The most important Merseyside derby in decades.

In roughly three hours, one (or potentially both) sides of the city will be disappointed. A Reds win puts the pressure back on Manchester City. A Toffees win takes them out of the drop zone and brings Leeds United back into relegation contention. A draw fucks them both.

But let's be honest: Frank Lampard and his side are going to get raped today. There will be no other outcome.

4:30pm BST kick-off.

LIV: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk (c), Robertson; Fabinho, Keita, Thiago; Jota, Salah, Mane.
>Subs: Kelleher, Konate, Milner, Gomez, Henderson, Jones, Tsimikas, Diaz, Origi.

EVE: Pickford; Coleman (c), Godfrey, Holgate, Mykolenko; Allan, Doucoure; Gordon, Iwobi, Gray; Richarlison.
>Subs: Begovic, Kenny, Keane, Delph, Branthwaite, Rondon, El Ghazi, Alli, Price.

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5-0 I heard?

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>Alli on the bench again
BOSS d'Or 2022?

this cant be i got told alli was world class because of one half a season in spurs...

It’s so cruel Liverpool bros, we’re going to win all our remaining matches easily but we’ll still come one point behind City. They got a title, they won’t drop any points

I’m from the future, Leeds beat City after Ederson gets sent off for handball outside the box

Lost it all with that shit first half against them, but oh well another CL for us at least

Arteta to send Everton down on the last day of the season. Wonderful.

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Gerrard will make city slip trust me, he is going to redeem himself.

Alli's bad but El Ghazi is an even worse signing. Has he even played for Everton?

would be great if neverton manage to cuck loserpool out of the race...

Wolves and West Ham are the only hopes now. Wolves are city's boogey team (somewhat), hope Lage can get a cheeky draw. And depending on their EL campaign, Moyes might just throw off the remainder off league games if they go to the final

El Ghazi has been off the bench a few times but never started. I think he might be injured but I’m more inclined to think he’s complete shit and in the perfect place right now

Tbh it would be completely hilarious if Liverpool help cuck Everton out of the PL

Can't remember seeing him olay, but it's just a loan deal if i'm not mistaken, albeit a horrendous one. And Nathan Patterson is another typical Everton shit signing, meant to replace Coleman but can't start ahead of grandpa Coleman

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I’m predicting this is going to be a game where Everton decide to go all out in committing fouls and Richarlison is going to be an extra dirty and cheating Cunt than normal. He looks desperate and panicked and I still have no sympathy for him.

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>Burnley win

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Toffee bros….

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theyre going down regardless though, took a peak at their remaining fixtures.. yikes. the quadruple cringe coming to halt would be hilarious

everton to win Chek my digits

Nathan Patterson was an absolutely bizarre signing, Lampard clearly has no faith in him. Was ruled out injured for the rest of the season a few weeks ago.

>Everton start the game in the relegation zone

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Going for a sauna lads, might miss kick off

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Bet Liverpool don't show up and Everton get a win here

dubs and everton win

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Dubs and Everton win 3-1

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we should kiss user

Dubs and Everton win 2-1


My Dad's an Everton fan and he's been in hospital for 3 months now. I haven't had the heart to tell him they're in a relegation fight


It's a reasonable signing at first glance desu. Coleman's on his last legs, Kenny and Holgate are Championship tier players at best so a new right back looked like a decent signing

I think she's a fat delusional slag whose butt is going to be ripped apart yet again this afternoon. Also she probably smells of chips.

Fat Frank masterclass incoming

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Burnley won, goodbye everton

Dubs and Everton win 2-0

Yeah, it was a logical enough signing but something's clearly wrong with him in training if he can never make the first team, and that was BEFORE he got injured.

Dubs and Everton win 4-0

best scenario
>everton loses but plays total murderball
sure way to get most scousers seething

Bought this Hot Wheels because it looked cool

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Dubs and Everton win 1-0

>slipperpoo customers are all chinks and pakis
color me suprised.

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They don't have TV or newspapers in the hospital?


- Racism
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(no form of discrimination or hate)

- We also don't tolerate 'half-time slags' because it's degrading and also weird you would save images of random women showing cleavage and insult them on a sports board. Please grow up.

HOWEVER... we do welcome and support ALL anime posters. please enjoy the match and also the thread!

everton are winning this one

hoping for atleast 3 injuries incl. another buckbreak for virgil dyke

>Neverton going down
>Neverton stopping the quad for the liverpool plastics seethe
which would be more kino?

TV only has ordinary chanells so can't see any football and he's in no shape to read really, so he has no idea.

I tell him some results in isolation, but not the bigger picture

GF just sent me this what should I do?

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>Everton can realistictly be relegated

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stopping liverpool


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reported this is a SFW board

sounds like a fake plebbitian sob story, no gold for you sir

>dubs and Salah gets a career ending injury.

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what scran do i order? that kfc adverts got me peckish

the game is going to be a boring 2-0 win to liverpool, they will have about 63% posession and play in 2nd gear for 75% of the game

screenshot this post

Where are the pre-match slags?

Everton are gonna get crumbled into dust

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I support Everton

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Slags will be posted

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I forgot whether he's a Frank signing or a Benitez signing. If he was a Benitez signing, Lampard probably isn't impressed with him and plans to ship him somewhere. If it was indeed Lampard's signing then it's probably the same case as Alli, thinking he can somehow unlock him but underestimates just how shit he really is

They don't show any sports news or anything on normal channels there in the UK?

everton HAVE to win this or they are relegated

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Liverpool fans where is my cock small?

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Fuck, who is that again? Her face is familiar.

>It's been reported that during the signing of James Rodríguez Everton planned to interview with questions relating to the club, however this interview was cut short due to what many considered a disrespectful answer by Rodríguez. When the interviewer decided to ask 'So James, can you tell us some reasons you decided to join Everton?' James Rodríguez
simply answered "Well I didn't know what Everton was until I joined."

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Patterson was signed 12 days before Rafa was sacked.

Absolutely grim

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what are some comical things that are more likely to happen than everton winning today?

>no Milner

Shant be watching

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>still 20 mins to go

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>inb4 post is deleted

>20 Feb 2021

Dubs and Van Dijk is kill by Pickford again

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Am I small guys?

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Everton going down boys.
All is good in the world.

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Would it be a bigger meme for Everton to somehow win this and fuck up Liverpool's title challenge, or for them to lose and carry on losing and get relegated?

klopp meltdown, biting down so hard till his fake teeth explodes in his mouth


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>James most popular name in Liverpool
>All other English cities it was Mohammed


i'm so depressed that nothing excites me, i don't enjoy anything at all. going outside with friends, gaming, watching movies, watching sports etc it's all the equivalent of sitting alone in a dark room staring at a wall. most nights i cry myself to sleep hoping that i don't wake up. i'm so empty inside.

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