Frens, why isn't ice hockey more popular?

i feel like it's soccer but tighter, faster, and more contact/less whining

why is it dying? be honest

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>i feel like it's soccer but tighter, faster, and more contact/less whining
Same kek. I used to believe Ovechkin was the CR7 and Messi the Crosby of hockey. Only >us would get that feeling of the closeness between hockey and soccer unironically

its a white mans sports so its dying

it's more expensive than soccer plus brown ppl hate cold weather

It requires ice. Can't exactly play a quick pickup game with friends like you can with other sports.

They went away from fighting and the sport lost its appeal.

Can’t see the puck

This doesn't help as well for the viewer experience

70 percent of zoomers are nearsighted. They don't see the puck.

Probably because it’s fucking expensive. Doesn’t help that it’s viewed as a white mans sport by immigrants to this country who seem to actual despise the sport

My eyes are awful and I can.
You just need to stop being a retard.

If your eyes can see the puck, then your eyes aren't awful. Your insult at the end was uncalled for.


It was never that popular to being with. And even then it's still by far the most popular sport in Canada with the exception of Toronto where it's probably basketball now.

It's say in terms of Canada it's

>2nd and 3rd
Between American football and basketball
>4th and 5th
Between soccer and baseball


Hockey is too random

it's way too expensive to be anything more than a niche sport
basketball and soccer, all you need is a ball and shoes

those of us that grew up playing can preach how fun it is all day long but there's just no way to get the average norm to drop $1k on skates, sticks, pads, helmets

it's a cold weather sport and like all other cold weather sports only rich whites can learn and get interested in them as kids

Too much of a skill gap for casual play, and the skill gap is generally just between people who grew up with it and people who didn't

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>Hockey is too random
PeNgU1Ns oF d00m ?

I don't know but from experience the stereotype here was always that hockey was the white sport, basketball was the black sport, american football ( or Canadian) was a sport for gym rats and soccer was some sport that all the short and small kids played because they didn't have the physical requirements for the other sports. And baseball is the boomer sport

I can't see the goddamn disc, and we don't have snow

>too much of a skill gap for casual play
What the fuck? I grew up playing shinny all the time with randos from the neighbourhood, it would always be a mix of kids/teens and older guys. Late at night the guys will be there drinking and playing shinny, it was arguably the best community exercise I have ever participated in.
Canada is just built different I guess

ton sport c juste qu'il pue la merde le gwer. avec les khel qui améliore notre équipe de foot d'ici 20 ans il sera au niveau du curling.

very few places in the world get cold enough to have outdoor rinks for an extended period of time

Every sport has its issues as far as playability, viewability, accessability:

- You need to rent an arena to play/practice. Otherwise you need to live in a cold area and have a rink built.

- If you do have the means for ice time, practice usually comes very early in the morning, not sure why.

- You need lots of equipment to play it, expensive, cumbersome, takes like 20 minutes to get ready.

- It is physically very strenuous, and has the potential to be painful from hits or getting hit by the puck.

These are all largely issues to do with accesibility. The less accesible a sport is, the less play it, the less care to follow it. I'm a white, middle class, Canadian male and I've never played it but I've played every other sport tons. This makes ice hockey more of a viewing-only spectacle like F1 or WWE.

Viewability wise it's hard to follow for a lot of people initially. Even now after having seen many games in my life, I think a lot of the reason I'm able to follow the puck is because my brain anticipates where it should be, not because I can actually see it. Even in HD and 60fps its hard to see. Other than that, viewability is great. It's fast, little stoppage, great.

Playability wise it's extremely difficult. Sort of like golf, you need to play for hundreds of hours before you're really "playing." You need to learn how to do everything you would do on your feet, but on skates. So that's a big barrier to entry too.

These are the primary reasons why it's not more popular worldwide.

