fight I think he may have been playing possum to try and bait Gaycheese to the ground. He didn't seem very wobbled or hurt at all.

tonybros it's over

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No one on planet earth gave a fuck about Poony until he became a meme when he was already flushed

fer shur b

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>Anyone else notice that Conor never talked shit about Tony in Tony's prime
they were part of the same management

I know now why Charles is unbeatable. He can be dropped 5 times a round but never heemed out cold. Nobody can finish him if they drop him because he can usually just fall over into guard so his opponents never want to keep coming forward

If he gets past Islam then we’re probably waiting for Tsarukyan to get his shot. That’ll be a handful of defenses by then

Tony is flushed

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hold on brother i'm sleeping

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>If he gets past Islam

>Uhh wait fight you for the belt Oliveira? Well umm y-you know I'm pretty heavy right now and I'd love too really but I just love my muscles haha . . .

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I hope Michael Chandler has a heart attack.


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Only chandler and gooby have a chance to beat him with their flatlining powers.

>Tony is my boy
>Can't stop lmaoing@that head
fugg bros


Has there ever been a more boring fight than Rose 'Thug Rose' Namajunas vs carla 'Cookie Monster' esparza 2 ?

The crowd were literally booing both fighters, i think rose landed 2 strikes in the whole first round. It felt like 5 rounds of shadowboxing.

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Who was the biggest loser tonight?
Good to see Justin get humbled (again), but I think Rose without a doubt

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I unironically think Charles 2.0 has never been badly hurt, he just deliberately falls over whenever he gets a whiff that he’s been slightly tagged

>I create carcr-ACK!

It's pretty funny how at this point nobody is pretending that conor actually has a chance to beat anyone calling him out but want to see him fight anyway

*block you're path*

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Charles hasn't been truly dropped in a while. He just drops to the ground playing possum.

I honestly think Islam has the grappling advantage over Oliveira. Am I stupid as fuck for that or no? The only reason I say that is because Oliveira has been submitted several times and Islam has thus far been bulletproof on the ground.

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The criticism that rose will suffer is going to send her off the deep end, she's going to retire and move to Papua New Guinea and build manure huts for glue sniffing rock apes.

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He can’t lose the weight bro. There’s no way around it.

it's 2022 and people are still calling out that bum mcgregor

Good Morning,
I still hate wmma.

all those years and tony's the lowest paid guy

Rose lost the most stock in terms of how fans will view her and Gaethje lost the most in terms of career. Tony's career wasn't hurt that bad in the sense that anyone with a brain already knew it was over.

Islam murders oliviera. Only salty goober fans think otherwise

>bum McGregor
>rich as fuck

Being heemed and subbed is more honourable than pulling a jizzy

>made the choice to watch canelo v bivol instead of WMMA
Best decision of my life honestly.

one can only hope

I loved it. Seeing all the Thug Rose fake hype bullshit disintegrate. Not sure how it was split. Rose lost 2, 3 and 4 unquestionably. 5 was hers but you could easily say she lost 1 as well. “You have to TAKE the belt from the champ”
Glad to see that narrative was smashed into the ground.

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they know he brings in a bunch of normie idiots who don't care how flushed he is

rose already was the biggest loser by far but now everyone sees it
all the ones in the pic are cool

He got dropped 3 times in round 1 by Dustin. And Gaethje def dropped him once the second time he fell back over on purpose.

>what is win boner

yes thats right BUM, he's a BUM, can't wait till this loser finally loses the foot because from his alcohol induced gout and diabetes and he can finally go the fuck away forever

he won't get past dariush. Laugh all you want.

Tonycels must be seething

Islam is more technical on the feet than Dariush.

It's Tony Time To Lose Bitches

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wasn't overeem on a million flat with no win boner

rd1 ko for conor via shoulder

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Canor's punching power is overrated. He could only flatline people much smaller than himself.

Next card looking pretty grim bros.
>bunch of literal who fights
>two WMMA fights in a row and only one has the potential to be good because Valentina murdering some can is not exciting
>good main event
There's literally one good fight on the whole thing.

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Islam has a nice arsenal of kicks.
Dariush by front kick KO.

For me it's when you have a bad end of the 3rd round so the judges change that "10" in round 2 to a "9" and rob you.

I already ran the simulation. Islam feints a takedown and comes over top with the overhand right for the heem.

Conor would unironically ko chandler. He was piecing dustin before he got his leg fucked and chandler is too much of a midget to wrestle fuck him

imagine fighting for the ufc for 10 years and you still dont make as much as the new guy that just came in and heemd you

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Islam will destroy him for lying down constantly

>Choi vs Culibao on main card

Grim as fuck, can’t Dana call in a favor from Chadtri and get some better Asian fighters on the card?

Dustin was able to easily take down Conor multiple times and Chandler is twice the wrestler Dustin is.

he better practice his armbar and triangle defence

Beautiful boxing Tony, now give me sand

you just witnessed the most boring title fight in ufc history
be grateful

Why are women even allowed in UFC? Absolute embarrasment.

Tony was never good

>good main event
>a 68 year old man vs some literal meme fighter from the B-leagues

Tony Won the fight if you judge it on points alone. You cannot dispute this.

it's over

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>glover vs jiri
the jiri meme gets ended
>my boy seung woo choi on the card
FOTN right there
>bontorin vs kape
FOTN right there
>Shevchenko beating up a bum
>joanna no paycheck losing again
>brendan allen getting wrestlefucked
seems alri

It's a guaranteed finish at least.

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mongol BVLL Batgerel is kino

He also lost the fight by knockout because he;s a giga chinlet

Now just for Leon to surprise everyone…

For me, its Brapsparza.

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oof that is bad, on a positive note you can skip till the main event without missing any prospects in between

prove it

keen to see how my countryman performs

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>rogans next podcast will be relentless sucking whitmans dick like hes a good coach

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>beaners all lost today
It was a good day

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early stoppage

i thought this guy was the goat?

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Rate this card /heem/.
>boring fight from Adesanya
>third point fight in a row from Volk and Max
>either a heem from Pereira or a boring wresltefuck from Strickland
>probably will be fun, good test for O'Malley
>good fight to test Muniz
>banger, good test for du Plessis
>either a banger or a sad bum fight
I'm thinking 7/10 on this one but could easily be a 9 if all goes well.

Because you’re ignorant.

I’m glad this happened during the rose fight. I saw none of that garbage

yeah great card
and if jizzy can't heem the can he deserves to get stripped desu

shut the fuck up bitch. conor a fake faggot pussy just like you

I really really like the back view camera during walkouts.

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ummm thats why im asking b? don't need to get an attitude fr.

>get to see Volk point fight Max for a third time like a little bitch

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Cannonier is the only one with the power to oneshot jizzrag since he fought Romero so I’m expecting a bicycle master class


If they get rid of wmma and put two better fights on there it’s a 8-9

gawld dawlg b you some kinda illectual

You'll watch it and you'll enjoy it maxcel

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volkanovski heems max this time unironically

that's a good strategy. if he's a bit wobbly and stays standing he risks getting KOd

Who has the answer to the Oliveira problem?

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stop posting this

donald cerrone


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Overreem was on pride contract for many years. He was an outlier

Ignores the striking, outwrestles the ground game

People are thinking Islam but I unironically believe Charles finishes him on the feet

VolkaGOATski has improved by leaps and bounds every single fight meanwhile Max has declined and got into a war with Yaqueer
Volk stops him this time and max gets shuffled off to get CTE’d by Gaycheese at lw