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Khamzat vs Islam is the fight to make

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Did somebody say Schaub thread?

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Yan could have changed that. COULD HAVE

Worst fighter currently signed to the UFC?

Why is this, also burns and moustache guy got robbed

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I’ve never seen a dagestani in that kind of fight. Khamzat is a certified Real one

Diaz's buddy who got immediately simulated by Semelsberger

women included?


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Horiguchi isn't in the UFC

Yea Forums fighters:

another day another retarded weasel video. aljo won

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Should the UFC get rid of weight cuts and adopt ONE's hydration testing? I understand hydration testing is considered sort of sketchy but why? Isn't it a better alternative to weight cuts regardless?

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Fuck you khabib

Fuck Dana

hes a Chechen warrior not a duckastani crotch sniffer b

Yes but you can also separate the two since women are such massive cans

That Danish wrestler. Too old to be a prospect

i will never understand what type of autism you would have to have to do this shit

Prob Vanderaa but he's about to get cut

very edgy use of you $2 mate, we're all very impressed

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Chechens are crazy Doggystanis are cucks who slurp Russian semen

His name is Mark Madsen and no, he isn’t too old or a can he will become champ soon and you guys here will have egg all over your face again

Even Till's weakmind influence couldn't shake Khamzat

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Brazza this i just follow fazzas game plan

Autism coupled with low iq and the delusion that your subjective scoring system is actually the ultimate arbiter of mma. It's a symptom of many ecelebs. Sad!

Even the Russian comment section agrees that Yan got too cocky and didn't train enough and that Aljo's gameplan was perfect.
you can quit coping yancels

Islam is out of place on that list


If you win the last two rounds you win the fight. That's how it would work irl.

The High IQ take is that the Burns fight makes Khamzat underrated.

How in the fuck did Cruz make that list, Hes the equivalent of a pseud popsci onions

Burns beats Colby easily

If Costa and Gane aren't on your official 4channel sports /heem/ thread fighters list please gtfo

>Heem is still overactive
Perhaps a better card than you guys care to admit?

>Even the Russian comment section agrees that Yan got too cocky and didn't train enough and that Aljo's gameplan was perfect.

You do know his team wasn't given Visas to for the fight right? It was basically him & a last minute new team

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The real IQ take is that both Yan and Aljo are Yea Forums. They need each other.

>1 comment
lol here's your (you) bro

Cruz is mentally deranged, like most of /sp

Gane is literally the most Reddit fighter on the roster. He doesn’t embody the /heem/ spirit

post your Yea Forums fighter list or your wmma wife gets heemed

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Tawlmbout Yang and Yin b? Beast of a coexistance

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>Lol, you're telling me Conor McGregor went life and death with THE Chad Mendes??? Fucking exposed hypetrain lol, he'll never stand a chance against a dominant champ like Aldo, imagine what would happen if he fought a Lightweight wrestler like Eddie Alvarez, or an unheemable submission machine like Nathan Diaz
This is what you GOATzat haters sound like

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TJ needs to save the division once again

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>light, medium, heavy
this nigga think he watching street fighter

Umm sweety, Diaz exposed Mctapper the first fight then Mcbitch had to pitter patter to a decision in the second fight.

Would Edwards have beaten Khamzat?

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Gooby is 0-2 vs Nate though

Brian ortega is deep web

Redpill me on brady, is he legit?

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Lol let me guess yanfags, trump won the election? Lmao

>get rid of weight cuts
you can't
>ONE's hydration testing
that there is no documented evidence of actually existing, also ONE doesn't have open weigh-ins or open scoring those niggas shadier than the UFC

no i think he would have just got walked down, leon got wobbled by diaz after throwing everything at him khamzat has an equal chin to nate

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you wouldn't get it

Leon has a weak chin and can't wrestle with Khamzat

No he would have got wrestlefucked

Colby vs Chimaev does 1+ million buys

Cumshot wouldn't have the balls to strike with Peon

8 light strikes > 1 heavy strike

If he wrestles yes

>that there is no documented evidence of actually existing
they announce people fail them but still let them fight anyway

Nate is genuinely unheemable, the redpill is acknowledging Conor would have finished him in the first round of their second fight if Nate had a normal chin

Is Khamzat's aura gone?

no he was getting peached up on the feet by Dookie Chiesa

lol the Peon who gets wobbled by old man diaz? that striking legend?

