Official /golf/ Masters Tournament Final Round Afterparty: Aussie Golf Edition

God-fearing Texan wins thing

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smith looks like hes planning on going home and beating his gf

Worst Masters in years

>The Chad bunker hole out
>The virgin four putt

say it to my face


Based Cam.
>That was some bullshit

DJs was worse
>no fans
>easy as fuck fall conditions
>ran away with it and absolutely no competition over the weekend
At least Smith was challenging Scottie until 12

Quint bogey incoming fuckos

Rory's tournament

This masters sucked

fucking kek, he's from (((new jersey)))

not every tournament can be exciting

2020 wasn’t a real Masters so I’m not counting that one
>At least Smith was challenging Scottie until 12
Be honest with yourself user. It was over after the third hole

This. Even the broadcasters brought this up. Dude is so boring he tried to adopt the whole 'Bible loving Texas boy' as his persona.

which major is the goofiest?

Nah Smith is a good enough putter that he could've made it interesting but after 12 he fucking collapsed

this, as the kids say.

The poor bastard couldn’t even get his wife to take his name

Literally who

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So with Woods shitting the bed it's safe to say that Jack is the best ever, right?

2007 when Zach Johnson won at +1

US Open is a literal meme every year
>muh 8000 yards
>muh long rough
>muh mogul greens rolling at a 15
>muh narrow fairways
>winning score still always super low
It's for the unga bungas

Well we've had some goofy fuckers win the masters this last decade.

yeah pretty much

this, as the kids say

No matter how many majors Scottie wins, he has to live with the fact that his wife has hooked up with a 4channer

Usually he is, today he wasnt

Not a sport

Wassamatta, you gotta problem wit Jersey or somethin?

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How does this even happen? I can see this with hustle and bustle soiboys but a pro athlete? Seems bizarre.

I thought Americans couldn't do poetry bros

Nah Smith was mindfucked after that chip in. He simply never had it in him to come back after that

Woods has all of this modern medicine and modern dope to keep him younger at 46 than Jack so if he wins another he'll have done it older than Jack.
But he has to do it first....

Mental weakness. The greatest players always expect their opponents to make shots, not miss them


his hyphenated-name children will always have the green jacket to brag about

hideki looks confused


/ourguy/ Hideki just sitting there, can't comprehend English, and wanting to be home with his Rei dakimakura

youve spammed this comment a dozen times now

Hyphenated last name = half the claim to glory.


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You’re the only one coping here, kek

Based Hideki not knowing where he is


scheffler is the oldest looking 25 year old

Take your meds schizo

What's the best place to get casual shirts/polos?

This. Haven't seen shit like this since the 70s where every mother smoked and ate globohomo bread.

She’s not going to see this post bro

I go to Winners. I have a closet full of Callaway golf shirts for like 1/4 of the price

>choked the jacket acquisition too

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m-muh chip in on 3

Hideki Matsui not understanding a thing going on LOL

He four putt his arm into the jacket

/ourguy/ Hideki is fucking lost; put a translator in his ear for crhists sake

Wait did Scottie when the masters then walk of the course to do that interview?

Concession accepted. You may leave now

Ralph Lauren

>can't put on a jacket
>can't put on a vest
what the fuck is wrong with this retard?

extremely awkward jacket presentation

Did that chink really just ruin the green jacket ceremony?

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The Shriners open thing.

Big nonce vibes.

He's so cute :3

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i just get them on amazon when underarmour goes on sale.

t. spieth

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Jesus Christ that was fucking awkward lmao

Meds now

based hideki trolling


The jap hiked the shoulders up way too soon

I KEKed at how hard he exited after the jacket got put on


Your mudders cunt


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His waifu awaits

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>here jacket Gaijin fucker
>I reave now!

Based, 3d is pd

LL Bean for shirts, not really good for polos

Guy can't even put the jacket on

What a pure human being, probably disgusted at how many NIGGERS he has to be around in America

what was the most awkward

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I am content with rory runner-up
I predicted it this morning

Punished Speef was definitely because he was seething so obviously

whats happening here

bealls outlet

The birth of a supervillain


60 Minutes of propaganda is starting now. Bye CBS.

Absolutely 2016. Jordan looked like he was about to snap and strangle Danny

dear god this post cracked me up

The Bubba handshake in 2012

you're welcome btw

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wtf he was the golf #1 with 0 major wins? the algorithm is fucked

Where do you guys recommend going to start building out your bag? I've been using used clubs for a solid year and change now. Probably going to start with a nice set of irons.

I will never forget this for as long as I live. Funniest major I've ever watched.

We don’t sign our posts here

Scottie confirmed cuck and fake based man, pic rel. He was talking about watching The Office ffs

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i second this

>get 12 different answers.
Alright then...

>he doesnt handcraft his own clubs

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Hideki will always be based

jeez, old Ike's been working there so long the club used to own him

>2nd and 3rd
>>>moral victory

this sport is gay but we are the second best gays

what the fuck were you expecting by such a generic subjective question you fat nigger

Globohomo media trick. Don’t fall for it.

>heard someone crash their car outside my window right as scheffler was putting on the jacket
what does this mean?

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>doesnt take his last name

its /golf/ drunk driver guy on the prowl again

Scheffler is a cuck

found DUI user