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Duuuuude Volk is a whole different animal. Did you see the way he couldn't knock out that geriatric? Fucking crazy man.


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Fuck Dana

please give peter pan the biggest hugs and kisses for surviving aljamain sterling he needs the big boy gold belt!!

reminder zabit opened up as the odds favorite against volk

where does d rod fit into all this

>Colby fanboys actually think Colby will be a tougher opponent to Khamzat than Burns

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Volk in his last 4 fights has exclusively fought guys known for having retard chins and arguably finished ortega(he was done and it should've been called).


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no fuck him, he did jackshit in that fight and demands a rematch now

he beat izzy twice in kickboxing and i seriously doubt izzy is going to wrestle him so why not just give it to him, i guarantee that fight will sell better than any of izzy's other fights

This whole thread.

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He has two lungs

29 and Chandler

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literally me

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khamzat is too big

Oh an absolute b-b-beast of a chin b

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THE Niggermain "Niggmaster" Niggling?!

He's getting (maybe he's had it already, too lazy to check) hand surgery that may take away his ability to heem

heung ming son and korean zombie get universal love from everyone. they're talking more about how defeated they feel about TKZ losing than Volk looking like he's next in line for 145lb goat. KPOP music dominates the charts. the general populace, just loves a wholesome korean huh

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for fuck sake you posted this retard again

the way Burns swings is kino, he just goes apeshit

This tale is already set nevertheless. Let's see what he goes on with Strikeland. To be fair I didn't know/researched that guy yet, so don't know what to expect.

It's an interesting matchup. Colby doesn't present the same submission threat as Burns to make Khamzat question taking him down, but he's also a much better wrestler than Burns so who knows if Khamzat even can take him down

THE Peter pan?

I can see the argument for Burns beating Colby. Heavy hands, great jitz, quick. But cumshot? Stiff as cardboard, sloppy, abysmal cardio, cant handle the grind of anything but Till's anus. Conor sleeps him too

Aljo is actually a bad matchup for Dillashit, he'll probably win that one
Sandhagen loves doing spinning shit too much and just gives his back up by doing that, he'll never beat Aljo
Aljo's patented floor crawling technique completely shuts down Yan
We are actually entering the Funkmaster Era guys

Asian malebros...where do we go after last night?

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i have literally never seen anyone say anything positive about ian garry but everyone seems to think that "im not buying his hype" is a epic contrarian hot take

Did you even watch that yair fight? Yair was getting beat and KZ was marching forward through all of it until the last instant meme heem spinny shit

he's a bum maybe he can wrestle poatan idk the guy is a bum and the less i think about him the better

There is another...

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Story win for Yan that the future bantamweight GOAT could only beat him by crawling around on all fours

Only one man can save us.

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I think everyone just loves KZ and the guys around him, all of them show up and scrap and KZ has been a fan favorite for years

Surely Chimaev won't fight like a retard in his next fight. He just stress tested his heart and he passed

this but unironically

imagine if dilbert could slip a jab

Such incredible output of half assed shoulder punches this is literally colby-usmam!!!

It's so weird to think that we would probably see Khabib smeshed like this at some point in the future if he didn't retire.

Oh for sure his chin was beastly until it wasn't

he's still on contract right

Real big story win for Yan that he lost to that yeah. Not coping!!

Aldo would unironically put Sterling to the sword, only question is if they'll let him get the ti'ul sho' without going through Yan first. He can't beat Yan, even on his best day

in his post fight he said he was obsessed with knocking burns out even when his coaches were telling him no lol. he definitely has the skills and durability just needs to fight smarter against Colby and Usman

I’m glad Sterling won. Seeing all these little cucks cry and seethe that Peter Pan lost was funny.

He got back on the Usada testings if I'm not mistaken

I wasn't being ironic.

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i listen to ringer MMA show with Ariel and they have this irish journalist Petsey Carrol whos been covering UK events for a decade and all he does is shill for Ian Garry. The other week he was cumming over Diakiese before the card and the guy put on the most boring fight of the fight.

burns won
yan won

>there’s levels to this

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His coach was going nuclear and was begging him to stop swanging and banging and to bring the pace down, Khamzat then went and immediately fought even more wildly, was pretty weird

actually would be the best time for him to come back, does anyone have a stat for his coaching record I don't think it's looking too good

how does he do at 155?

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How did Yair go from a cardiolet and heartlet who had to fluke a win against THE Korean Journeyman to forcing Max Holloway to crotchsniff? Is Yair an actual title contender now?

He's 5'5 max

I think you're forgetting the protagonist of bantamweight

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that wasn't an invitation to debate. why are you dodging the question?

Do you think you're cool posting that?

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Khabros...why would Cain betray us?

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Why are they giving to TJ (the "J" stands for Juice (juice is a slang for Steroids(TJ was caught by Usada for using it))) Dillashaw when he can't win Yan either?


Refute this.
Protip: You can't.
Sterling won.

I've noticed that people don't really care about fouls if the fight is fun huh
Khamzat eyepoked Burns I think more than once, Burns throw four or five consecutive elbows to the back of Khamzat's head later, Burns almost landed a grounded knee too, no one complained like usual though

colby won't fight the same khamzat. burns exposed bad habits to khamzat and his team, he finally has a baseline of weaknesses to work on, and he's promised that he won't unnecessarily go for hail mary brawls going forward. I think khamzat takes down colby and gnp's him without the submission threat there, but if colby can stuff takedowns it's much closer, not sure how much colby's prodigious stamina can be weaponised in a fight where he's the inferior wrestler.
also people really underplay just how much of a prime burns is in right now, the main focus of burns media campaign is how this was his best training camp in his career, and he held up a higher pace in this fight than he's ever had before, and took swings that would have shadowrealmed him in the past.