While what you are saying is true, the fighters are tailoring their fights to the rounds. If we made the rules this way, there would be an incentive for the fighters to stall until the last rounds, since they believe that the only thing that really matters are the last moments/rounds. In that case you might as well just have 1 round fights. But even in that case, I would bet most fighters would just stall until the last 30 seconds to start swinging. It would be boring either way.

This but unironically

He probably showered after the fight so yeah

He was peaching Diaz up for 20 minutes straight

Leon is strong as fuck and would land his signature elbows breaking from the clinch

Leon doesn't have the submission threat of Burns to discourage Khamzat from just immediately taking his ass down and mauling him, and we just saw how ridiculous Khamzat's chin is, so Leon isn't heeming him as he comes in

Yan also barely did anything but Aljo had a very dominant position and landed some hard GnP.
Thats the difference between RD2 and RD3

To be fair in a real fight they wouldn't have made Aljo let Yan go between rounds. That being said I think Yan should have won on the score cards.

Take the Nate pill, Khamzat wouldn't last 5 rounds with Nate

Adsanya is forgettable I keep forgetting hes the champ

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I used to train at the same gym as a can from ONE and apparently they just fill their bladder morning of the weigh-ins then just do a full weight cut without taking a piss so they pass the hydration test. No idea if that actually works or if he was just a retard.

>If we made the rules this way, there would be an incentive for the fighters to stall until the last rounds,
oppose to the current system where aljo literally stopped fighting in the last two rounds of a championship fight? I rather see heated action at the end then hesitant point scoring at the start that leads to a guy just coasting the rest of the fight

If You don’t think Khamzat has a very good chance of beating both Colby and Usman after watching that fight than you’re either trolling or retarded

I would heem all of you in UFC 4


if he was white, /heem/ would love him cause he would be le relatable nerdy millenial like whittaker

aljo was in awful positions but yan did capitalize on it

Colby is an anti draw. Stupid fake personality and sleep inducing fight style

You're just mentally broken so your brain blocks him to keep you sane

Colby can't beat guys who aren't scared of his takedowns

He's too unpolished and it takes time to get there and develop fight IQ. He fought like someone with none last night. Which is why it was exciting.

Why did Yan land any of those epic slams in this fight????

I think the easy solution is simply to change the rules so Yan can kick Aljo in the head while he's crawling around.
Wouldn't help with pitter patter kickboxers, but then again they usually fight like that throughout the fight rather than only as a stalling tactic anyway.

this doo relates to naruto lmao

Till hit the wall after the Gastelum fight

monkey are way cooler than aljo

2 rounds for sterling, 2 for yang, 1 was more of a draw, in such close fights they always give the victory to the champion, this time everything is deserved, they won’t give revenge, there Dilashow is already waiting for the title
the challenger always has to prove himself a level higher than the champion

what does that have to do with what I said about aljo "cruising" after point scoring early rounds?

No he wouldn't faggot. Whittaker doesn't act like Adesanya at all, hence why people actually like him as a person. Dumb fucking leaf

MMA math doesn't work but Usman looked a lot better vs Burns than Khamzat. I think Burns beats Khamzat 4/10 times and Usman beats Burns 9/10

he promised Yancels a KO for a year

Where my UFC 4 Chads?

It’s just cope. Both those guys are deteriorating and getting old while Khamzat is only getting better it’s obvious he will be champ

khamzat got exposed for the world to see

your opponent is the one who lets you cruise


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One thing we learned from last night:
Cejudo would absolutely shit all over Yan and Sterling. Neither have the wrestling to stop him.

