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>Countdown to the Rolex Gran Premio dell' Emilia Romagna e Wheresa-me-watcha-gona Mamma Mia Pirelli 150™ 309,049 all' Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola (BO):

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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 78 (+7)
SAI: 38 (+5)
RUS: 37 (+0)
PER: 36 (+6)
VER : 33 (+8)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 116 (+12)
Red Bull: 69 (+14)
Mercedes: 65 (+0)
McLaren: 31 (+7)
Alpine: 22 (+0)

>WEC Standings:
HAM: 168.00 (+61.56)
LAT: 149.63 (+48.49)
RIC: 139.54 (+17.09)

VER LEC PER in Sprint
Brawn unmoved by Russell’s criticism of “processional” sprint race
Leclerc ‘paid the price’ for pushing too hard too soon
Armstrong wins dullest F2 race of all time
Hamilton declares Merc's championship over
Race in 1 bong

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Is anyone watching MotoGP in Portugal before the F1 race?

Lescholars, what are we reading?

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Hallo? Ja, hallo, Ola. Ja, es sein mich, Toto.

Ola, bitte, Ola, ich können explainen it. Ja, ich sein sorry, Ola. Ola, es sein dieses verfickte Delfin! Es wont leaven uns alone. Das Delfin sein ficken unser Wagen... Was? Ja, Ola. Maritime Mammals ficken das Wagen sein ein real thing. Ich sein nicht lying... Und zhe Delfin sein Rassist. Es hassen Ludwig because Ludwig sein ein successfull, strong, handsome schwartze Mann. Er sein das GOAT, as zhey sagen in das Internetz.
Was du meanen, Ola? Maybe Georg sein just besser? Nein, Ola, wir können nicht abandonen Ludwig, you know zhat wizhout ein strong hand, das schwarze Mann können achieven nözhing. Es would be rassistisch... Ola, please not callen Ludwig das N-Wort, ok?

Ola... Zhis vas nur das Sprint. Rememberen? Es sein ein Marathon, not ein Sprint. Ola, ich promisen vee vill pull ein Brazil 2021 tomorrow. Zhe sandsacks vill finally fall.

Was, Ola? Oh... Ola... Ich sein sorry. Vee haben senden das Imola Sniper to das Ukraine... Vhy? Ola... Vee sein Formel Eins, vee standen für das human rights. Of course Mercedes vill support das Ukraine in it's fight für Demokratie und Frieden. Vee even haben senden many barrels of schwartze samen down zhere.
Calm runter, Ola. Ludwig vill vin even vizhout das sniper.

Ich vill not fail, Ola. Susie haben not unlocked mein Johannes from das Käfig since das Saison start. Das pressure sein enorm, Ola. Mein balls sein as blue as Migg's eyes. Ich haben all zhe motivation i need to make zhis right.
Please Ola, geben mich noch eine Chance

Deine Toto

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rara ince


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At least you didn't put cunnycedes in the OP again

for me, it's the drivers on this picture +

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eff wan

>allowing a spider bigger than a penny to survive
Are you doing you part /f1/?

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hello /f1/ I will be watching your sport this evening and participating in the discussion of it, thank you for having me

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>Armstrong wins dullest F2 race of all time
why is this still in the op

Fuck off /nrl/

shit I did Mansell twice again

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sguderia berrari :DDDD

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>Ola... Zhis vas nur das Sprint. Rememberen? Es sein ein Marathon, not ein Sprint.
My sidepods are gone, holy shit

