arguing edition


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can't wait for the noble samurai to dispose of another evilcel

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Shavkat and Garry is the fight to make

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Honestly, Yan got too cocky....

It still hurts lad, payout after cancelled fights was £1,800

Why did Yan have no answer for the body lock? What should he have done? I just don't get how at his level he just let the entire round slip away once it was in

Sal D'Amato is a faggot.

>Nowhere near CM Punk tier as Garry will eventually crack the top 10 but he’s really really fucking cringe.
that's why I excluded him b

Dana "White"

Khamzat gotten way to soft for me, I think darren till and women made him lose that killer mentality he had when he faced Ikram,

Never stay in Pozzed USA, No mind is strong enough to resist that pozzed state

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not sanctionable

Why are Luque and Belal fighting again?

Rematches are usually reserved for champions or fights that were spoiled in some way like an early stoppage. This one seemed pretty concrete.

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So Yan got robbed because he's Russian right?

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Aljo is really, really good at sticking on other people's backs, to be fair. It's his entire specialty and he could afford to just wait for any opportunity to immediately sink a choke in from there.

Do you think Khamzat has poor cardio or is it just one of those fights where the pace is so high anyone would gas?

Ian Garry already lost his hype when he had a decision win instead of another heem. Next Mcgregor my arse

Its the haircut, its blocking his connection to allah

Conor doesn't have ab-

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It's been a long time since and rankings wise it made sense desu
I don't have much of an issue with it.

He doesn't have amazing cardio but it's not shit either, definitely not a cardiolet. Burns, who usually has pretty good cardio, was also gassing in the third and Khamzat was still throwing punches regularly

Think I saw this guy outside begging for change earlier

>dey shu trayne der masseter!!

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the pace was very high and he was throwing powershots with no set up + eating lots of shots too. Both wanted to bang and they banged
It's fair to be tired in a fight like that

considering he won the last round against a career 5 rounder, I think it's decent. he got unlucky that his nose bled at the start of the fight since only one of his nostrils works.

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Why don't they just make Ratlip fight Colby?

That should end any more questions on if he is "ready" for a title shot.

Yan more like Can

Alijogods, how are we feeling today?

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its the kind of fight, they were firing on all cylinders for 3 rds
he did have an answer, it was "throw punches backwards like a fucking idiot instead of using any wrestling knowledge"
i dont know how you can watch yan get his back taken for half an hour and think he won the fight

i think it's because welterweight is kind of jammed up behind usman.


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BT highlights when? I genuinely fell asleep last night watching Garry vs Weeks

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They don't score per rounds anymore? Dumb mutt, Yan clearly took 1,4,5. What did Sterling do in those rounds except futile submission attempts that wouldn't work even if the rounds were 20 minutes long

Chimaev most likely getting a lower ranked guy "they" want the maximum payout from Colby vs.chimaev fight.

>considering he won the last round against a career 5 rounder,
what is that even supposed to mean
>think it's decent. he got unlucky that his nose bled at the start of the fight
that can happen when you get punched in the nose

>Burns, who usually has pretty good cardio

>futile submission attempts
that's like saying a strike is futile if it doesnt knock someone out. get over yourself. yan didn't do anything to score the points you think he deserves, he just sat there and you think he deserves the win because you like him more

Aljo was waiting for any opportunity to sink a choke in. He was expending no energy so he could afford to just sit back and tire out Petr waiting for him to make a mistake. Petr couldn't escape the body lock because he was too focused on not getting put in the RNC

Aljo won legitimately this time!

Yan lost he didn’t do anything but defend in those first 3 rounds, didn’t even manage to get up for almost 8 minutes

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>that can happen when you get punched in the nose
sure, but just on average, they're unlikely to get the faucet going that early, that must have been extremely impactful for someone with his condition, even for people that have a spare nostril it affects cardio. it's something to consider, that he did so well with his nose fucked so early.
>what is that even supposed to mean
burns thrives in 5 round fights which are more cardio intensive, and he was less effective at the end of the 3 rounds than khamzat

He took his back in round 2 and 3, explain how Sterling won the other rounds?
he won the first, lost round 2 and 3 and even then, he defended 20/22 takedowns

“We aren’t judges” - Dana white, 2021

kek I was so upset when zombie lost this morning but then i saw his wife had carried the Cejudo pillow into the cage and i couldn't stop laughing

>dude khamzat isn't even proven yet
>*proves himself in every way imaginable*
>ahahahha see I told you hypetrain exposed! xD

Yan was walking Sterling down in the first round and landing some nice shots.
What did Sterling do in rounds 4 and 5? Crawl about on his knees?

but couldn’t get up from the 2 takedowns that landed
first round is Aljo‘s too
and in the last 1-2 rounds Yan tried to do his leg sweep takedown multiple times but failed every one damn he got fucked up

Just won a gold in my jiu-jitsu competition :)

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Yancels seething

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Funny how quickly the yancels have shifted form certainly AljaGOAT would lose to now crying about judges and quibbling about significant strikes.

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>sure, but just on average, they're unlikely to get the faucet going that early
yeah most people dont get hit that much that early yes
>burns thrives in 5 round fights
the two hes had in his entire career? hes been beyond a third round once ever lmao
he ended the fight landing the better shots

Usman would smoke Khamzat easily.

that’s much sadder b
i can’t even imagine the pain inside that octagon

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The only real controversy around Aljo vs Yan is how did Aljo not get a single 48-46 scorecard?

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You realize actual heemsters dont care about manlet fights, right?
Go back, they are both redditors

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I'm not a yancel but
taking someone's back =/= 10-8 round

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Cope harder yancel


Post your dreams you had today

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>first round is aljo's too
>inb4 THE

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Hurting someone on the feet, taking their back and dominating for the entire round landing heavy strikes is a 10-8

submission attempts? where? not once in those 7 minutes of ground exchanges did he have even ONE hand sunk under yan's neck. not ONE. there was no attempts at shit, just lock and pray

Didnt even watch
Went to bed after khamzat got exposed
Done with poofc
Usman will crotchsniff leon and retire
It's over
Juiced niggers as champion in every division
It's over

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aljo has the higher score in the image you posted fucking goof

Where the hell did Sterling hurt Yan on the feet?

THE random faggot shit number thing?!?

When is he back?

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