KD likes em big edition

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damn that's a tall bitch

this is the day of the expanding man

death by snusnu

Shes about as tall as harden iirc

>LeMickey "I don't think a lot of people was educated" James, Russell Westbrick and the Los Angeles Lelkers are 17 games under .500 and out of the playoffs
>LeMickey was not good enough to get a team with four Top 75 players of all-time into the playoffs

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>An employee for an NBA team says Lakers players were texting during games

>“I couldn’t believe it. And later when we met up, he said he wasn’t the only motherf*cker texting other people,”

>(Via @SeanDeveney & @SteveBHoop)

you just get out from under a rock or something? This is old news nigga find something else to talk about besides lebron all the time. he your ex girlfriend or something??

zaire williams back to looking like garbage

Reminder KD is a virgin

Dude how is KD so lanky?? I mean I get it he’s 6’10 with an inhuman 7’5 wingspan but is it just impossible for him to put on weight?

He looks like skele

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Bless whoever did Harpepe
>mfw my odds of ringless retirement are well ver 50%

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kafta is overrated. arab food is kinda shitty

Modern humans arent meant to be this tall to begin with. Plus its probably genetics and if he forced himself to put on weight hed destroy his knees forever

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just ignore him, he’s been posting this same shit in /nba/ for the past two weeks
still fk the lakers tho

Clippies all day bb let’s get that rang


Why was i born 5'9. All i wanted was 6 feet man. Wish my parents gave me these hormones

jokicel seething whats your rating WITH jokic? lel

>this bronsexual is this angry

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i feel you bro


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Retards really called him MVP earlier this season LOL

he is tho

I pretend i dont care about height but im deeply insecure about it and compare my height to nearly everyone on the street. I didnt even use to care but excessive use of social media has crushed my self esteem

if u were born 5'9" you should have at least made it to 6'0". I was born 20" and still made it to 6'1"

>i was born 20''

>sample size

irrelevant stat


That’s a huge sample size

Is there a two-word, alliterative phrase which accurately describes this image?

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I'm 5'7 287 pounds and I'm still one of the best players at my local rec center. I play as a center and dominate the paint. Basically everyone is afraid of me when I post up. Also, I usually bring my own whistle and call my fouls.

mein neger

Can the WestZEUS/WestALLAH/WestGOD poster please post the gif/webm of Russ dancing in like a black room or something

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Not when his team is considerably better without him. There is nothing valuable about Ja
This is a 24 game sample size not 4 games kek when this trend first started you losers coped by saying
>m-m-muh sample size! It's only 5 games! It's only 8 games!
Now with him missing over a quarter of the season it's obvious this team is way better without Ja pounding the ball

his leadership role is the most valuable of the team. you think those guys would think they have a legitimate shot at the title if he wasn't there?

kek every time

I thank God everyday that I'm 6'2 and not some midget faggot like you lol I could never fathom being the size of a woman

We found him.

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There are more than 5 players who also have leadership and are objectively better than Ja without their teams being better with them hurt

>being 6'2" and kissless

not true

this is why he sat out the whole season

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Objectively true


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Boston barely able to do anything vs Memphis without 20 starters
East is full of fraud teams

Not compared to the stat its being compared to. Over the course of 57 games a team is likely to lose a lot more games than over the course of 24

you seem like the bronsexual to me you wont stop talking about him

nah you are

Haha his little stick legs are skinnier than the women's

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Thass a huge bitch

to all the boomers in the thread what did people say about jordan while he played on the wizards??

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i miss clips so much bros. you really dont know what you got till its gone

damn i want her...

i membah when FDR was in office...

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Jamal has been cleared medically, but he's mentally not ready for playing the games
Disaster franchise

They are just turning the ball over, being a little sloppy.

he knows the truth, that even with a fraudulent mvp tier player on the team there is no shot they are winning the finals even if he's healthy

you're welcome

murray dont got that dawg in him sorry bro

lmao ereid screaming olandio chant lmao

>dipo has 17 in a half

which shooting form was worse, pre-fixed shot Lonzo or current Kyle Anderson 3 pointer

Ja's an empty stat THUG

Just like AI, little gang banger can't play good winning ball like Jokic.

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that usually means he's not fit and/or is afraid to push his body

the thing is ja is wildly more efficient than AI as much as i like the answer

does this team win a ring in the current year
>prime lebron
>raja bell
>2010s ray allen
>prime danny green
>klay thompson but in his first few years when he was a role player and not a star
they only have to beat the suns/grizzlies and nets/bucks

Lanklet cope

>prime danny green

That's because this era is soft. Put Ja back in AI's era and AI is the better player.

>Just like AI
>comparing a guy whose team is great without him to a guy whose team couldn't be an NCAA team without him

have you even watched ja? he literally does not care what center is in the paint or who is defending him he WILL drive to the paint endlessly

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Is this some Mandela shit, since when was Ben Simmons out for back pain and not mental health

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First it was mental health because of the environment, then he fucked his spine while training

This is just the 2019 raptors

just fuck men

>mental health to get out of philly
>also used to get leverage on the 20-30m in damages/lost funds lawsuit
>knows that it will kill his chances with the lawsuit if he just suits up and plays like NOTHING happened
>fuck i need something else
>lower back issue
>pain is literally subjective 90% of times, hard to prove

my theory is he's 1000% fine, just wants the lawsuit to finish first and he knows that'll take after this season

>herniated a disc while not playing
Because basketball players are squatting and deadlifting plates after all

dont be sad you could be 5'6 like me

fool leadership isn't a real think.
>I put up 30 leaderships per game
like bruh come on it's just a made up buzzword like vorp or whatever. u think guys out here playing harder cause some guy used his leadership? bitch please that's retarded

based retard

If the nets play simmons at all this season, it just proves that ben simmons was lying and/or the Nets do not care about him on a personal level. Makes no sense for him to be able to do something like that with the mental health damage he was spewing all year along with the back pain

I have always known he is 100% fine and him and not getting off the plane and suiting up was entirely for the mental health grievance arbitration with the team

Tonight is a celebration of my Suns

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I run up the chimney

switch back to your US flag and stop using a VPN to look special retard

65-17 is a based record

>29% of the season
>not large enough sample size

Not even Back Pain Ben can compete with the legend himself, General Soreness.

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He wouldn't keep that energy after getting floored a couple times by some tall nonathletic white guys with no other job than slamming high fly act manlets in the paint

Damn.... I like Ja a lot but this is making my noggin start joggin

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/nba/ needs to seriously read this. This is the most fundamentally dumb organization I've heard of in any sport.

The owner was calling rival executives about trades they aren't involved in and getting theirs opinion, like they're obligated to give him good advice and not help sabotage the gullible no clue owner. And he did this against the advice of the GM.

Dude called Sam Presti like he was the King's GM lmao

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yeah you don't watch Ja because he's been mogged plenty of times in the paint. He just keeps doing it though. kys