/180/ - 2022 Lakeside WDF World Darts Championship Day 9

The best of non-professional darts compete at the iconic Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green for the inaugural WDF-branded World Darts Championships. The final day of Lakeside week sees all four finals take place.

The girls' final has England's Eleanor Cairns meet Germany's Wibke Riemann. Following that is the boys' final with Netherlands' Bradly Roes playing England's Charlie Large, who defeated Leighton Bennett yesterday. The all-English women's final has Doncaster's Beau Graves, who obliterated Lorraine Winstanley in straight sets, face Barnard Castle's Kirsty Hutchinson who was taken all the way by Rhian O'Sullivan. Closing the night is the first ever representation of Northern Ireland and France in a World final as #5 seed Neil Duff, who eased to victory over Richard Veenstra, meets #2 seed Thibault Tricole who needed a deciding set to see off Cameron Menzies.

The tournaments will be broadcast live on Quest and Eurosport in the UK, on Eurosport and Discovery+ throughout Europe and on the WDF’s YouTube channel for international audiences outside of Europe.

Match formats will be listed alongside the respective fixture. Women's matches greentexted like old OP use to do.

The final session starts at 5:00pm BST.

>Eleanor Cairns v Wibke Riemann (Girls' Final, best of 3 sets [first to 2])
Bradly Roes v Charlie Large (Boys' Final, best of 5 sets [first to 3])
>Beau Greaves (5) v Kirsty Hutchinson (6) (Women's Final, best of 7 sets [first to 4])
Neil Duff (5) v Thibault Tricole (2) (Men's Final, best of 11 sets [first to 5])

Day 8 reports: dartswdf.com/news/lakeside-2022-day-8-afternoon-session-report / dartswdf.com/news/lakeside-2022-day-8-evening-session-report
Tournament center: dartswdf.com/tournament-center
Scores: tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/wdflakeside22

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Over in the PDC, this absolutely batshit insane match was played in the first round of Players Championship 13: recap.dartconnect.com/history/report/match/6252c5ef02dd48a4504fa606

>113 average
Very harsh on Fatpot.

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Luv me darts.

Tungsten Tales YouTube stream
>VPN Outside Europe required.



Wide Gabe on the verge of pissing it away again


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Thumped 7-2 by Campbell. The Leaf looks set to face Aspinall in the final.

g-gwan brenny

>what I want
Tricole 6-0 Duff
>what will happen
Duff 6-3 Tricole

Tricole isn't going to get close. Duff will play his low 90s average and walk it. Hope I'm wrong as well.

Started dartsing irl a few weeks ago and I'm getting quite good already, already had a 180. What shall my nickname be when I turn pro next year?

>girls youth final
Here all night lads

"The Darter"
just be as bland as possible

>this walk-on

>called Miss Dynamite
>not walking out to youtube.com/watch?v=UV1IgNxPnCU

Cairns' throw is weird. Holds the dart slightly sideways.

World Seniors' Masters draw been confirmed:

Paul Lim vs John Part
Kevin Painter vs David Cameron
Roland Scholten vs Wayne Jones
Terry Jenkins vs Richie Howson

>1st Round
Robert Thornton vs Kevin Painter/David Cameron
Deta Hedman vs Colin Monk
Phil Taylor vs Paul Lim/John Part
John Lowe vs Les Wallace
Martin Adams vs Roland Scholten/Wayne Jones
Lisa Ashton vs Tony O'Shea
Trina Gulliver vs Terry Jenkins/Richie Howson
Bob Anderson vs Keith Deller

They might be a bit trashy, but kind of in a wholesome way and I bet they're all a happy bunch.

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Lovely bull finish

Good to see Aspinall no longer requires a bandage on his wrist.

These girls playing better than some of the women who graced the stage this week.

Both of them averaging better than Darlene Van Sleeuwen.

>D11 to leave 32
Umm, based?

fr fr no cap

Was that Campbell? Leaf maths at new levels if that was the case.

Fast food tonight fellas. Big greasy pepperoni pizza and chunky chips. Might reach 21 stone soon.

Girls youth final. Was just a terrible throw at 14 to leave tops.

Oh right. I wasn't watching, kek.

Asp beats Campbell 8-6, first ranking title since 2020. Not best standard wise but a good battle.

>Not best standard wise
Literally how Yea Forums wins all his titles

It wasn't 2019 UK Open bad. 96 for Asp, 91 for Campbell.

Well done Cairns by the way, even if it did take a 32 dart break to win.

Based proud grandad

Mr. L-Style

had to laugh at lynsey hipgrave asking cairns about the german girl and cairns basically talked as if she wasn't there

Hope Jack Grealish wins next.

What is it with all these kids growing bigger beards than i've ever had?

based Wolfie calling out Cunt Cunt Bennett for being a twat

what happened?

Bennett was doing typical Bennett things like celebrating OTT after hitting 180s

>is medium sized

Roes reminds me of one of the Westlife singers.

Large reminds me of Greta Thunberg.

Roes king of the shithouse, Large should be 1-0 up in sets

Large likes to click his darts behind his opponent. Booo.

How has this match only been going for half an hour? Feels way longer.

>potentially 10 more legs

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>become JDC and WDF World Champion in a matter of months
Frimley Green xenophobes fuming. Performance was pretty terrible though.

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Come on Beau, beat the other fat cunt.

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Kirsty's not fat :(


>getting Deta to do punditry on Lakeside final night

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You meany! She actually lost a lot of weight but eventually gained it back because of depression and anxiety issues. ;_;

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Beau not winning the title would be bad for the stature of this tournament

Well that's sad.

Would be surprised if Hutchinson gets close, she's been far worse.

Not watched muff darts in years. Looks like the standard is much higher now

>15 dart leg

Yeah it's a 12-0 whitewash

1st set 104.86 avg for Beau

Ridiculously good arrers from Beau

Kirsty laughing in the background

Well, at least Kirsty had the better walk-on tune. I'll give her that.

Imagine the sort of cunt you have to be to cup your ear to the crowd after hitting D1.

>hating Hendo's walk-on song

They sent me onion rings instead of cocktail sausages and I'm too autistic to ring up and complain. I don't even like onion rings.

I love onion rings.

What's your address?

dazzler spotted
one of the GOAT walkons

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Sorry mate but i'm already on my dessert. Got a half pint of ice cream and some energy drink to wash it down.

>Aileen, Kewish and Mommy Corrine

I can see the potential of women's darts

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>12-1 (D1)

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That was unexpected.

I'm 95% sure that Beau has just averaged more than either of the men's finalists will

Beau averaged 92.05 over best of 7. All the losers in the men's QFs averaged less than that over the same distance.