Airplane flying atop of Etihad saying "British to be a minority in 2066"

Airplane flying atop of Etihad saying "British to be a minority in 2066"

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Define the term "British"

What's bad about that? Are minorities treated badly or something?

>peoples you dont like


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What did she mean by this?

Both are 100% british. Seethe chud.

Take me back to dear old blighty

British is a nationality, something I don't expect that obese white Tango-looking Northern racist to understand. It's embarrassing that an American understands this morning than them.

A minority but not speaking German so it's all good.

I think it's wonderful. :)


No one said they weren't, you retarded half-brained chud.

No, they're backward savages.

>It's embarrassing that an American understands this morning than them.

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No, it’s because you’re not European therefore you don’t belong here

>sport that is 90% black
I sleep
>a few non-whites watching sport that is 90% black
some real shit

Do people not realize youre no longer a minority when you're the majority? What's the plan then? Probably brutal genocide of the new minority for their crimes as the majority.

At least they won't be speaking German. Or a Germanic language at all.

Yea Forums disappointed it won't be sooner

You know it's more than that.

doing a poo

i just cant comprehend how the brits allowed having their stadium changed to etihad and emirates
it's plain disrespectful, these arabs dont want you

how come these arabs don't want me man

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Maybe you shouldn't have slapped Chris Rock?


imma buy a stadium in england and name it "el estadio de buenos aires" take a guess
it's silent invasion

Pls buy The Riverside.

thanks for taking me back to the early 2000s, user.

as long as youre willing to pay £40 million pound a year, also you won't own the stadium you'll just be able to call it what you want. it will still be owned by the council

Right you are, Moshe.

Just count the pakis as whites like americans do with us, the stats keep the stormfags happy thinking they live in a white country since they never go outside anyway

t. crosses the border every other week legally to buy shit that's cheaper in the usa


thats a nice stadium you got there...

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Why is it called a conspiracy theory? Most liberal sites predict that (and it's a good thing)
>The Observatory's Professor David Coleman said if current trends continue, the so-called majority-ethnic group in the UK - white British - will become a minority before 2070. Britain will become one of the world's most ethnically diverse countries in less than 40 years, the report says.

The reason beaners get counted as white is to drive up crime stats for whitey

>if you don’t want your country flooded with third world apes you’re a stormfag
Nop. Just a normal person.

It was a magical time, the best of times and the worst of times. At the same time.

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>in 2066
bit optimistic innit

It'll be great minorities never have to work, everything is handed to them, govt issued mansions and range rovers

Boris really got that look going on like "damn I don't recognize this from my childhood"

>What's bad about that?
who will pay their welfare??

>plane shitposting
An art, if I may say

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>in 40 years the majority of people in this country will have been born in other countries
can't see it

Explain what's going on in that image with Jon hamm

No one because third world apes can only create third world shit holes.
>a chicken born in a stable is a horse
No, it isn’t

if you doubt they're british, check the guy's fucking teeth

those are some PEAK bonger genetic, queen 'erself coul'n' 'av done i' better

>sits next to the only white child in the room
what did he mean by this

Reminds me of Tony Blair saying he was 16 when he saw a non-white person for the first time

Someone paid 3k for that

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>be Britain
>colonize half the worlds nations, steal their resources and create conflicts between warring ethnic groups by boxing them in together inside arbitrarily drawn borders
>be blown up to shit by germany through WW2
>need workers to help rebuild country
>lets let the brown people we've colonised to come do it
>brown people allowed to stay because white people dont want to do their jobs, browns prefer britain to destabilised homeland
>white majority make up entirety of middle and upper class, no need to have more than 2 kids
>working class brown people are poor, have large families in hopes one child will become doctor and provide for them
>fast forward: (CURRENT YEAR)
>white population declining
makes you think

Define the term Etihad

Poo in loo about to shit up UK completely vy 2066?

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god shes hot

I imagine the schools Boris went to still look quite different to that

She looks Polish, too.

Fluminense is teasing Flamengo with the "Winning Fla x Flu is normal" which they won at the local rio de janeiro league a week ago. The man is Fred, fluminense's foward and prob the last #9 from BrHue.

Tango isnt rasist tho.

Kek. Plane shitposting is pretty based.