21 year old T&F girl dead

>Sarah Shulze, 21, died by suicide on April 13, her family announced.

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thank you for letting us know honey

There are no stars in distance running

huh, didn't know women quentin compson'd too.

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I could've saved her

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How does a 21 year old girl commit suicide

Wasn't there another girl who played soccer at Stanford who committed suicide not too long ago?

Unironically very sad.

thank you daniel for vaguely describing the problem

I-imagine being a lost little italian Boy and she took you by her hand h-haha


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Me on the left

Dead by BBC.

21 is old for women to commit suicide too. Usually attractive girls realize by then they're living life in easy mode. There must be deeper issues

Always sad when a nubile dies before her nudes are published RIP

I-imagine being her broteher and she choked you while forcing you to say the name of the whore who made you stop smelling like leaves h-haha

One of the rare cases of depression.
Reminder that you need to be good looking and well off to have depression. If you're poor and/or ugly you're just sad because you actually suck. There's nothing wrong with your mind if you're perpetually sad being an ugly/poor guy: that's how it should be.
Now, if you're an attrative young rich girls and still is sad, then you have depression.

These girls live such a vapid lifestyle and so many of them are depressed.
>t. dated stacie varsity athlete that was on anti depressants

I could have fixed her

According to Get India News, she was a certified pediatric nurse specialised in handling pshyciatric medication

Bit harsh of a job

Maggie Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan have much blood on their hands.

she looks 35


same as anyone, you can hang yourself, cut your veins, take pills, shoot yourself :^)


Thought she was closer to 30 and that's even with all that make-up caking her face.

It's the makeup, fake tan, etc.

bbc could have saved her

Uhh... vaxsissies?

She is the one on the far left

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I also live in Wisconsin and this place is a shithole, white people cant handle it for some reason


How is this related to Yea Forums? I won't shitpost over someone that died.

Winter vagina

are these bots posting

>zomg a white woman died stop the presses

Not my problem

That's where you're wrong though.


Welp, thanks for ruining the book for me

that's a pretty rapey university, could always be a factor

Wdym by rapey

why do American women look 10 years older than they are

Cooked by the constant sunlight

corn syrup and SSRI's

a lot of girls get raped, especially at the frat houses, a lot of roofies floating around. More drinking in general also, even relative to other American universities. (Also unironically niggers from Chicago)
don't know if it's better or worse at other unis but it's definitely a thing

>when chad says no

she had too much bbc

She rekt herself?

what are the odds a football stacy gets raped in college?

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If only I had the confidence honestly...

if a guy like Kevin Nash could get raped in the summer of '92 then surely a football stacy can

Why are they dressed like they came from a shift at Hooters?

historically reporting rapes doesn't often work out for the victim so it's not clear exactly, but it's a lot more than anyone involved with the uni wants to admit

kys simp

All women are whores and will use any excuse to dress like whores

>21 year olds
>look mid 30’s
what’s going on with American women

>waah chad pissed in my face and nutted in my asshole but didnt commit to me, I'm going to kill myself

>historically reporting rapes doesn't often work out for the victim
yeah because those are cases of next day "consent withdrawing" not actual rape. if you were actually raped, and call the police afterwards, it will 99% get the perp to prison.

>Get India News

mid 30s is a bit of a stretch, but they definitely look 28-30. are zoomers still using tanning beds? the dead one looks like her skin is rekt from tanning.
for years i thought they were lying about their ages on american shows because the 18 year olds always looked like they were in their mid 20s

>waahh woman rejected me so I loaded a gun and killed her and her friends and went on a shooting spree outside before killing myself
men do it worse

white women already age like milk now add alcohol/drug abuse & hookup culture and they age like warm milk

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>men do it worse
you misspelled better

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that's a common assumption without much supporting evidence it there, as there are plenty of examples of women who went to the police who thought the same thing and got immediately accused of lying. what you're basically admitting is that you're already assuming that any claim of rape is a lie before you hear a single detail of the case, if the police haven't arrested anyone yet. If the cops think the same way and a lot of their family members think the same way, why would a raped woman even bother to report it to people who will claim (a priori) that she's actually just a lying whore?