/afl/ - Anzac Eve Edition

Richmond V Melbourne IN PROGRESS - MCG
Hawthron V Sydney 12:30PM Launceston
Essendon V Collingwood 3:20PM MCG

Can Dees remain undefeated?

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go tiges

fuck umpires tbqh

umpiring has been absolutely grim tonight and i'm an elitemons fan


pooey undies for PM


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Is Gawn the AFL's token bikie representative?

reality cunt on aborted narrative watch

Fuck these fucking umpires. Holy shit they have a vendetta against Richmond

how does he do it lads, every thread without fail

>this is spargo
haha lads who comes up with these HIGH LARIOUS puns

The unholy Melbourne Demons mate

scomo legit shat himself at engadine maccas (allegedly)

Why do you think they bought in the 'stand' rule?

>fends off
>no free
ahhh the abo forward player speical

what a shit cunt

mumza made goulash for dinner

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based barty

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My two favourite teams? Bunnings and footy.

Ahh, would you say they're the best team to support, are they fun to watch besides just winning? I like the athletic players that do cool moves, I watched a marks complilation, some black dude with the dreads that's super tall and jumps really high, think he's a defender, someone like him.

Eh, I cba to watch replays, I only like live stuff, find replays really boring.

Thank you :)

i think i might be addicted to gay porn

Anthony McDonalds-Chiptoomany

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she says things not teams you fucking spastic

trip on wog

your sydney membership, sir

what is it about non-live sport thats so incredibly SOVLLESS?

Had a laugh at that when I heard the ad the other day.
Who the fuck writes that shit.

Alright lads, I've listened to 36 Chambers, now what?

Richmond have the goat in Dustin Martin but he’s not playing right now due to his dad passing away. No I’d steer clear of them even though I support Richmond. Do not follow west coast eagles please

Not him but tigers lose as many as they win since last season. They're still good but easily the underdogs in this game

My two favourite teams? Domestic abuse and footy.

Your viewing directly effects the sport

Jack Riewoldt on going bald watch

>Eh, I cba to watch replays, I only like live stuff, find replays really boring.
You could watch the Hawks Swans game tonight at ~9:30pm your time

>dominate the quarter for 20 minutes
>let tiggs in twice
>two goals

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You can't shitpost on Yea Forums while watching it.

>hey nick, can I borrow some of your hair?
>fuck off, jack

I feel like I really embody the anzac spirit the most out of every poster here.

>4 goals to 3
>half time
thought womens footy ended lads

you've murdered afghans?

based wagie wasting his life for Israel

The bloke you're talking about is Nic Naitanui, he's a ruck


it's 5 goals to 3 mate

Got Kayo trial


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you guys are always telling me how good balta is but he's looking like a fish out of water

The Bunnings Bunnies
The Bunnings Bunyips
The Bunnings Bundas

Cancel now, you'll get the full trial and it won't autorenew on you

balter beer on the other hand is good

I’ve never actually seen a fish out of water. Are they lifeless?

baka senpai desu

I have not ever told you that.

her blokes on the oxy's

gonna post a picture of a pepe playing a trumpet when they do the less we forget thing tomorrow


off to r/femdom for a quick halftime wank

may be the greatest opening bars in hip hop history no cap

Uk-user, can u describe what you're seeing right now?
trying to work out which feed u got

why didn't we just sanction the anzacs

Hopefully he hasn't taken fatguts feed or he'll chuck a fit

>poo peeland btfo again

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I thought we were the good guys.

>Sunday Ticket
Is that the best Fox Footy could come up with?

you're thinking of that spastic on bigfooty

Isn't it also that kiwi women have the highest amount of sexual partners?

my penis is 5.8 inches long and i have phimosis


A bit rude, mate

oh no no no

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literally me except you are bigger

>Dustin Martin
Just Googled him, he looks like he votes for Scomo, Wiki says something about "The Chopstick Incident", this guy looks like trouble. Any cool defenders?

You guys gotta give me a fun team to watch lol

For sure, I'll give it a watch :)

Yeah, him! I like him, he looks cool af. The ruck position looks cool, I just like the athletic stuff, I'm a little aspie so I can't appreciate the shooting, all looks the same to me.

based my hairline

My dick is like a mm under 7 inches withouth bone pressing, nice and thick 5.5 inches around the base. Always get compliments on it and girls always smile when it comes out. Overall it has made me extremely confident and exponentially made me get more women

>p-p-puh please watch our sport ill answer any questions peaseeeeeeeeeee

>7.5 inch cock
>deep voice
>socially awkward and come from a broken ass family
haha, good one god

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Love this gimmick

im not gay, but nick vlastuin looks like a guy i used to work with

you forgot
>in a relationship with a sexdoll

Why the mighty blues of course

whats dustys problem

sad that his dad died 6 months ago

>my dad died nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my life is ruined

Goddamn I’ve eaten so much cheese ver this weekend

Knows he's past his peak and trying to hide it

got the farts

Just plain cheese by itself?

>What would you say is the most exciting team to watch?
Brisbane probably


that tradie ad is homo to the extreme

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Peak? Dusty hasn’t even begun to peak! And when he does, you’ll know

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i tell people im 6 foot 6 but im actually 6 foot 4 and a quarter

i love the television show lost and i would have raped kate within hours of meeting her

With Vegemite, I also made a kabana and cheese toasted wrap. Damn it was good

looks like a literal monkey, no ofeence


yeah, im thinking bed and a podcast. dees will kick away with this game in the third

finally stood up to my wifes boyfriend in a basketball game today lads

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*reports you to the afl integrity unit*

this tbqf