Motogp thread. Reminder that Kawasaki doesn't compete so that it stays competitive. But since I also own a Ducati, they're pretty good also.

News: Zarco won /pol/ position
I have to wake up in 4 hours to watch. Fuck europoor hours.

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Other news: I am taking a girl on a motorcycle ride tomorrow

I tried getting into moto gp by watching the show on prime. But I didn't like how all the riders have different languages, none of which are English.
I can't get into a sport where the athletes are all brown subhumans.

are there any god english streams?

Fabio is French
Zarco is french
Miller is ozzy
Binder is SA

So who ya got? Seems like Mir is a safe bet but i root for Aleix to get his second win or at least a Podium.

and stay out

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Hey W800 user how are you also this is a Yamaha thread

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Portimao seems so much fun to ride

Fuck off with your shitbike

French are black.

high elevation change tracks are kino

Moto2 has a coupe of Amerimutts

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and you will know when you see them.

seriously nobody else does this shit.

>5 KTM lead by 3 seconds

the state of Honda

small company, prease understan

have all classes been using using aero discs/wheel covers this weekend?

>that picture stabilisation the marshal cam

they use chest cams on stewards now?

ye, since the last 2 years IIRC

Very kino to see

I can't really remember seeing it before

Ai Ogura is Japanese speaks English in a Spanish accent. Based


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gib link


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My stream is showing a replay of the f1 sprint instead. :(

I found this stream and they said motogp is about to start: lalastreams.me/streams/?stream=124938472?sid=1399303

Someone make sure they don't start without me I need to buy snacks, beer, and cigarettes.

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Smoking isn't good for you nguyen bro

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>Bastianinis favorite band is Linkin Park.

Kek, based

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why aren't you watching on polsat? polsatgo.pl/live/2404-godz-1020-moto-gp-gp-portugalii-tor-portimao-rozgrzewka-i-wyscig/30915

2º ...spain on fire

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Zarca bros, today is the day we win, I can feel it in me bones

>motogp before moto2

are they trying to dodge some rain or something?

Thanks for the link, I'll check that later.

No there is an informal agreement between the FIA and FIM that Motogp and F1 will never race at the same time

I didn't even know there was F1 on this week.

Have been doing this quite often recently.

Yes it's in Italy and after the Motogp race

It's raining at Imola, for once F1 could be kino

motorsport.com/motogp/news/aragon-race-time-f1-clash/4538074/ nah this agreement has been going on for years

it's to not happen during the f1 gp

I know bangus bro.
I'm back anons. I drove my suzuki moped to get a banh mi and made it back in time. Does this confirm that a Suzuki will win?

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rumours of rain...

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Check out the milkers on bastianinis umbrella girl did someone screencap that

Bullshit lie cooked up by (((them)))
There is no evidence that pure tobacco is any less healthy for you than marijuana, the problem comes from all the additive chemicals put in industrially-produced cigarettes.

Smoke pure pipe and cigar tobacco and you’ll be fine

What about the thigh gap

Any grid girls?

what is this shit?
very american

These grid girls

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What is this shit? Lmao

Screaming lmao



Wut is with this anthem lmao

they've been doing it every time this , and I wouldn't be surprised since it's the same year they launched their amazon show

You don't have an obnoxious aftermarket exhaust like all Raider riders here right user...?


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Pecco and Rins starting last lmao

Why are MotoGP stands so empty these days? Especially compared to f1. I can remember motogp being packed years ago. It's pretty sad

no rossi, but unironically

no vale

No way. Can't just be rossi


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How do you fasten seatbelts on a motorbike?


I'm actually driving an old Suzuki Hayate, although I'm saving up to buy either the Suzuki Satria or the Honda Sonic. Do you have an opinion on either? Some of the people I talk to tell me to get an Exciter or Winner X instead. What do you think?


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Based Quarterzoomer

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Mir flying

is there a really big power gap between the bikes from superbike and the ones from motogp

Well done Rins. Holy shit

Lets go Quartararo

fabio, you beauty! also, rins already 10th, damn

Rins has so much potential. If only he could stop binning it every other race.


based zarco is going to eat them alive

>most beautiful race track in the world

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nah, but the sensations must be great with all that up and down shit

fabio, you fucking legend

Suzuki Raider/Satria. Its like the Honda Sonic is 15hp while the raider is 18 and they're similarly priced. Like Raiders are way faster. I rarely see R150rs/Sonics because why would you pay the same amount for less power. It's like Raiders are a common sight because it's the cheapest way to get fastish.

every race track is beautiful, user

That goes to Brno

quartararo is gone

rain meme coming soon pls

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Not on my continent they aren't




why am I shit at Brno in my motogp games?