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Hydration testing does exist but the argument is that the testing is sketchy and it's not yet at a level where it can be used for accurate pre-fight testing. As for scoring, ONE's scoring is based and always correct so I have no problem with it.

So aljo took EPO to avoid gassing?

i think they should have just stood stood them up in rounds 2 and 3 i don't care about "muh bodylock" after he failed to finish a rear naked choke he just did the bare minimum to keep control time

>Khamzat post fight interview, 1.1 million views
>Volkanovski post fight interview, 200k views
>some fan video of every strike in Khamzat's fight already has over one million views


>le relatable nerdy millenial
>like whittaker
I've never thought of whittaker in those terms

No, whitey he didn’t. Yes, your dick is tiny

Middleweight is forgettable. Literally forgot Izzy just fought Whittaker a few weeks ago

Jesus wept

Cejudo fucking sucks. he was training korean zombie and look at how he did against volk last night

didn't this guy get knocked out by a knee to the body lol


This is a rare instance that's going to be a consequence of the rules, and it's with a guy who specializes in backpacking. Every set of rules will have shitty consequences in some way. If the last 2 rounds of a 5 round fight matters most, you're gonna see ngannou vs Lewis for the first 3 rounds.

>tell my bro that KZ was going to lose because he stands there like a tree and volk will just kick his legs off and piece him apart at a distance
>that happens
I've been following this sport for too long.

i think there's a lot of silly ways in ufc to use the large cage size and cage wall to stall out fights pretty easily

More of a market for a russian heem machine vs a aussie midget decision machine

first round nothing happened, second and third rounds he was initiating which is easier on the endurance.

Interested in him vs Qanonnier tho, he'll probably swang n bang with Izzy instead of everyone trying to wrestlefuck him against the cage lol

I doubt it, he just fought tentatively this time. Even then, he seemed to gas out in the last 2 rounds so it didn't really matter much.

Pretty funny that Khabib retired and it took a mere 12 months for people to stop giving a shit about him fighting now Zatdaddy is here

Yan was champion though.

>mma math doesn’t work but I’m gonna use mma math

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im gonna be a top 100 fighter on the online leaderboards for ufc 5 on mac os

i agree. but aljo used none of them

KZ clearly would've won at his prime

Remember when heem said Yan was p4p the best fighter in the world?

KZ was our last shot bros...

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he is Aljo just weighed more

again i repeat original statement i rather see action at the end then point scoring early that leads to cruising all together UFC scoring system should be dropped and returned to pride which rated the overall fight not just a round by round basis

135lbers don’t gas out in fights like that

No Please no more rematches, Let Yan fight 2 more times

Koreans fight like absolute retards for some reason. I thought they were supposed to be smart.

You spotted the obvious, well done retard :)

he would heem the fuck out of you lol

lol what he was running the whole time and staying on his knees and crawling backwards to stall

He was obviously the better fighter

volk is fucking boring. no one cares about him and he's seething because of it

Korean Zombie is basically now Ferguson after Gaethje beat the soul out of him. I love both Volk and Zombie but this was kinda hard to watch, especially after the fight where Zombie is crying and shit


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then why didn't he win the fight?

KZ excelled in an era of uneducated brawlers and his strength was his granite chin. The division evolved but he didn't. Stop this cope.

Herb Dean stopped that fight too soon. It was the same thing that happened here- straight jab to gnp but Burns corrected this by spamming hammer fists from his back immediately after getting cut open by Khamzat's elbow/hammer fists.

KZ should retire, Yair would legit murder him in a rematch

kino fight

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same i thought that was early stop burns has recovered from that stuff before i think it was just champ bias that stopped that fight

yes brazza, very true. Khumshot is commin for dat Colbussy nex

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Cejudo was undefeated as a coach before the KZ fight.

But 3 of these things happened in his fight with Burns. How do explain that?

Chimaev is a terminator, especially round 3

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Imagine destroying someone this badly lmao