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>Countdown to the Gran Premio dell' Emilia Romagna e del Made In Italy Pirelli150™ 309,049 all' Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola (BO):

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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 71 (+26)
RUS: 37 (+15)
SAI: 33 (+0)
PER: 30 (+18)
HAM: 28 (+12)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 104 (+26)
Mercedes: 65 (+27)
Red Bull: 55 (+18)
McLaren: 24 (+18)
Alpine: 22 (+6)

>WEC Standings:
HAM: 168.00 (+61.56)
LAT: 149.63 (+48.49)
RIC: 139.54 (+17.09)

Wolff sees Hamilton in F1 for ‘many more years’
Marko fears ‘difficult times ahead’ for Red Bull
Albon and Williams are in love with the C2 tyre
Alonso “speechless” after missed chance for podium finish
Remedy is teaming with Rockstar to remake Max Payne 1 and 2
Stewards urge new Safety Car guidance to avoid “unfortunate incident” after near-miss during GP
DtS babbies ITT think this was a boring race. Clearly they didn't have to endure the Trulli Train era in the mid-2000s.

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Are there people who still think Perez isn't worthy of a Red Bull seat?

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Lescholars, what are we reading?

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Charles 2022 WDC

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Private Eye - a politics/satire magazine here in the UK that does some good investigative journalism

Can max defeat the red menace?

*poops* hehe

he has already proven himself since Baku

Literally who can stop him this season?

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i hate mercedes fans
>i hate mclaren fans
simple as

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>red menace
Weakmind. This is f1 in the ascendancy. There can be no greater justice.

his ball&chain

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The punished maniac Max from '21 could, the current pussy Max can't.

Today i will remind them

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his mechanics

My favourite part was his wife and kids congratulating him.

stalker Shadow of Chernobyl/Call of Pripyat reviews

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Ferrari pit wall when (not if) they fuck up

None. Cringestappen's title hopes are as good as dead, Slowinz is having Buttass tier mental breakdown, Al Hamil and the femboy are too cucked to do anything that isn't a fluke, all the while /ourteam/ has gone back to 2000s level competence.

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Why do (You) keep going, /f1/?
What is your motivation?

>Clearly they didn't have to endure the Trulli Train era in the mid-2000s
Albono and Hamilton holding the pack really made me think about it kek

The sickness is rising in AMX' heart.

One more setback and he is going full sicko mode.

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>yellow fever
Kek what a weeb

Ferrari strategy department.


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I turn up at work on Monday morning, look at the clock on the wall, and immediately start thinking "how long till next GP?"
That's what motivates me.

at this point, I believe it's inertia

Federica Elena Masolin

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y-you too

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Imagine the potency of leclerc in Singapore and Japan.

>Lescholars, what are we reading?
love max, want him to win 10 wdc
still cant bring myself to hate anyone but Merc
simple as


>>Albon and Williams are in love with the C2 tyre
>build a car that's a shitbox with any other tyre but the C2
>score some fackin points by staying on the C2 tyre for 57 laps
Williams galaxy brain strats are too high level for me

How do I stop people from filtering me
Please unfilter me
I try so hard to reply to everyone
You’re all making me sad

>the two teams who fought for the championship last year are both shitting the bed this year
This is not a coincidence at all.

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booooono the maskerinoooos

She knows what she’s doing

>uncle mattia why is the woman that smells like wine sending my pictures again?

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>looks like he's about to cry

I suffer poop spam so that I can see your posts

You saw her say to Davide on Sky Italia this morning that "Charles... he makes all my problems go away".
She was joking, right?

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This track was supposed to have a lot of overtakes but it didn't now imagine Monaco

Didn't know you could use the Death Note on a car...AMX is in trouble.

Sorry long flight from Australia... you had something you wanted to say to me user?

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>the woman that smells like wine
she actually smells like cigarettes because she smokes like a chimney

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my kind of woman
better cigar smoke smelling than bodily fluids smells

I’m sorry it’s just that sometimes my prescription is not enough or sometime I forget taking them in the morning
I will have to talk to my doctor about upping my dosage


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Just like wear FPP2 if you're scared about others not wearing it
>“I don’t understand the small things they are picking up on, like the underwear – are we really talking about that kind of thing? But anyway you take it and move on.”
Yeah, he's just broken.

yeah. enjoy these moments while they last, you cant stop amx forever. you know its coming, fag.

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vettel should just retire and then become ferrari strategist

Ferrari Spaghetti Regretti and Mechanics

>Pic related

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just woke up what did i miss? hope the energy drink plastics got blown out

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Elric of Melnibone Saga: Weird Of The White Wolf

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God might but he will kill him as well

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>x should just retire and then become y
go back fag.

A weapon to surpass AI Schumi.

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How many times has Hamilton lost out to a safety car or vsc at Melbourne?

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>suspension failures and tire blowouts in an airport track
hue stockcar is a magical place

Amx was really calm on the radio all things considered. You would think he would explode on the radio with 2/3 DNFs already.

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not enough times

Multiple sources have suggested to us that Fernando Alonso is in the early stages of a romantic relationship with a 22 year Spanish actress/model called Ester Expósito.

We've reached out to representatives for both individuals but have heard nothing back. Watch this space.

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>woke up at 6:30 pm
get it together

Tends to happen around mid 20s. You start to lose our temper.
Happened to me too

Listen I'm rooting for Lecute but I'd prefer it if his only equal on the grid didn't have a car that blew up half the time

why should he? he knows the brainlet carbabby cant keep this up

If he hadn't won the WDC last year I imagine he'd be furious
He said himself that he got the title once and that's enough for him, if he can get more then great but one will do


for me, it's the extremely shoddy broadcast

>vettel should just retire


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Ferrari is also the one giving him the best car on the grid so go suck a dick with your facebook analysis, fucking garagisti scum. praise enzo

Who's Zhou's qt chink media handler?


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He has already given up. No point in caring if your car is an unreliable shitbox that missed its one chance to make up points before Mercedes fixes their car at Imola.

>Ester Esposito
Oh no no no Riccardo Benzoni bros

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Yo tengo un deseo y es matar a Mercedes

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she looks nice but she's no Dasha Kapustina

ma sei un cretino
tanto era un scherzo , imbecile
ma che cazzo di merda stai dicendo
cioe, faccio ilo tifoso ormai per il 32o anno, porca troia

Fucking wear your muzzle if you're so scared of it

ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

Max has the strongest mind on the grid

he was more interested in getting to the hotel fast so kelly could suck his soul through his ass

Mia Malkova says: 'Red car!'

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anyone got the webm of that cunt from WTF1 doing the stupid thing with his head?
also IT'S UP

I swear I've seen the timing only once every 5 laps

Is Leclerc esposable at this point?
If RB keep stepping on their dicks he'll just walk away with the championship.

zitto animale

hopefully he will walk like that