Two non-televised games at 2:00pm today involving a relegation side aiming to make a break for it and two South Coast teams who have done nothing of significance this year:

>Brighton & Hove Albion v Southampton
>Burnley v Wolverhampton Wanderers

BHA: Sanchez; Veltman, Webster, Dunk (c), Cucurella; Mac Allister, Mwepu, Caicedo, Trossard; Maupay, Welbeck.
>Subs: Steele, Gross, Lallana, Alzate, March, Duffy, Offiah, Ferguson, Sarmiento.

SOU: Forster; Livramento, Bednarek, Salisu, Walker-Peters; Romeu, Ward-Prowse (c); Redmond, Tella; Adams, Long.
>Subs: Caballero, Lyanco, Valery, Perraud, Diallo, S. Armstrong, Elyounoussi, A. Armstrong, Broja.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BUR: Pope; Roberts, Tarkowski (c), Collins, Taylor; McNeil, Cork, Brownhill; Rodriguez, Vydra, Weghorst.
>Subs: Hennessey, Lowton, Bardsley, Long, Thomas, Stephens, Lennon, Costelloe, Barnes.

WOL: Sa; Boly, Coady (c), Saiss; Semedo, Moutinho, Dendoncker, Otto; Jimenez, Silva, Hwang.
>Subs: Ruddy, Hoever, Ait-Nouri, Marcal, Neto, Trincao, Chiquinho, Gomes, Cundle.

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Genuinely more interested in the Burnley situation than Chelsea v West Ham

gee no wonder your teams aren't worth anything and Americans buy them for £100M-£300M

>woman commentary
insufferable. might have to mute.

>Non televised

Imagine being English and your league is so fucking pathetically media restricted that Americans can easily watch more of the league than you

its as easy as clicking a link on a streaming page

Nice just have to watch in 240p and Arabic commentating

its HD and English commentary but it is a noisy high pitched woman shouting which is probably worse than arabic

Everton are going down aren't they? Their last games after today's derby appear much more difficult than Burnley. Inb4 Gerrard nonchalantly helps put Everton away since Villa play Burnley almost 2 games on the spin.

Anyone got a link for wolves

>Wolves win - European dream stays alive
>Wolves lose - Neverton are in serious trouble
Wolveschads, today is a win/win!

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for Burnley

Is it just me or is there A LOT more female commentators for EPL games lately? It used to be rare last season but especially this latter half of this season has had way more of them.

I like Wolves but I would prefer Everton relegation to Wolves in Europe.

Wolvesbro, you've gotta take one for the team…

They are trying to force the women football meme. It's embarrassing woke diversity shite. Women who actually follow football don't want or need to hear a screeching clueless woman in the commentary box. And obviously there is 1/1000 female to male fans.

What part of Wolverhampton is Willy Boly from?

Shartenhuttl OUT

>ball stuck on the roof at burnley
proper soul that

Thank you mate

Something must be wrong with me lads. Years of Premier League players kneeling and im still a racialist.


This lads, donate points to Burnley

As a Villafag we will be giving them 6 points soon

Makes me more racist, this knee bollocks

Can't say I even care about the kneeling anymore. Occasionally I notice it and have a chuckle but that's about it. It's like the teams shaking hands before the team or the coinflip before the game. Just one ritual more that they do that I don't pay attention to.


>Take a shit
>come back
>still 0-0

Why haven’t Burnley scored yet bros


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sensing a nil nil

>Burnley 2nd worst scoring record in the prem this season
>Wolves 5th worst scoring record in the prem this season
If you're expecting goals then this is the wrong game

>Losing to the gays
>Serious injury to Livramento

The suffering never ends, supporting this shit team

>Vydra complaining about that yellow

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I’ll spend longer in the bathroom next time, thanks bros

>woman commentator
guess I'm watching a different game

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I just want to see Neverton go down.

Ward Prowse must be setting some records for conversion rate right? This is getting stupid.

Prowsey's free kick aside, that was a steaming pile of garbage. Cannot fucking belive the bullshit Hassenhuttl has managed to get away with. And there are still people defending this useless fraud.

Genuinely makes no sense. To quote someone from the Burnley v Southampton BBC livetext:

>Football historians will come, in time, to study the "Southampton effect" winning odd games against teams, never going on a run, and yet always being comfortably mid table with no one quite sure how they got there..

What happened to Livramento lads? They showed him going down during half time of chelsea vs west ham but didn't elaborate on it

Reminder that they got a point off city at home

And yet lost to Burnley.

I just double checked and they drew against city home and away (what the fuck), they lost in the FA cup. How?

Exactly. It's complete nonsense for a team to be that erratic.

Looked like a muscle injury or something, he was going for a challenge and fucked his leg up

Under Hassenhuttl, >we have one good run every season, e.g ten unbeaten or something this season. The rest of the season is shit , but they just have enough points to get by.

And people point at the one little good spell and say Ralph must be a good manager.

Imagine listening to a woman even when they're droning on about shit you're actually interested in.
You need the rope.

He has to be good in some capacity for Saints to go on said spells. The problem is their inability to actually prolong them and instead completely collapse.

non-contact knee injury - looked a bad one, was treated on the field for about 5 minutes

Seems like he loses control very easily and struggles to get it back.

Or maybe he's bipolar and that makes the team bipolar.

>Homo Albion

Southampton don’t appear to have meaningfully invested in the squad so I think there are other explanatory factors besides manager?


Fuck yes Burnley


True, hopefully this new guy actually invests in the team properly

Kek can’t wait to read more Everton seethe later on after this Burnley game



>had Burnley game on in the background and muted
>they score
>woman's shrill voice
oh fuck off

can't decide if I hate the shrill ones or the false "husky" voice they put on more

it's fucking disgusting lad


More like matej hydra


>Implying we have any hope left after the Burnley game

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Evertons remaining schedule is grim

I like Southampton and hope for good things for them.

don’t CARE Everton haven’t done anything of note for years

Cornet in the directors box lmao