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Liège - Bastogne - Liège carnage edition

Current and upcoming races:
24.04 Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta 1.1
24.04 Liège-Bastogne-Liège 1.UWT
26.04 - 01.05 Tour de Romandie 2.UWT
29.04 - 01.05 Vuelta Asturias Julio Alvarez Mendo 2.1
29.04 - 01.05 Ceratizit Festival Elsy Jacobs 2.Pro WE
29.04 - 01.05 Vuelta Ciclista Andalucia Ruta Del Sol 2.1 WE
01.05 Eschborn-Frankfurt 1.UWT
01.05 Circuito del Porto - Trofeo Arvedi 1.2
03.05 - 08.05 4 Jours de Dunkerque / Grand Prix des Hauts de France 2.Pro
03.05 - 07.05 Bretagne Ladies Tour CERATIZIT 2.1 WE
06.05 - 29.05 Giro d'Italia 2.UWT

Moldovabert's track reminder:
21.04 - 24.04 Track Nations Cup - Round 1 CDN

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>League Code: 12620635

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general 2022 mega.nz/folder/vs9iQKhK#eEZY5xnArGT6Gf6_o2mVRQ
general 2021 mega.nz/folder/W90mnDrC#v1mkJf_47LPK9bl1FH-3-w
Giro mega.nz/folder/ux8iyBKD#LK1Q90iU9lZsE2tLphV1MA
Tour mega.nz/folder/C18ADCAa#Z27s7BU0JxSrI5W66ZtIIQ
Vuelta mega.nz/folder/2x8QmBjJ#vKFUDvQkeRJK5kmFb9I92Q

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>Nuno Ribeiro, directeur sportif of W52, has been ARRESTED on an anti-doping raid

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>new thread
10 minutes too early

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Allah is in an ambulance according to Marion Rousse


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This is a plot by sky, revenge for BTFO'ing their Tour train

imagine my shock

Based. Poortuguese can't win without the juice

efapel chads stay winning

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Is Allah going to infirmary?

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The TotalEnergies guy broke his jaw

bro's hungry

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hope he's okay

Can Vanhoecke pull this off?

>Attaque du Landa

I laugh

Shit, bad injury.

attaque de mikel landa

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Didn't know he was here

He promised the missus he'll handle dinner tonight.


LANDISMO brutally attacking le peloton

This will be his signature Landa attack where he's instantly caught and then gets dropped.

>kussen unfraduing himself

He's already almost back based IWG chad

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Rochas time

apologize he did it twice

lmao this is going nowhere

Landa is ready for the Giro

Landa's attacks have always looked half assed

>but so slow that half of the peloton joins you
>rest of the peloton is right behind
Sure looks like it

who COMFY here

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Same for Mas. It's a Spanish thing

He's just going fast, probably trying to drop the frauds

took too much time

she's gonna ditch him too isn't it

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Landa dropped De Plus. Landismo lads... we did it. mission accomplished


Landa doing the sneedfull to get the frauds out of the peloton


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Bardet will win the grio with a little help from the big man up top

Who is the EF?

i hate your living room, weren't you the one living in some shitty apartment

makes sense sorry for doubting Landa

Remco is EPIC!!!!

Fucking Landa. Go if you're gonna. All these micro attacks

attaque de Landa again
Mauri covering as usual, but for who, Remco?

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La redoute is going to be Kino

yes both remco and alla were main players for quick step

This chute will make this LBL the best since a long time ago

Why no Côte de Forges?

We all hate you too my toothpaste friend :)

should be the only rider EF has left, because the rest of the team was standing around for quite a while after the crash.

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wrong one fellow danebro
we at 100% now

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I was the one in the apartment that flooded last year

Marion saying Allah's back is hurting ALOT


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Need a rainbow version soon

post window view so I can confirm it's you

Cursed. I'm SEETHING

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the whole area got kwabbed hard last summer with rain storms and our government ignores the problem

>Valter Pøle

would going team time trial mode for bahrain be beneficial at this point
they have there entire team and the others have like 3 riders at most

Races tomorrow before the Liege starts for real

Gran Premio della Liberazione Junior

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>Wide Bardet

this shot isn't really helpful
also attaque du wout pool's closed

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Gonna need a QS edit of this

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Gran Premio della Liberazione girls
unknow startlist

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What are the pros and cons for Walloon and Flemish gfs?

>attacking before Redoet

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They don't want to drag Van Aert to the line so they try to use their numbers to force others to work.

pretty retarded

Start of Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste

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