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randyfags btfo

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My Wild

hiromoot's broken website strikes again

>start getting players back
Just keep playing the kids my kingies

>getting cocky about playing the Analslime Cucks
relocanes are getting swept in the 1st by the Penguins

Crosby and Malkin will score 17 on Andershit

Imagine posting on Yea Forums AT THE GAME


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The pengshits lost to the redwings

abby is too cute

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Does anyone have that pic of the vegass fan in the helmet typing on Yea Forums

>mfw da Bruins win da Stanleyb Owl

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You just know.

Randycanes lost to Islanders, Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, and Columbus


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>2011 was 11 years ago

I’ve done that when I had pit passes at a nascar race. Thought it would be a cool perspective for Yea Forumsartans but I was mostly ignored.

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ban fighting

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fakin cam on >eads scor sum fukin goals

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what's wrong with losing to the isles?

she looks like Melody Marks.

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So did the Bruins the other week

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Jen thank you very much

my wild!!!!!!!

such as?

how can one team be so stinky smelly beaner

Frauds detected

Minnesota is a wagon

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w i l d i n

need the randys to win. rags are better off playing the penguins in the first round than whoever the 1st wildcard is going to be

>playoff team during a rebuild
Heh be afraid in the near future

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>los city of Los Angeles City

what is this style of defense called?

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We are now a zombie franchise

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jesus christ
kill all refs

eh NY could beat Boston easily, M1 playing postseason jewery Tampa is bad

Rangers are winning the Metro either way though


those are my golfing knights

5 unanswered goals

>refs desperately trying to help Hurrifrauds
you can't make this shit up

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>you can just skate into the crease and stand in the goalie's way
joke league
joke league
joke league
joke league
joke league

cope that was blatant rule breaking

weeeeeeeee, lads
Gary, are you even trying today??

It's incredible how quickly they peaked

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I’ll never understand why coaching is a revolving door in hockey. Sutter should have been made coach for life of the kings.

Kate you are very welcome

I think it was his decision to leave. He had farm work to do

because teams would rather hire the same old proven losers than give a AHL/NCAA/major junior coach a chance. same with GM's

Sutter was too much of a chud for LA

NHL teams need to start looking for European coaches to expand their horizons

Not watching the game, can I still make contrarian arguments on the computer that this player is a hidden gem

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b-b-bonus hockey

>meme cinderella run
>we're contenders now guys!
>proceeds to trade away the teams future in year one
>4 goals in 4 minutes
>chokes to the hasbs
>out of the playoffs

coaches lose players, easier to replace coaches
laviolette wanted the flyers to stop drinking, carter and richards told him to fuck off

blessed by Quads, lads

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>Solar Bears

What kind of gay name is that?

>3 on 1
>Don't even get a shot

Dumb fucking meme considering how many new coaches there have been recently while babcock sits at home

Or they could get north american coaches that actually know what they are doing

just make a proper change it's not that hard

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Oh shit they suck now because he's injured. I knew I was right


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I lose respect for a coach if he's been in charge of 3+ teams in the same league

You mean amazing?

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Thank you for your insights.

Travis Green > Bruce Boudreau enough of the old boys club coach carousel already nhl

the players are the losers but they are locked into contracts that are hard to move/terminate easier just to fire/replace the coach

Not every coach is a good fit for every team. Sutter probably wasn't a good fit for a rebuilding kings, so they let him go out of respect so he could coach a contender.
Coaches are hired to be fired


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And I'm sure they're absolutely devastated

hahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaha fuck the pedes


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oh lmao

They should be.

Pat Burns won the jack adams with 3 different teams and carried the debbies to a stanley cup

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your travis greens your sheldon keefes your dave hakstols are fucking hacks fuck off zoomie

wow this sunbejlt ice is bad

Anything beyond 3 for me, some guys spend like 25 years in the league
And Scotty Bowman coached for 5 teams and still won a bunch with the wangs and pens towards the end