double mansell

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Welcome to the shitshow

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>Hello Toto
Ja, hallo! Es sein mich, Toto!
>Yes, i know, Toto. Please do come in. Lay down on the couch
Zhank you very much für seeing me on such short Notiz, Doktor
>That's fine. What seems to ail you this time Toto?
Herr Gott, Doktor. Es sein terrible. Es just wont stop. Es sein driving mich verrückt.
>What is driving you crazy, Toto?
DAS DELFIN, DOKTOR! Das verfickte Delfin! Es sein following mich und es ficken mein Wagen! ES SEIN MOCKING ME! ME! TORGER WOLFF!
>A dolphin is doing what?
JA DOKTOR, EIN VERFICKTE DELFIN! Es sein inside unser Wagen. You ever seen how das Delfin swims? Es bounces up and down in das Wasser. But it does not know es sein inside ein Wagen. Es machen das Wagen go up und down und es machen Ludwig look like he sein ein bad driver. LUDWIG, broken by ein Delfin! FICK DICH, DELFIN!
>Ok, Toto. Is the dolphin with us, right now, in this room?
Nein, Herr Doktor but ich können hear it laughing at mich. Es sein making ein mockery of mich. Do you know how ein Delfin sounds? Es sein ein annoying laughing sound, like zhis: kikiiikikikikiiiikikiiiii. Es sounds just like Susie laughing at mein Johannes locked up in zhe Käfig.
>Does Susie still put your penis in a chastity cage?
Ja, Herr Doktor, es sein driving mich crazy. Mein balls sein as blue as das Alpine livery. Susie only unlocken mich if Ludwig vins ein Rennen.
>Mhm, that's indeed a tall order. But Toto, how would it make you feel if i told you that it is not actually a dolphin that's causing your car to be a, pardon my french, absolute shitbox but a porpoise, i believe in German it is called a "Schweinswal". They are related to dolphins but are a different family of toothed whales.
Doktor, you mean ich haben misgendered das Delfin? Vee sein Formel Eins, vee sein inclusive. Vee not misgenderen anyone. Oh mein Gott, ich sein so sorry.
>Dont worry Toto, i'll schedule another 500 hours of therapy for you. We'll get to the bottom of this.

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thread getting too fast

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half the reason is because of the moustache

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MotoGP in 10 minutes lad if you want a race before F1..

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>Wir are ze gold standard. Zey're back zere in ze Brackley Faktorie improving ze car right now because of UNS!! Because zey believe in uns und WHAT WIR DOING!! I'm on ze phone with every scheiß verdammten engineer at night. FUEL PUMP OPERATORS!! FRONT UND REAR JACK MEN!! Und zey're looking at uns, und relying on uns zu make a LIVING. Wir are creating ZOUSANDS OF JOBS, you mutterfickers! Ich don't EVER WANT ZU SEE IT AGAIN!! EVER!! Und if you don't do it, you're fired! If I see you do it again, you're verfickt nochmal gone. Und anyone in zis team does it, ZAT'S IT! Und Joorj, too. Und Ludwig, too. Und you. If you ever do it again, zat's it. Kein apologies. Du kannst tell it zu ze people who are losing zeir scheiß jobs because ze CHINA VIRUS CRISIS has been ficken zem over. It's nicht gonna put Apfelstrudel ON ZEIR TABLE, or pay for zeir COLLEGE EDUKATION. ZAT'S what I sleep with every night. Ze FUTURE of zis ARSCHKRIECHER SPORT!! Ach, ich bin sorry, but ich bin beyond your apologies. I have told you und now I want it und if you DON'T do it, you're RAUS! WIR ARE NOT SHUTTING ZIS FUCKING TEAM DOWN!! Is it understood? If ich see it again, Petronas is verdammt nochmal gone. Und so ist Bose. So YOU'RE gonna cost zem ZEIR SPONSORSHIP. If I see it in Imola, AMD is gone, und YOU'RE gone. Zat's it. Am I clear? Do you unterstehen what I want? Do you understehen ze responsibility zat you have? Because ich will deal with your reason. Und if you kann nicht be reasonable, und if I kann nicht deal with your logic, you're fired. Zat's it. Zat is it. Ich trust you guys zu be here. Zat's it, guys. Zat's what I'm thinking about. Zat's what I'm doing today. I'm talking to ze FIA, FOM, even ze Wilhelms. Viewers are going because of uns. If wir shut down, it's going zu cost people zeir fucking jobs, zeir houses, zeir family — zat's what's happening. All ze way down ze line. Und ich care about you guys. But if you're nicht going zu help me, you're gone. OK? Do you see zat stick?

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WDC standings after this race will be

Is George gay?

