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thermonuclear Remco edition

Current and upcoming races:
26.04 - 01.05 Tour de Romandie 2.UWT
29.04 - 01.05 Vuelta Asturias Julio Alvarez Mendo 2.1
29.04 - 01.05 Ceratizit Festival Elsy Jacobs 2.Pro WE
29.04 - 01.05 Vuelta Ciclista Andalucia Ruta Del Sol 2.1 WE
01.05 Eschborn-Frankfurt 1.UWT
01.05 Circuito del Porto - Trofeo Arvedi 1.2
03.05 - 08.05 4 Jours de Dunkerque / Grand Prix des Hauts de France 2.Pro
03.05 - 07.05 Bretagne Ladies Tour CERATIZIT 2.1 WE
06.05 - 29.05 Giro d'Italia 2.UWT

Moldovabert's track reminder:
21.04 - 24.04 Track Nations Cup - Round 1 CDN

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Wins a monument

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3rd for based remco

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life is good


He was at 59 in the Giro last year

this slag is unworthy of King Remco

Bélgica Bueno
Remco Campeón

Oumi is a total sweetheart you have no idea

Oupi Oumi

this man hasn't won a monument in 2 seasons

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That attack was on 6% gradient

she even has a cursed name
unworthy I say

Belgians be naming their daughters "Oumi"

>wins a WC

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She's a beurette

He'll use Tour de France to lose weight and win Il Lombardia.

I do not know what that means. She's Moroccan?

when I google that it only suggests porn

How will we cope woutsisters Remco is the golden child now.

Also Anderlecht will beat Union tonight

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>Jonas DNF
>best dane today is Fuglsang
Danebros, why are we so shit this year

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Even in PCS Wout is 2nd

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means she's disgusting and unworthy

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>casa erotica

Shut up racistbert


Local Belgian teams got the funniest sponsors

Beurette is french for second/third gen maghrebi people not necessarily a derogatory term i for one look forward to the uber god Remco and Oumi will spawn.

Lmao do not say "j'aime les beurettes" if you want to show you're not racist

not racist
just don't like 'er

it's a very nice sight of patje, tractor tim, remco's mom and oumi waiting for him


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thread theme

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>that accent belge


>no more spring races untill next year

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wild that Nibali came 30th; didn't hear his name mentioned once, even to say he wasn't expected to do anything


>Pedersen won today

don't worry we'll have some nice sights and fun stage wins in the tours
can't wait for the hot weather and getting home early from work to cyclismo

even more wild, he's the first astana rider to finish

i have been looking forward to the first 2 stages of the Tour in what feels like forever

>+30:03 GILBERT Philippe (124th)

Based Zoomer and his fan club raised 5k for flooded Walloons.


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those midweek mild stages are so fun they give classic vibes with teams going for green providing kino

goodnight big phil

5k more than our government...

at least not DNF or OTL

>Alaphilippe was the worst affected rider in the fall but was initially not spotted by those on the road because he fell several feet into a ditch, and hit a tree.
>He was taken to hospital, conscious and able to move his legs, according to reports but the initial footage showed Bardet — who had also crashed — scrambling down the ditch to his compatriot’s aid.
>“It was just a nightmare,” an emotional Bardet told VeloNews at the finish in Liege.
>“Tom Pidcock and a rider from DirectEnergies crashed in front of me on the right, and I crashed on the right too, but I was really okay. When I looked around I saw Julian maybe five or six meters down, and it was an emotional shock because he was in a bad situation. No one was coming and he really needed help. It was an emergency situation. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe.”
>Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl has since told VeloNews that Alaphilippe “is stable and being checked over in hospital.”
>“He felt conscious but he couldn’t really talk. I really hope that he’s okay. The mechanic came, then the doctor. The road was completely blocked,” Bardet said.
>>“A lot of guys were involved in a very bad situation. No one saw him, you couldn’t really see him from the road. It was a really bad situation. After that, I was in shock. The race was gone. I was lucky to escape with no injuries.”

Allah bros...

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good guy Bardet

I ended up in a three man chase group after an 8 man group got away. After an hour we got caught by another small group, where the others started telling me to go easy on my pulls on the front. Ended up second in my group, but I got some upgrade points and I didnt slurp semen so pretty good race

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He dropped amir on 5%

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Bardet is one of the good ones

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Praying for Allah. That was a nasty crash

No excuse for his DNF. I needed the point

inshallah brother

Why was Michael Matthews doing situps

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thank you brudda

soul overload desu all the haters btfo /cyc/ is even kind compared to what he gets on a regular basis from the media

Absolutely buzzing for Remco
only one monument behind the great Pete Sagan. He'll get that this year

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And as many monuments as Wout and Allah

Don't worry Lombardia has yet to happen

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lefevre looking too smug for the shit season he's had so far