Why does he do it?

Why does he do it?

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He runs like black Americans prostitutes walk too

we call it gay butt

thats just his vibe man, let him vibe

Lordosis sucks. I tried almost every back exercises but my posture's hardly different



You know that boy Sterling got some sugar in the tank. Especially with how he sticks it out like he's looking for a refuelling.


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fat bully

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hulk? more like broly

Is he making fun of gays or retards?

wtf I love Hazard now

same, is there any way to fix it? i have a slightly less exaggerated version of that.

just Sterling


just so squats and deadlifts to strengthen your ass.

Damn why he gonna do him dirty like that?


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flailing tiny brown hands created this post

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Broken buck

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Hulk never playing on the Premier League is the greatest misses meme opportunity ever

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His biological father was a velociraptor

Built for ___________


It must be glorious to pound sterling the prone bone position
no homo tho

Kek based

weird, here we just think all french people walked that way

>Pound sterling

It's a good thing he moved to England because Jamaicans are violently homophobic and they'd probably kill him for running the way he does.

You can't suffer in Brazil

i fixed my anterior pelvic tilt in like 2 months

teach us

just lift bro, unless you're old or have shit genetics you posture will automatically fix itself

LMFAO, Yea Forums has peaked

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just straight thuggin on the DL frfr finna get dat thug bussy poppi nigga if ykyk

kek based


Sterling runs like a fucking fairy.
It's hilarious.


based fatzard

are there any studies on correlation of playing football from a young age and the occurance of lordosis? I've noticed MANY players have it, Sterling is an extreme case but definitely not an exception. I myself played football between the ages of 7-16 and have it too, so it makes me wonder

Isn't that kinda normal skeletal condition among Caribbean men

stretches, strengthening exercises, got into the habit of sitting less, also throughout the day I would randomly do a deep squat for 1 minute

link to any of the exercises you used?

just do squats in any form, you don't even need to stretch. it's entirely caused by weak glutes.

most important part though is sitting less and the strengthening exercises

both oddly specific AND oddly accurate

False. I have it a bit and I squat 2x bodyweight.

You also need to stretch hip flexors regularly. It helps a lot but i can’t be arsed most of the time. They get really tight from sitting all day. Training core/abs works too.

What’s the difference

between me and you
you talk a good one but you don't do what you supposed to do