Based Sir Lewis blowing his entire week's wages furiously opening loot boxes leveling up his platinum five star Hulk Hogan on WWE champions rather than do media


I will keep hoping, but I'm not optimistic

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how many bings until race start?

meanwhile the spartan race is on to get to the stands

It's not the same love at all. One you can just roll over and go to sleep, the other you have to grab the Kärcher and hose down the expelled poopensharten pieces. Different love, entirely different ball game



Luve me a proper rain race.

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65, dudes!

64 bings

fucking weak ass pathetic fuck

>i'd crash into bottas again

He absolutely is. Bet my balls on it


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like him or not, that's based

if it's a wet to dry race, which geniuses will go for the wet tyres?

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It's race day, /f1/! It's a gloomy day today in Romagna but Sir Lewis Hamilton has opted for a colorful outfit :
> Jacket and trousers by S.R.Studio.LA.CA
> Boyz in the Hood green cap
> Police X Lewis Hamilton sunglasses (€200)
> Alexander Mcqueen tread slick boots (€590)
That's all for this race weekend, enjoy the race and may the best (Ferrari) driver win!

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wtf I love the motogp now

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>"Ich hab suffered mentally for 500 years... Now ich have become ze doktor."

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Ignore these clowns, it's 63

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PPV of Fabi x Carrie

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nico using an xbox 360 mic

Firenship ended with Sir Lewis
Now Unser Georj is mein Überfreunde

jawj has a really inconsistent accent

whats female version of the name yuki? yuka?

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is this real?

>"do sie vant to knowen how I gott zese mental scarz?"

I want Crofty to shout "XBOX OFF!" and Rosberg just disappears

it is

yuki can also be a girls name

yukiko maybe


Yuki is a gender neutral name.

George looks like the guy I had my first gay experience with, so he is 100% gay

Yuuki is a unisex name

Good morning sirs
Had a dream about the race
Leclerc got a puncture in the first lap and moments later the session was red flagged
On the restart Albon crashed him out

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Why do they talk about Lewis like he's a 13 year old

>Yes, Lewis is great, absolutely brilliant
>By the way, did I meantion that I beat him?
>Yeah, Lewis is probably the greatest driver of all time
>Oh, I probably never mentioned it, but I did beat him


he belongs to a minority group

>he doesn't know

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let's go I want VROOOMING now

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Based Sir Lewis already perfected himself at 13 and has no need for further personal growth

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secretly he thinks Fernando is the best, you can tell in interviews when Fernando's name comes up

BASED /afl/


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he also beat that other guy

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>lewis really REALLY hates losing to his team mate
Lmao based roseberg

start on intermediates, then switch to mediums

a lot of porpoising on that one

Th-that doesn't count baka!


I feel like Rosberg only ever comes on these appearances to subtly shit on lewis

>Lewis not talking to anyone on the fun bus.
Do you think he's weighing up his career options for next season?

Albon makes a cheeky switch to mediums and gets a podium

>Migg ahead of Russell and Ludwig
>Seb right ahead of Ludwig
Germanbros, we did it.

It's masterful. Consistantly calls him the greatest driver ever (who he beat) while burying him as a stroppy nine year-old.

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going to KFC for some race time munchies, do you guys want anything?

neuville is cursed

FREC Starting soon
join in if you don't have anything to do before the Grand Prix

I'm betting on 3 red flags.

>waxed his chest but not his armpits or stomach
did he really or is he just a small child who can't grow chest hair?

Going for a smoke anyone wants 2's?

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Zinger stacker box large
Extra salt on chips
Extra sauce
Sunkist for drink
Bacon lover burger
$10 popcorn chicken bucket


Pint of gravy for me sodastream lad

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Beautiful choice of image by The Sun there


I don't smoke, but enjoy it lad.

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off to lidl quickly, anyone want anything ?

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Why not allow teams to risk dnf by driving a 0 stop race?

Lol like these women know anything about racing. They wouldn't know a pot hole from the hole in their fat ass.

cam on though lewis score sam fakin points

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I don't have any chest hair.

if it rains, you are allowed to 0 stop

welder please lad

motogp is on, also la viola is playing