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bj penn
darren till
spider silva
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Fuck you khabib

Yancels down bad rt now

Third for BIG BLACK COCK in small asian pussy cucking small dick asian bois

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Yancels: you have my permission to cope and seethe below

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5th for Colbussy

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riding someones back and doing no damage and never threatening a finish doesn't make a round a 10-8, that's why it wasn't scored a 10-8.

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Reminder: Aljo deserves all the tight Asian pussy he wants for winning. Fact: he fucked Korean Zombie's wife later that night.

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I finally made it!

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Reug Reug chads we end the bjj meme

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Korean Zombie post fight interview was heart breaking desu



>based boomer submitting anither can. getting his 60th win. bravo, you bloody geezer
>fucking yan doing nothing, getting a nigger backpack for 3 rounds. fucking gopnik
>chimaev showing us another time that grapplers can't punch for shit and can't do nothing without wrestling
beer and weed heemed me sleepy in the main event. is it worth watching?
also, rate this card or write any thoughts you have on the subject

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He knows his wife just sucked a big black cock and there's nothing he can do about it. Poor Asian boi but such is the fate of all small Asian dick havers.

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Reminder black men are colonizing Asian with their BBC.

Has there ever been a card where heem got every single pick wrong?
I mean that in every pick, every fighter chosen to win lost, the majority seem to lose because of 1 or 2 fights.

You only support Aljo because you share his race
Fucking filth

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she even cried

>Aljo wins
>heemsters tripping over each other trying to be THE Aljo troll

Based, I just want to trigger the schizo Yancel with the Aljoposting. Looks like it worked, continue making Yancels look deranged.
And Still.

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Who reeved him?

Holy shit I'm an Asian man with a 4 inch penis which I think is average but I saw a black guys dick at the gym and wow. No wonder young Asian women are into black culture. Hey at least I can get swag right?

I think there was a single winner of Blaydes/Daukaus a few weeks ago. i can't remember any clean sweeps

Big black dicks hurt small Asian pussies

feels good being a good faith aljo appreciator


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MY PICKS!!!!!!

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Dont worry women dont care about penis size, only personality

So you are telling me this is falseflagging?

why does this guy stick his ass out so much

So after this fight card we can all agree Asian women prefer BBC?

I don't know what it is, it just looks like a mindbroken yanfag to me.

Asian women get pussybroken by BBC nightly.

Yeah, the irony in his post is too much.

6/10 card. Chimaev v Burns carried it. Aljo winning was great but the fight itself sucked. Volk v Zombie was entirely predictable

>aljocels rolling around in their own shit trying to get attention

Doesn't Aljo have a Latina wife? Damn Latinas love BBC as well. BLACKED.

I am the orginal sterling poster and I approve this message

Aljo-Sama...I kneel

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He was so mindbroken last night, he was posting black penises.

>aljo exposing the jewmerican posters as actual cuckolds
this has got to be one of the biggest story wins perhaps of all time

>Aljo winning was great
How you fucking faggot nigger lover?

I invented Aljamain Sterling

You mean the fridge that was walking with him? looks like a nigga to me.

How many times have you typed black penises today, it seems youre OBSESSED and this man is living rent free in your tiny head

go check () he did it again
aljo minfucked this cuck

Why is there so much media of black penises inside of Asian women?

yeah yeah Aljo is the champ yeah yeah there needs to be 5 judges yeah yeah

I used to think Mutt's Law was a meme until I discovered SP and Int, interacted with actual americans and realized it's completely accurate.
Porn has so many of you mind broken, I feel bad for you.

It was obvious Yan was going to lose

have the heempick results been posted?

>white fighter wins
>KANGZ seethe
>black fighter wins
>/pol/chud seethe

Feels good to be an enlightened centrist chad

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specifically because it makes YOU mad

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Oh you coping Latin boi. Latina women love BBC.

It's literally 4 or 5 people spamming it nonstop because they're mentally ill

Anyone knows what Khamzat coach said to him?

Finna scroll up b

based neutral lad
we should have honorary swiss flags or something

>calling someone a mutt when the genetic make up of Brazil is approximately 1/3 Portuguese 1/3 black and 1/3 Native
If you're not mutts then idk who is

You're ragging at me and not the guy literally posting black penises? You mutts are weird

dillashaw chads chilling

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pretty good prices. id buy that sweater if it were larger

Is it based when British women have sex with black men as well?

Yan won, simple as

why do you keep writing the words black penis, you weirdo

Is it safe to say Burns beats Colby? No way Colby shoots a takedown and he’s absolutely getting rocked on the feet