Why is Iga so much better than Emma Cuckitini?

Why is Iga so much better than Emma Cuckitini?

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>100% white vs some mutt
gee i wonder

She takes tennis more seriously instead of just gathering sponsors around her and then not caring like the british goblin. It also helps she has actual talent

Emma has about 5% chances of beating Iga on clay.

If it were on grass or fast hardcourts like USO, I would give her many more chances. But alas it isn’t that way.

Emma will be able to beat Iga in one or two years.

Emma true potential is world #1 and multiple GS champion. She will be able to be go toe to toe with Iga. But it will take time.

Iga has the same potential but is much closer to fulfilling it, she has already done the first part (becoming #1) and imho will do the second part (multiple GS) this year at RG.
That’s because Iga is one and a half seasons ahead of Emma in development (Iga: breakthrough win in RG 2020, some trouble after her win, and now she’s playing very well; Emma: breakthrough win in USO 2021, trouble after the win, less tour experience than Iga when she won, and hopefully she’s now starting to overcome her troubles, but it’s too soon to beat Iga yet, particularly on clay. If it were grass or fast hc like USO I would give Emma much better chances, but this is Iga’s best surface).

So, this match could be competitive in one or two years from now. But imho not today. Emma has all the potential to challenge Iga in the number 1 spot in a couple years but she isn’t there yet.

And remember that Emma has the potential to be there on Iga’s level and challenge her at the top in one and a half / two years. we need to be patient :)

She can beat Iga at Wimbledon or USO though, because of the surface difference, which favours Emma. even this year.

When Emma is at a point in her career like Iga’s right now (that’s probably in one and a half or two years from now), I think they will be on the same level.

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She just doesn't fuck around.


Cause shes an athlete and not a promotor

Imagine writing this unironially

Hm lets see
Iga is longer on the tour
Iga is older
Iga was groomed from day one to be a tennis pro and nothing else, whereas Emma aced her A levels
Iga played on her preferred surface, a surface on which Emma played 4 matches in 4 years

iga has a much sexier legs, ass and body

Why are they both inferior to Badosa?

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i have a stretch mark fetish and i just came

mmmm rear leg stretchies

Where do the rumours that she is a lesbian come from?

god she's ugly

Badosa was born extremely rich


>extremely rich
Her parents don't even have wikipedia articles about them.

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iga oozes sex in a shy mice classmate, girl next door type, when she is suddenly suprisingly athletic, breathes deeply and confidently and smiles sincirely, having on inescurities or inner tightness/tense, just relaxed and nice and geniuely nice girl. That sublime, not-show off natural sexyness only guys into shy mices see/realize/think/made up in their wicked incel minds

this posr aside, i think iga is also a nice classmate type to just go cafe(non-romantic date) or play freesbee after classes on a park lawn. And maybe eventually you ask her out, or even she makes a step, if you behave the way which will make her confident about asking you out .

>having no inescurities

Based post

the fact she plays tennis

what happened to her leg...

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her appearance and how she looked at Emma..

that's how the skin of women over 25 looks.

better get used to it

Literally doesn't make a difference when they're slapping your thighs as she rides you m8

Never heard about such rumors, I would rather bet on that she is fucked by one of her team members ;_;

Her infatuation with Nadal makes me doubt that

Her father has just resumed traveling with her... d-does that mean...

makes sense that she would be a slut, probably got low self esteem because she is/was so ugly and everyone made fun of her in school
now she tries to get back at them and make up for lost time (dick)

John Berry is a creep

Stop lewding Iga, okay? You can lewd other girls. But not Iga.

>iga - 232 matches
>emma - 113 matches
really a wonder why one is better

I meant rather her coaches
I don't think she is a slut, she doesn't feel like that, I would even say that there is a chance she still is a virgin

who knew the polack was a worse simp than the emmafags
with Emma I could at least see it
strict and controlling parents, all girls school, well mannered, christian
just accept that half these girls get fucked by their coaches/agents/other team members

Iga is a good Catholic girl

You smell an incel, man ;_;

Is emma a virgin?

Undoubtedly so.

Ask the German user, he seems to be an expert in the things he doesn't have an idea about ;_;

kill yourself

see aboveits more likely than that polish swamp goblin being a virgin, but still pretty unlikely
maybe that Draper guy or her agent are fucking her, though she strikes me as someone who likes older men
maybe those rumors of an affair with a married ceo of one of her sponsorships is true after all...

no, she has had at least 3 bbc inside her pixeled cunt

hit the wall

now post iga's record after 113 matches and compare it to that loser

Herpes suggest no


haha don't ask me how i know!

The difference is pretty big considering Iga is only one year older than Emma.
If Emma were on a similar level to Iga she would already have won a Masters and a WTA500 by now, after the USO.

Emma got a well-rounded education and is multi-talented


Ironically Iga still went to school in her early years on tour too

>well-rounded education
this is the most pathetic excuse and just shows how emma is a shitter, since iga actually aced her exams (matura) WHILE playing tennis
>and is multi-talented
spreading her legs for sportsmanship isn't a talent

Emma wasn't allowed on the tour because her parents wanted her to focus on education. She didn't pick up a tennis racket for 6 months+ until March last year when her exams were done

>he didn't pick up a tennis racket for 6 months+ until March last year when her exams were done
you unironically have to be clinically retarded to believe that

You can tell she is craving bbc

yeah the world famous "polish education"
what did she learn? boosting cars and whoring herself out?


that's the perfect ass

She literally said that and her coaches and other people at the club have testified to that. Mid March was the first time she picked up a tennis racket last year

Built for Big Iberian Cock

shame i can't post a clown emoji

Find a single picture of Emma training in the six months to Mid March last year. Hint: there are none
Unless she suddenly decided to stop posting about tennis on social media last year, before ever playing a slam, as a 500D chess cope to make a year from then

And her coach said her parents wouldn't let her play tennis cause they wanted her to focus on exams

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