Where's the PVZ

what? he was noticeable was more settled down in round 3 comparatively than 2 check your eyes

Welli lost
Fig won
Zombie lost
Jiri ???

Probably because they don't want BW to be just Aljo and Yan rematching constantly

red velvet
girls generation

what is the origin of Tony throwing imaginary sand at his opponents?

khamzat is tactically confused and completely unrefined in the standup. if they fought next week, colby unironically tools him.

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jiri probably gets it

Lol, Gilbert genuinely went for a massive soccer kick at one point, Khamzat just stood up before it could connect

Weili won, Fig won, Gane won, Yan won, Costa won, Rob won, TJ won, Moraes won

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That would have been hilarious if that landed.



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Why not give to Aldo? He's 40 and still won against a prospect Wich I'm pretty sure would get the TS had he won he did more to deserve it than TJ (the "J" stands for Juice (juice is a slang for Steroids(TJ was caught by Usada for using it) "Snake in the grass"Dillashaw

you can just say youre coping instead of this cringe pathetic nonsense
>burns media campaign
who the fuck talks like this lmfao
50-44 colbeast

Colby has zero power. Khamzat will walk him down and KO him


TJ took EPO not steroids. Steroids is what Aldo took which is why he threw his piss all over USADA testers when they came for a random test in Brazil

is there any reason why people pretend Colby has good standup now
he throws almost as wildly as a gassed Chimaev does and has his chin out all the time, his entire fighting style is bullying people who can't wrestle and setting up the wrestling with pitter patter. Colby vs Usman was a striking match between two wrestlers who can't strike well, Usman just has power and a decent jab, Usman also has poor cardio and Colby still couldn't deal with him even when gassed out in both fights

>*prostrates in front of you*
>*solves mma*

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Who would've thought that Till is a better fighter than Khamzat.

settle down, TJ popped because he made daner mad when he lost to CCC and we couldn't finally axe flyweight

Ortega was basically out on his & still couldn't KO him

KZs retirement fight, out on his feet & still couldn't KO him

Dude has pillow hands

terrible fight

Aljo is unironically an easier fight for Cruz than pretty much anyone else in the top 5.

Dumb cazzies already forgot that Colby had Usman on queer street before he got saved by the bell

how did till beat wonderbread?

Glover will rock and submit Jiri early

>Usman also has poor cardio
do you guys ever stop coping lol

>TJ took EPO not steroids
He took both you can accuse Aldo all you want but he wasn't the one caught and suspended

usman use to have bad cardio, he's added EPO to his stack recently

>aljo remains champ by exploiting a rule gap not once but twice
think I've just about had it with this semen slurping sport


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Out of all the times (thing)bros got too cocky, Yanbros might be the one who got the most cocky of all

Is he a homosexual male? He loves gay stances and can't stop talking about connor

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Ortega's never been KO'd though has he
He wasn't out in the Max fight, would've kept going (he was still landing on Max even, though nothing significant) if the fight wasn't stopped, his fight with Volk also could've been stopped after R2 but it didn't so he just kept going

>Lol, you're telling me Conor McGregor went life and death with THE Chad Mendes??? Fucking exposed hypetrain lol, he'll never stand a chance against a dominant champ like Aldo, imagine what would happen if he fought a Lightweight wrestler like Eddie Alvarez, or an unheemable submission machine like Nathan Diaz

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everyone's on something bro stop trying to moralfag on this

is this what milfs want

they saved zombie from getting ko'd

Usman doesn't have poor cardio anymore. Do NOT look into it.

This is unironically how retarded some fans are. Every supposed GOAT is unbeatable until they aren't

yansisters, my bussy still hurts,,,,,,, how are we holding up?

Difference being that Conor actually beat Chad and finished him

Everybody says that but nobody ever proves it

his style is sensory overload. your opponents offense is limited when you are constantly offering them something to deal with. colbys opponents end up in a frozen loop of defense and yes, it's especially bad when they have poor wrestling credentials. what colby does is tactically sound, what khamzat did with burns last night looked very green.

talmbout rYan hall b? He won his last fight

Here we see talented caveman star in the making being corrupted by drunken immoral punching bag

at least theyre not dumb enough to get caught

This is the first time in years cruz is healthy, but yan and aldo aren't good matchups for him. Still, would be really funny to see aljo get decapitated by TJ and having him and Cruz rematch.

he got ratted out didn't he?

the proof is the pudding

odds that dana will be his weaselly self and make khamzat the rank 1# just ego goad colby into the match? I could see him doing something manipulative and passive aggressive like that.


Like getting a BBC in your ass for 10 minutes?

Why the fuck is flabby butt Morgan still asking questions at press conferences without doing his pushups?


tj? he pissed hot after a loss no less iirc

Turns out getting on the bad side of your ex-teammates isn't a great idea.
(Which also proves Colby is the rightful natty ww champ btw)

Dana said he agreed with Mengvidal over Colby on the attack and also said Colby should fight Chimaev yet before he fought Burns, feels like Colby's lost his favour again or something

I think colby wants that fight anyway, what better way to get yourself into the mix for a possible third title shot than beating a great challenger?

>usman has poor cardio
Lmao what?

yea. owned vs cejudo, then failed post fight drug test lol

He was gassed

"look he doesn't wanna fight and I don't blame you see a guy like Khamzat I wouldn't wanna fight him either"


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I call my dog racial slurs
dog-ass nigga
nigga-ass dog


he's in a weird spot where he'd beat Oliviera, but lose to Poirier, Gaethje etc.