IMAGINE... if this country had the same population as GERMANY... FRANCE OR ENGLAND

IMAGINE... if this country had the same population as GERMANY... FRANCE OR ENGLAND....
they would literally win EVERY WORLD CUP
watching liverpool man city... portuguese are 2 good

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nah we are bad, don't hype us

how's the erasmus going, miguel?

Thats us.

You say Cryuff, I say Pedroto
You say Hiddink. i say Artur Jorge
You say Van Gaal, I say Mourinho
You say Ten Hag, I say Sérgio Conceição
You say Van Dijk, I say Pepe
You say Sneijder, I say Moutinho
You say Blind, I say André (André)
You say Sparta, I say Académica
You say Robben, I say Quaresma
You say Curaçao, I say Timor
You say Kuyt, I say Eusébio
You say Van Der Beek, I say Vitinha
You say Koeman, I say Jorge Jesus
You say Van Der Saar, I say Vítor Baía
You say New Holand, I say Pernambuco
You say Clockwork Orange, I say Drawing to a win
You say Orange, I say Portugal
You say Co Adriaanse. i say Co Adriaanse too

You mean uruguay?

no not rly

Porrugal has been a great team all these years. Penaldo and Pepe are extremely notorious but you have good results. Only 2014 was an epic fail.

>have a choice of 200 million brasilians
>we're too small

Diogo Jota is shit.



of course CROATIANS come out of the woodwork...

they maybe able to produce more than one good center back in a decade

Yea Forums, meet a Gallardo spammer, the offspring of the Bielsa spammer. He is recognisable for saying stupid opinions and having an Argentina flag.

this is true, i don't get why we don't just try snatching 2 or 3 decent brazilian CBs

people here make the same opinion about uruguay

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if portugal and spain were one country ?

In the last 25 years
4th place, germany 06
3rd place 98, 2nd place 18
>port, 10 mil
>cro, 4-5 mil

>no /tugao/
More 1 Penalty for Futebol Clube Pig

Where's Coentrao

yes they will carry ghostnaldo

Gone fishing

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This guy is based. If he was focused he would have been top.

This but Uruguay

Meu pau na sua mão

It's called Brazil


Caxinas, probably fishing or smoking a cig, or both.


esl retard

Based. He deserves it after cucking Bayern.

Don't judge us based on the "croatian talents" retards

Based Co chad

If the Faeroer Islands had Germany's population they would have beaten Greece 1300-0 and 2600-1

You don't need to imagine just look at their largest former colony.

Yes, imagine portugal with big population and territory. It would be a great country.

Spanish people are very hard to relate to, it would never work.


This, give us india, give us brazil, give us nafris, give us africa, everything but the spanish.

They would be chokers. Netherlands are the true overachievers since they're a Germanic, mercantile country.

Wrong flag bud, ftfy.
The only great player you ever had is Modric, fuck off.

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He was a good player but he's not based he's literally just retarded.

Belgium is 10 millions too, and Uruguay 4 millions which is even more impressive

absolutely based post

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Retard you only need 11 players and subs to make a good team
No excuses

Yeah... just imagine...

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it's called brazil

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>mercantile country

Papagaio loiro
De bico doirado
Leva-me esta carta
Ao meu namorado

Ele não é frade
Nem homem casado
É rapaz solteiro
Lindo como um cravo

Papagaio loiro
De bico doirado
Leva-me esta carta
Para o outro lado

porco fans should be euthanized

implying being retarded in that way isnt based af

Roma? Nazio? Milel? Jj? Who are you? Just be glad Porto doesn’t play in the Italian league or it would be a bigger domination than Jj of last years

oinnk oink

Prepare the Hen House for another Porto party there.

It's actually amazing that he got to Real Madrid. Dude's a legit retard.

Don't forget to bring fruit, lattes and citizens of Oporco

school children waiting for the bus are imitating TSUUUU... i can see them from my window

Maybe Otamendi can join the party again and finally celebrate a title since he joined the flock

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Invite your pensioneers Maxi and Liedson instead

They're used to party after the games against you so it makes sense

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>celebrating a 1-1 in a season in which Benfica won the tetra