>ice is rare
>ice is rare in wealthy countries

it's better off that way it's by far the least pozzed sport

Only good part of hockey is when they fight

"renting ice time" is one of those things that isn't actually a cartel/mafia but definitely feels like one

70 percent are retards, follow the player and movement, not the puck

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yes hockey is done for. Soccer WILL certainly become the biggest sport here.

We got about 2 inches of snow this entire year where I'm at in Nebraska and kid were still playing hockey on the local lake for about 2 months...

And I'm closer to Texas than the Canadian border.

Soccer isn't even close to being the biggest sport here. The Canada world cup qualifying games were averaging around a million viewers at its peak.

When the raptors won the NBA championship a few years ago game 7 got like 8 million viewers across the country

this, i feel like 50% of the goals are just randomly shooting the puck towards the front of the net and hoping it bounces off someones leg into the goal


2 months a year is just a flavour of the month thing
You need to have poors playing it year round with aspirations to reach the higher levels as a way to escape poverty
Like basketball, football or soccer in Europe

i wouldn't worry about the immigrants. they aren't going to be here for much longer.

i'm not sure what other system you could come up with to divvy up access to the rink.

The thing is our immigrants suck at sports with the exception of black people who have been here for awhile. Most immigrants to Canada are Chinese, Indians and Filipinos. All 3 of which are terrible at sports. There are a decent amount of middle Eastern people who like soccer but are all terrible at it.

The only minorities who are good at sports here are black people, but the thing is most black people have been here for like 2 or 3 generations and are into other shit. Jamaicans here are absurdly represented on our soccer team but most black Carribean people here prefer basketball, and even than they sometimes get into American football and track and field. Black people who are newly immigrated like soccer but most black people aren't fobs. The bulk of blacks in Canada came here during the 60s and 70s

Black people have not been in Canada "for a while".

- Minorities hate it
- Its hard, if not impossible, to pick up yourself
- It isn't viewer friendly to begin with

Because theres no art, its just guys rollerblading and then getting It, its trash. Rinks are too small too. Its basketball tier trash

>thread about sport
>all replies are "white sport brown pipo hate it"
Kek almost no reply actually talking about sport

>brown ppl hate cold weather

I wish that were true.

The Leafs and the Jays are still more popular than the Raptors but that will change since the Raptors are more popular with non-whites who are an emerging demographic and will become the dominant demographic in the city. The Leafs and Jays are more popular with whites than the Raptors are.

This, the worst part of football are the fouls, when a player cowardly stops a play with a foul, football would be perfect if fouls were punish way harder. In hockey this is encouraged, thus the sport is unwatchable.

they like gibs more, if your government cut them off they'd leave

It's our game and we should keep it that way. Americans, euros, others have never understood our game
Gatekeep them out.

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Bunch of europeans love hockey

The leafs and jays are popular in all of ontario
the raptors and toronto fc are more of a GTA thing

Then why are they so bad at it
buncha divers

Can’t see the puck
Simple as

not true, hockey is for everyone

do people actually have trouble seeing the puck
it's black on white and permanently followed by the camera are you people blind

These answers are all wrong. The reason it's dying is that we don't have rinks in our schools. We need to make it accessible like soccer or basketball during recess.

>I used to believe Ovechkin was the CR7 and Messi the Crosby of hockey.
Are you me?

I'm not supposed to drive without glasses.

Teachers would hate that. I remember teachers were skittish and barely let us play ball hockey in gym and would give us penalties for even raising the stick above our knees. teachers were fearful of high sticks

Yeah but that doesn’t mean they like hockey. Most black people here are first or second generation from Jamaica and prefer basketball to hockey. Chinese and flips prefer basketball as well despite being shit at sports. Indians are still soccer fans despite being total shit, that’s why online soccer fans seem brain dead

By "brain-dead" you really mean "not glory hunters".


Good hockey teams control the puck and keep the play in the other teams' zone. That way if something chaotic happens it's far away from your goal and close to the other teams' goal. Hockey is actually a very territorial sport like handegg or rugby