Monday edish

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Good morning alf

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This post will never stop being funny to me because this is "literally" how I imagine that plebocrat looks.

This post was made by The Prince Reality Check. Will confirm with trip ON.



gotta /g/ related question to ask
lemme know if you wanna crack at it fellas x

hint: it's Linux related. and there's a blue tooth in the mix

So the Sunday footy show guys speculated Wines heart issues could be vaccine related.

What'd the bet the AFL themselves give them a whack for saying it and probably march some (((doctors))) in to correct the narrative about their "dangerous misinformation"

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gil must pay

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All of these athletes with heart problems all of a sudden. I'm perplexed.

>all of these athletes
you mean a handful?

Viruses don't exist, kike.

perplexing post

you're telling me that one type of untested experimental vaccine may not be working as expected on all 8 billion people? who could have predicted that

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time for that heart check up, muddie.

Why don't (((virologists))) control for their "virus isolation" process?

for what reason? you've already stated viruses don't exist

You think they do though. So explain the lack of basic scientific protocol amongst (((virologists))) when "isolating" their cooties.

I'm not speaking for things I don't know about. You should take a leaf from my book.

>Appeal to (((authority)))
Dogma isn't science, kike.

yeah sweet got me mate.


Yeah, leg it, vaxxxed parrot.

da bloos

a few weeks ago
>where are all the players dropping out with heart problems huh?
>oh wow so it's only a handful with heart problems big whoop
>so my current heart meds stack includes a corticosteroid, beta blocker and ace inhibitor hby?

>Myocarditis has been ruled out as a reason why reigning Brownlow medallist Ollie Wines had to go to hospital after Port Adelaide’s loss to Melbourne.

yep it was just a normal heart irregularity happens all the time

>Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one's prior beliefs or values.

>Here's the antidotes for that poison we inject into you for a virus that doesn't exist, goy.
If they weren't cattle before they are now.

Real plebocrat hours

*but only if they disagree with me

remember when the first round of jabs rolled out and everyone though covid was over or when everyone thought masks and lockdowns stopped the spread despite waves of covid coming and going irrespective of mask and lockdown policy?

"COVID" doesn't exist numbnuts.

kek i forgot llyodie got bells palsy from the jewjab too

How many jewjabs you up to now, goy?


>Sunday footy show
the only based foot-o media

>a vaccine so safe that the ex-VP of the company making it has been desperately telling people not to take it

Yeah, I'm thinking the vax is bad.


>Matthew Lloyd just straight up saying bell's pallsy is related to the vaxx
Did not expect that after he had it, based.

yeah I'm thinking dosn are back

>barely getting up against the fucking crows and having worse accuracy in front of goal
back to bottom 4 lmao

don't care still won


When will Port win a game this year?
When will the Dees 'come crashing down to Earth'?

More importantly, when will Freo get a reality check?

>ex-employee says to not use his former company's products
Yeah definitely no conflict of interest there he's just looking out for your health ;)

>When will Port win a game this year?

As a port customer given the way >we are playing could go winless. Last in points for so far. Can't win games if you don't score and port can't score right now. Port plays North in round 9 which will be battle for the wooden spoon. If north plays the way they did against swans they should win and port could well be 0-9

the players and ex-players definitely know what's going on. gonna be interesting to see how long until the mandate is lifted and if anyone sues. forcing anderson to get a second dose even after he got pericarditis is pretty crazy.

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Freo are objectively a top 8 side with Fyfe in.

we will beat iggs

sometimes a good wank is just what the doctor ordered

Objectively correct. Same with sex.

>it's at AO

Games are rigged against Port but they look well and truly demoralised, especially after Wines. However, they will curbstomp North whether it's rigged or not.

Extreme levels of cope

Actual can't believe that Tex hadn't played a game of footy in 7 months and came back to kick 4 goals. Absolutely based.

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the gf

don't understand what's going on here at all

Gold Coast are playing some good fucking footy