/beem/ forrmerly /heem/ - bellator mma general

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this is the thread

FUCK smellabore

Johnny Depp got HEEMED by amber heard but is Winning the story

Fuck Dana White

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first for when the fuck are we going to see some knight kino on this piece of shit of a general?

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imagine getting beat up by a woman and not even a big bulldyke one. i would have simply RKOd that bitch out of nowhere

Whens the next event?

this shit is gay and for nerds

Dookie bros...

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any fights worth rewatching from yesterday lads?

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seems familiar

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rda lost the story by claiming he'd fight anyone and then immediately reneging

>ducking dookie
wat a fukin retard

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Hooker is not anybody he is a nobody

If you get put on the back foot at any point you lost the fight

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dookie dan is a certified drawl

dooker has fought a Who's Who of MMA including Dustin Poirier

no it's not familiar. it's regional mma but with toy swords. if you watch that shit you are a manchild

Dooker lost* the who's who of MMA including Dustin Poirier

>it's regional mma. if you watch that shit you are a manchild
seems familiar

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RDA lost to Jeremy Stephens

wanna jump in my guard b?

It's over

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revved manbaby go check out /cgl/ i'm sure they have a general for LARPing there

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Didn't watch any of the fights. What happened to Gooch?

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discount aljo vs yan 2

what does this have to do with MMA

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Shut the fuck up John

Nice edit

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One final flushing...then we Dookiebros rest

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>teammates are elite kickboxers with excellent movement
>still a stiff plodder that gets teed off on
Jones has never been wrong

I still don't understand what the fuck happened with Islam. How is it possible that Islam ducked if he's the one who offered to fight first?

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good morning heem, thoughts on the absolute state of mma for the rest of the year?

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You mean been?

All will be made right again when Jon Bones Jones returns

i'm the best heemster in this general

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Can Ngannou even beat Whyte?

is that fucking matt riddle?

Anyone got the Webms from last night?

feels like we made it through the valley b
things are looking up...

He made 40k that fight lol.
MMA fighters get treated like slaves.

all the webm makers were on strike because the card was trash


If you want to break copyright laws, sure. Maybe don't be a criminal though user.

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Smellasnore is pathetic

0 lips fucking yikes

I haven't worked a real job in over 8 yrs lol.

Was that THE Smilin Sam Alvey???

> wins after 3 years of injury
> immediately joins City Kickboxing

I hate it when my boys turn into heels

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If you are having trouble recognizing smilin sam then I'm gonna have to ask you to leave b


its not illegal to make highlights of it anyways

We're back in the mix Mike Chadson chads

try that crotchsniff shit see what happens

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It’s “Smile’n” Sam Alvey you CAZZIES

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Yeah I’m a jacked Taiwanese boy whatup

Without sound looks like Anik is saying "everyone laugh at this loser" or something.

I kneel


My greatest /heem/ posts come to me like flashes of insight; a lightning bolt cutting through the day to day routine. I’ll be in the shower and it will come to me as I wash my balls. Where do you guys come up with your greatest /heem/ material? Do you just whip it out on the fly?

Singapore card will be good.

On the toilet

Fuck you

It's illegal to say it's not illegal m8. You're going to jail if you keep this up.

Who won last night? Bellator or UFC?

the fans

>The tournament will consist of eight mixed martial artists fighting in four men’s weight classes: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight
there's "road to ufc" the 2 days before ufc 275. Might be fun

I stare in the mirror for hours, naked, admiring my perfectly sculpted body and wonder what my enemies must think before I turn their lights out. In these periods of reflection I allow /heem/ posts to flow through my system and I record them on the wall with a marker pen. I thought of this post 3 months ago, thanks for setting me up to reply.

mike "the truth" jackson

Mayce "heh just needs more time" Brapper

barry the beast realoneson

keith "unsanctioned buffoonery" peterson

Dustin “Hymen” Poirer

i'm assuming that guy is one of the few larpers who has actual martial arts training and just merks most of the other nerds.

esl hour i see ill be back later