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13.04 De Brabantse Pijl - La Flèche Brabançonne 1.1 WE
13.04 De Brabantse Pijl - La Flèche Brabançonne 1.Pro
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16.04 Tour du Jura Cycliste 1.1
16.04 Arno Wallaard Memorial 1.2
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Shit race

fraudulent wheelsucker win

Easter and Paris-Roubaix combined next

This could only have happened to the French

top 10

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Here's the corrected photofinish

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real talk: did cosnefraud choose the wrong side of the road?

well d'artagnan was kill in maastricht after all

Did too much work and started too early

Finish line aligned properly with the photofinish camera

Justice for pidcock

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where does Germany end and where does Belgium start?

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When Le Pen wins she should take back Nederlands, while Putler dismantles Poland

Embarrassing sprint from Matthews.

Limbourg is French anyway

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He did most of the work but they would have been caught if he didn't. Kwiato looked like he was willing to risk getting caught the whole time.

happy to see kwiato back on the top step

>Kwiato looked like he was willing to risk getting caught the whole time
he had shitcock behind him

what a fraudulent performance today from grug

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Matthews is the biggest fraud in the history of the sport

Amstel ""Gold"" Race should be relegated to a Pro-conti race or something

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French nationalism: deflated and crushed

No it's the Amst*l organization

he couldn't be happier with his SECOND Amstel Gold Race win!

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another one day race
another shit team in velodrama superclassico

Greg's looking big

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What a shit race

He didn't pull while being a favourite for the sprint. Fuck him

Danmark > Suisse

holy shit
he is ready for Roubaix

Welp sad I wasted expensive electricity powering my tv to watch this race

bulking up for Roubaix


I was so happy bros

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What do you have to eat to get this big?

the better red flag with a white cross

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imagine thinking you won because some dutch retard decided to call it on the radio without having seen a picture at all

a LOT of semen

same here

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Could use a slag

Tomorrow only Turkey stage 2

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drink whipped cream during your rides. ask ice grug

>greg van extramaet

ye this fucking sucks


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oh no no no no no

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>tfw you're French
Down there squeaking is a way of life

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Amstel doesn't deserve to be WT

history does come in circles

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I'm rewatching the final with French commentary

Tiesj not interested in Dutch beer

oh shit
good idea

Imagine being so dumb you think the speaker is the official result.


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XCO is on for women

Kinda disappointed in Cosnefroy's reaction. He took it too well. That weakmind energy doens't have a killer winner's instinct. I'd be effing and jeffing and smashing shit up

Lecomte a cute

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>dude just cover your ears

post link I gotta experience this

he is just used to it being french and all


>this much of accursed brew
looks more like punishment

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Matthews, what a useless rider to have in a chase group. The Nairoman of the classics

racing in the Brazilian jungle must be hell

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On GCN you can just watch the stage in different languages. I watched it with BayogHolm.

They take it pretty well all things considered

Ferrand-Prevot won the first race I think

what a peculiar name. do they have oil?

oh no its just heartbreaking

French commentary of World Champs was kino with Marion there too

His gut knew he didn't win, knew it seemed off

Cosnefroy will be practicing how to bike throw after that

it's the Brazilian st. petersburg
>The town's name ("city of Peter") honors Pedro II, the last Emperor of Brazil

Cosnefroy is a nice guy. Not a killer. We all know it.

>Grug 350 NP

I guess he was fine, just too many people watching him

Very fraudulent race overall. Fraudulent break, fraudulent chase group, fraudulent winner, fraudulent 2nd place. One to forget.


not as fraudulent as last year

How many fraudulent velogames teams?

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I have Cosnefroy in my velogame squad. the ineos jobbers should give me some assist points.

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Amstel is just shit (the beer too)


she's squeaking in the rock garden

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she will probably choke at important starts again

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but what makes the route profile worse?
are the climbs easier? shorter?
is it the lack of cobbles?

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Watching Radio Tour with Skjelmose. What a lad

That was when MvdP was still Grug

SOMRAT Phetdarin from Thailand Women's Cycling Team really destroyed the competition in The Princess Maha Chackri Sirindhorns Cup Womens Tour of Thailand by winning the GC with over 2:30 minutes after only 3 stages.

Climbs are too easy