Borussia Cleveland

>Borussia Cleveland
>Pittsburgh St. Germain
>CSKA Milwaukee

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why do Americans name their soccer teams this shit?

Spielvereinigung Indianapolis

Real Salt Lake
Inter Miami

Because we're posers

We won bros

>Red Star Portland

>KFC Preußen Pittsburgh Munchen II

>Atlético Ottawa

it's diaspora

>Olympique New Orleans
>Phoenix 22
>Carolina Hotspur

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Salt Lake City City

New York Red Bull.... oh wait

>Atlético Oakland

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>Gaziantepspor Texas
>Slavia Maine
>Partizan Bakersfield

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>Real Bismarck Wanderers Club de Calcio e.V.

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you mean milwuakee bavarians?

>AC Oklahoma City

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mls games have a good atmosphere and i wouldnt mind attending a game if i had the chance.

>Detroit Rovers
>Newark Town
>Tampa & St Petersburg Albion
>Quad City Argyle
>Inland Empire Wednesday

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the athletics actually got their name from the philadelphia athletic club

>river plate
>boca juniors
>the strongest
>barcelona (guayaquil)

>London Gunners
>Manchester Red Devils
>Leicester Foxes

>Rayo OKC
>it was actually real

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to satiate the euroboo purists
Also, foreign clubs will start teams in our leagues and just name it [club name] [USA or city]

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Unironically sounds better than their middle earth sounding name and their hoggwarts arse looking crests

A.S. Roma Jersey City

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>Standard New York
>Lokomotiv Las Vegas
>PSV Oklahoma

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>Sheriff El Paso
>FC Union Boise
>En Avant Quebec City

>imagine not supporting Locomotiv El Paso

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>San Francisco Semen formerly Padang Semen

Its owned by Atletico Madrid

>Hamburger SC
>Red Star California
>West Georgia United

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>Lancashire Heat
>North London Soccer Chickens

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>Washington DC Miners' Welfare

>Metalist Des Moines
>Sportivo Albuquerque

For me it's Real Salt Lake

>Torpedo Detroit
Probably good advice


>1. FSV Rot-Weiß El Paso 1886

>Mamuciam 0079 Red Devils

>Liverpool Reds
>London Blues
>London Bees
>London Hammers
>London Spurs

Calm down with your 9 teams all named after the same beer or ice cream

>SpVgg Greuther Fort Worth

That's bot funny at all. This is not reddit. I'm literally angry rn



>Stratford-upon-Avon [noun]ers
>Newcastle-under-Lyme Verberers
>Kingston-upon-Hull Denominalizerers

L.A. Poopensharten

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Kino I’d support them

Associazione Calcio New York City

>Locomotiv Detroit
>Maccabi New York
>Utah Young Boys

Las Vegas Villains, coming to an arid gambling desert near you

Had that one in the minor leagues of soccer, Las Vegas Mobsters.

>In 2015 the members of the Mob Squad along with FC Tucson supporters Cactus Pricks, and Albuquerque Sol FC supporters the Sandianistas announced the Copa Frontera
the cringe

For me, it's Albuquerque North End

>Red Star Baton Rouge

For me it's LA Lakersham United FC

Those names are boss though. I remember playing some random mens league team from Cape Breton years ago and their name was Cape Breton Collieries FC, I thought that was kino (and appropriate)

>1. FC Dallas
>ATSV Arlington
surprising similarities if you think about it

>AFC Memphis
>Monster Energy Louisville

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>Calcio Scranton

>Baltimore All Blacks

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For me, its Omaha Wednesday

>Manchester Jets
>Liverpool 96ers